The eccentric 7th Marquess of Bath claimed to have 74 lovers, or ‘wifelets’ as they became known.

It was a tricky juggling act for the man known as ‘The Loins of Longleat’ during his life — and keeping them satisfied is even more of a challenge since his death last year aged 87. I hear letters have just been sent to some of his paramours, to try to establish whether they will make claims for part of his £23 million estate.

Ceawlin Thynn was his 8th Marquess, and he started to expel Trudi Juggernauth Sharma from Trudi Juggernauth’s cottage at the Longleat Estate, Wiltshire. This estate is home to the famous safari park.

Sinclair Gibson, the executors’ lawyers sent one of her letters. She told me she was allowed to reply until February 2012.

Lovers: The Marquess of Bath and Trudi Juggernauth-Sharma

Lovers: Trudi Juggernauth Sharma and The Marquess, Bath

Marquis of Bath and Jaganagh attend a party in 2004

Marquis de Bath and Jaganagh attended a party at the Marquis’ of Bath in 2004

Although they were well-known for fighting for Lord Bath, the wiveslets are now considering an alliance with Amanda Doyle.

Trudi tells Trudi that Amanda suggested to me joining forces. Amanda, Mariella Antonella and Mariella Antonella are believed to still be living at the estate.

Sinclair Gibson lawyer confirms that women are being contacted through the post. One woman said she was surprised to get the letter because she wasn’t a womanlet, but was married.

Marquess of Bath Viscount Weymouth and Liz Brewer in 1980

Marquess Of Bath Viscount Weymouth, Liz Brewer 1980

Marquis of Bath arriving with lady believed to be Ulla Turner in London

Marquise of Bath with Lady believed to be Ulla Turner in London

According to 1975’s Inheritance Provision for Family and Dependents Act, the lawyer suggested that the woman could be entitled to a claim against the estate. The Act allows people financially dependent upon the deceased to claim financial provision against the estate, as well as further provisions if there was insufficient provision. Lord Bath had £14.4 million left from his £23 million fortune after taxes and any debts were paid, but snubbed his wifelets and gave £1 million to his wife Anna, 78.

My lawyer told me that executors are responsible for administering the estates and that part of this process involves identifying any potential claims against estates. This letter was intended to encourage the people concerned to seek legal advice to clarify their position so that Lord Bath’s estate could be handled quickly.

Ceawlin Thaynn couldn’t be reached to comment.

Dornan can sing 50 shades of soul

Jamie Dornan was happy to take the microphone at the party after his new film Belfast's premiere in Los Angeles

Jamie Dornan, who had just premiered Belfast in Los Angeles as his film, was delighted to be able to speak at the party.

While it is hard to envision Christian Grey singing in song, Jamie Dornan enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the party that followed the premier of Belfast’s new movie in Los Angeles.

Northern Irish actor and 39-year-old actor John Grey, played the role of stern Grey in Fifty Shades movies, sang Everlasting Love.

In the film about his coming of age, Sir Kenneth Branagh directed and wrote the music.

I was told by a party-goer that “That man can sing.” He gave me goosebumps. Jude Hill and Caitriona balfe were there to cheer him on.

Dornan said that Branagh inspired his Belfast singing scene was the best part of his filming: “It was class.” It was a joyous day.

Churchill backs Boris during the wallpapergate fiasco

Jane Churchill, an interior decorator of the highest order is supporting Boris Johnson’s and Carrie Johnson’s investigation into the Wallpapergate controversy surrounding their downing street flat renovations.

According to the designer, who is married to Lord Charles Spencer Churchill (late son of 10th Duke Marlborough), the Prime Minister shouldn’t have to endure the John Lewis decorations his predecessor Theresa May. The Johnsons used designer Lulu Lytle for the refit, which included £840-a-roll wallpaper.

Churchill says to me, “Lulu Lytle owns a shop right next to me where I purchase lots of things. It’s obvious that she is expensive. [but]It lasts forever and is beautiful. You wouldn’t knock me. [John Lewis’s Sloane Square store]Peter Jones as it is my local shop. I absolutely love it. However, for Downing Street, you can go one up. It is absurd.

Caroline continues to play Liz’s older-up ma

Caroline Quentin was delighted when she won a leading role in the new Netflix film Father Christmas Is Back

Caroline Quentin was thrilled to be able to play a lead role in Netflix’s new film Father Christmas is Back

Caroline Quentin felt thrilled when she was offered a role as a principal in Netflix’s Father Christmas Is back. 

Perhaps she was less excited to learn that Elizabeth Hurley would play her mother. 

Quentin, a former Strictly star, is just five years younger than Gravity-defying Hurley (56). 

“To be fair Liz looks at least ten more years old than she really is,” says the man behind me with the clapperboard. 

There could have been worse. Angelina Jolie, who was only 12 months younger than Colin Farrell in the film Alexander (2004), played Colin Farrell’s mother.

She may have been less thrilled when told that she would be playing the mother of Elizabeth Hurley's (pictured) character

She might have been less delighted to hear that Elizabeth Hurley (pictured) would be her mother.

Although he has sold over 170,000,000 copies of his books, and has been involved in Hollywood politics and Hollywood, Ken Follett says that his life isn’t interesting enough for him to write his memoirs. 

72-year-old author insists that his personal story is not dramatic. 

His fans would beg to differ — not only has he had his work made into acclaimed TV series and films, but he also helped his wife, Barbara, become a Labour MP.

Jilly is now in the end of her dog days

'Bluebell, my dog, died,' she tells me at the Comedy Women In Print Awards at the Groucho Club in Soho

At the Comedy Women In Print Awards, the Groucho Club In Soho, she says that Bluebell, my dog died.

Jilly Cooper brightens the nation with her bonkbuster novel, but this week she looked glum at an event.

‘Bluebell, my dog, died,’ she tells me at the Comedy Women In Print Awards at the Groucho Club in Soho, adding: ‘I’m heartbroken — I’ve had greyhounds for more than a decade.’ Bluebell comforted Cooper, 84, after her husband Leo’s death in 2013 — and she avoided foreign holidays for more than 20 years as she didn’t want to leave her.

‘I’ve felt quite alone without her,’ she says, ‘but I’m writing a book and I’m going to adopt a dog when I’ve finished — I just can’t focus on two babies at once.’

He helped grow the firm of his pottery queen ex-wife Emma Bridgewater, but during lockdown designer Matthew Rice found a new calling — painting onions. 

He said, “It’s fascinating to look in another direction at something we know well.” It’s not often possible to paint. This has opened up a whole new world. 

Rice — who will be showing his watercolours at the James Graham-Stewart gallery in Scrubs Lane, West London, next month — says he has to be careful about claiming the veg’s cost against his tax bill. 

“My mother, a designer, claimed she had bought two lobsters for HMRC,” he told me. She said that the lobsters were her inspiration to create a piece of art. HMRC’s man said that one lobster was inspiration and two are dinner.