Children, do you have your axes as well? Rodean, an elite girls’ school Rodean begins teaching outdoor survival skills ‘bushcraft.

  • The school will teach pupils how to use an axe and whittle the wood. 
  • A pilot scheme is being developed for 11-12 year-olds to help them re-teach their love of the outdoors.
  • They will be taught how to interpret the tracks of animals and predict weather.  

A £40,000-a-year school that lists film stars and politicians among its ‘old girls’ is ditching the classroom in favour of lessons in knife skills and survival.

The Roedean School’s pupils in Brighton will spend some time now learning to use an axe or whittle wood.

This yearlong “bushcraft” pilot was created to aid the 11- and 12-year-olds to rediscover a love for the outdoors, after being trapped indoors for many months due to the pandemic.

In Friday afternoon sessions, girls learn to read animal tracks and predict weather. 

Pupils at Roedean School in Brighton, will now spend some of their time learning how to use an axe and whittle wood - as well as how to trim an animal's hoof (pictured)

Roedean School students in Brighton will spend some time learning how an axe works and how to whittle wood. 

The year-long 'bushcraft' pilot is to help the youngsters, aged 11 and 12, to re-learn a love of the great outdoors after the pandemic kept them indoors for months (Pictured: Roedean student with a chicken)

A year-long pilot in ‘bushcraft’ is needed to teach the 11- and 12-year-olds, who were kept indoors by the pandemic for several months.

The Friday afternoon sessions will also see the girls taught to predict the weather, interpret animal tracks and acquire gardening skills

On Friday afternoons, the girls will learn how to forecast the weather and interpret animal tracks. They also acquire skills in gardening.

Teachers at the school (pictured) that counts award-winning actress Rebecca Hall and Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran among its past pupils, hope the sessions will also help the girls get away from screens and socialise

The school, which has among its former pupils actress Rebecca Hall as well as Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, hopes that the workshops will help girls socialize and get out of screens.

The school is located on the coast, so students will learn about life in rockpools as well as which plants can be eaten.

Ross Barrand, the deputy head of Dr Ross Barrand stated that “Children have endured enormously over the past 18 months staring at screens in their bedrooms without much interaction and with very little else.” 

“We had planned to have a day where the children could be outdoors, rain or shine.

School teachers hope that girls will enjoy the socialization sessions, as they are able to get away from the screens.