‘You are eating on stolen land’: BLM launches anti-Thanksgiving diatribe on social media sparking furious backlash from tweeters accusing the campaign group of hypocrisy

  • Twitter’s official social activist group slammed American’s in the United States for gathering on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate.
  • The group wrote, “You’re eating dry turkey on stolen land.”
  • You could link the graphic to Native Land Digital to access a digital map that shows the native history of each land.
  • The post was controversial and many people reacted negatively to it. Many on social media described the message as racist, while others called the group hypocritical and called them racist.
  • ‘Fanning racist flames. This is true rebellion, and no one can speak out about it except being punished. 

Black Lives Matter was the target of a furious social media backlash after a tweet that suggested that Americans are eating holiday food on “stolen” land.

The official Twitter account of the Social Action Group slammed Americans across the nation who were gathering to commemorate Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

“You are eating dry turkey, overcooked stuffing, and stolen land,” the group said via its verified Twitter account @Blklivesmatter, with 1 million followers. 

On Thanksgiving Thursday the social activism group's official Twitter slammed American's across the country gathering to celebrate the holiday

Twitter’s official social activist group slammed American’s in the United States for gathering on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate.

When it first launched in 2013, BLM sought to bring attention to and prevent police violence against African Americans

BLM launched its first edition in 2013. It was created to draw attention and prevent violence from police against African Americans.

You are in a land grab. The process of colonization did not end, but it was normalized. Below is a graphic that includes a link to assist people in finding the ancestral land they’re currently occupying. 

This link took you to Native Land Digital. It allows users to view the native history of their current land. 

Talking about Native American victims of colonialism has been a popular topic at Thanksgiving. Progressives tend to ignore the event and see it as an excuse for racism and colonialism.  

The post did not go down well with many. Social media users claimed Black Lives Matter was racist, and also called the group hypocritical.

Is this 5 home on #stolenland?” one person tweeted referring to reports that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors has used her vast earnings as a consultant to purchase multiple luxury homes while preaching Marxist ideas. 

One person also tweeted, “Fanning flames of racism.” This is the real insurrection. However, no one is allowed to speak about it without being disciplined and expelled. This must be a privelege.

Someone else said the group spreads hate: ‘BLM espouses hateful, racist stupidity, utterly ignorant of history & wisdom. BLM professes hate for the very Christian-Judaea values key to this country’s prosperity. Instead, BLM should be grateful for USA’s freedoms, even to be stupid, as is my right to call them on it.’ 

BLM has long been the subject of much controversy.  

In July the Utah chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement sparked anger on social media during independence Day weekend after it posted a message on Facebook calling the American flag a ‘symbol of hate.’

The group also blamed the US for the unrest in Cuba in the same month. However, activists were praising the Communist regime. This sparked a furious backlash  

BLM said that US embargoes have created instability for Cubans and caused them pain for over 60 years. The message, which was described as ‘worse then embarrassing’, included accusations from BLM.

BLM launched its first edition in 2013. It was created to draw attention and to prevent violence from police against African Americans.

It describes today’s mission as one to ‘eradicate white supremacy’ and ‘build local power to stop violence against Black communities perpetrated by the state or vigilantes’. 

According to supporters, the group is finally rectifying decades of injustice and balancing the balances. Critics claim they want to erase all evidence of white success in America and rewrite the history.