Marianne Faithfull, the charismatic girlfriend and muse to Mick Jagger’s youth, was the crème de la crème of Swing Sixties society. She flitted from scandal to scandal and party to party.

In news sure to make you feel old, the ex-wild child is now in a care home. Denville Hall is where the 75-year-old singer lives. It’s a North-West London retirement residence that Andrew Sachs, Sheila Sim and Lord Attenborough used to retire.

One of her close friends said to me that she was adding glamour and elegance to their home.

Faithfull pictured in her heyday

Faithfull pictured in 2016

Faithfull, left in her glory days, and right in 2016,

Faithfull has experienced multiple health issues in the past few years. After suffering from a severe bout of Covid in 2020, she spent three weeks in the hospital. She later said that it had also affected her short-term memory and voice.

She replied, “I feel like I can get my voice back,” “I only have to practice. It really hurt my lungs. This was after having had emphysema for many years and being a smoker most of her life. Her recovery from serious infections and a fractured back two years ago led her to reveal that she was suffering from arthritis. “I was able to recover from the fracture and hip and bone infections. That was bad enough — then I got this arthritis.’

An Army major’s daughter was a survivor of heroin addiction, breast and hepatitis, eating disorders, suicide attempts and other complications.

Faithfull confirmed this from a spokesperson: “Marianne is currently staying at Denville Hall while recovering from ongoing effects of Covid.”

A spokesman for Faithfull confirms: ‘Marianne is staying at Denville Hall while she recovers from the ongoing effects of Covid.

Faithfull’s spokesperson confirms that Marianne will be staying at Denville Hall as she heals from Covid.

Nadiya Hussain, winner of the Great British Bake Off has admitted that her staff are often so worried about how their desserts will turn out that they have to take it down. “I love the way you think.” [it]It’s infuriating,” she said. ‘They’re like: ‘Are you sure you want dessert?’ They get very nervous. She says, “I hate it because, even though I love to bake and cook, when I’m in a restaurant, I just want the food I want.” It doesn’t take a master chef to make a good meal. 

Country Life Editor to marry a ‘girl with pearls’

Mark Hedges, Country Life Editor is clear in his chat: “Do you fancy being my little girl wearing pearls?”

The caption mentions she’s ‘engaged to Mark Hedges’, but doesn’t mention he’s the editor.

Although the caption states she is ‘engaged’ to Mark Hedges, it doesn’t say he is her editor.

It must be working because Rachel Podger, his new fiancee is the latest to take part in the coveted ‘girl with pearls’ page from the hunting, fishing, and shooting set’s house diary.

Although the caption states she is ‘engaged’ to Mark Hedges, it doesn’t say if he is her editor.

Rachel, 53-years old, is a psychologist and mindfulness instructor who started her relationship with Hedges (58) in 2018. In that year, I disclosed to him his separation from Stacey. There were also claims that he was being comforted and supported by an older woman.

Rachel and he have been friends since childhood. Rachel is seen here at their Hampshire cottage renovation.

In May, they will be exchanging vows in West Sussex. “We are very, very excited about the wedding,” she said.

Delia: Lady, I would never marry you

Millions of copies of her cookery books were sold, and many people have learned from her how to boil eggs. But Tony Blair was not impressed by Delia Smith’s cooking skills. He tried to make her a Lord. She has now revealed that she didn’t accept it.

Alastair Campbell (the PM’s right hand man) and Mike Molloy, their mutual friend, made the proposal. Alastair replied, “The only reason I wanted you to meet me is because Tony Blair wants your place in the House of Lords.”

Delia Smith left a sour taste in Tony Blair’s mouth. She’s revealed she rejected his plan to elevate her to the Lords.

Tony Blair had a bad taste for Delia Smith. He has now revealed that she had rejected her plan to raise her to the Lords.

Smith, who is 80 years old, laughs loudly. She says, “That was my reaction.” “What is a lower-level cook doing in Lords?” My TV show was up, and I had books. How could I go to the Lords when I was still doing it? However, the robe was not something I wanted to wear. The robe was too much for me.

Helena says, “I’m finally lucky in love.”

Helena Bonham Carter was heartbroken when she separated from Tim Burton in the U.S.

She’s now talking about her luck at meeting Rye Dag Homboe, an art historian at the 2018 wedding.

They have been living together since then.

According to the actress at 55, she considers herself’very blessed’ to have met Holmboe (22 years older than her). She spoke at The Red Of My Blood’s book launch party with Clover Stroud (pictured alongside Helena), and she said she was not in a hurry to make vows.

The Soho Princess is a stalker’s paradise

The ‘Princess of Soho’ India Rose James, who became richer than the Queen aged 21 after inheriting £329 million, reveals that she’s become the victim of terrifying stalking and aggression from a local drug addict.

Paul Raymond’s granddaughter, a property and porn billionaire, celebrated her fourth year of sobriety. She claims that he posed at the Soho Revue Gallery as an artist and attempted to lure her into his apartment.

India Rose was 30 when he sent her a portfolio of work. She discovered it to be a disturbing’shrine in Soho’ and her family.

He then began to abuse her, even though she had resisted his advances. How nasty.

He was the chairman who helped turn High Street chain Next’s £46 million losses into profits of more than £100 million. And now I can disclose David Wolfson, who died last year aged 85, has left £3.9 million to his family. According to probate records, Simon Wolfson, a Tory peer and Margaret Thatcher’s chief staff member, was appointed as his oldest son. The majority of his estate goes to his wife, Alicia. Simon leads Next since 2001.