Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and his on-and-off again girlfriend Grimes have split again – months after they secretly welcomed a second child together via surrogate.

Elon’s ex confirmed that their romance was over, hours after her Vanity Fair interview hit stands – 

In the interview, she shared the news that their baby girl – named Exa Dark Sideræl or ‘Y’ for short – was born last December and referred to Elon as her ‘boyfriend,’ but now, she has revealed that their relationship has ended once again. 

‘Me and E have broken up *again* since the writing of this article,’ she wrote on Twitter on Thursday. ‘But he’s my best friend and the love of my life.’

The interview was conducted by the 33-year old musician. She also spoke about their newest addition and the history of her name. 

According to the singer, the newborn’s quirky first name, Exa, was inspired by the supercomputing term exaFLOPS, which is ‘the ability to perform one quintillion floating-point operations per second’, while her second name Dark, is a nod to dark matter and ‘the unknown’. 

‘People fear it but truly it’s the absence of photons. According to her, dark matter is the most beautiful mystery in our universe. 

Finally, Sideræl, which is pronounced sigh-deer-ee-el, is a ‘more elven spelling’ of sidereal, which Grimes described as ‘the true time of the universe, star time, deep space time, not our relative earth time’.

Their daughter’s third name is also a reference to Grimes’ favorite Lord of the Rings character, the elf Galadriel.

The couple will call their baby daughter ‘Y’ for short, following the trend they started with the arrival of their first-born child, son X Æ A-12, who Grimes gave birth to in May 2020, and whom she and Elon call ‘X’.  

Surprise! Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and his on-again-off-again partner Grimes have secretly welcomed a second child, a baby girl, via surrogate, the singer revealed in a new interview

Surprise! Surprise! 

The 33-year-old singer, who already has a baby son, X Æ A-12 (pictured) with Elon, 50, shared that the couple has named the newborn Exa Dark Sideræl, or 'Y' for short

The 33-year-old singer, who already has a baby son, X Æ A-12 (pictured) with Elon, 50, shared that the couple has named the newborn Exa Dark Sideræl, or ‘Y’ for short

The couple had to alter the spelling of their son’s names to conform to California law. California law prohibits any number of symbols within a name. 

Instead, they revealed just a few weeks after the baby was born that his birth certificate would be registered under the name X AE A-Xii – using the Roman numeral version of the number ’12’ and changing the character æ to AE. 

The meaning of Exa Dark Sideræl in Grimes’ own words 

Exa: A nod to the supercomputing term exaFLOPS, which is ‘the ability to perform one quintillion floating-point operations per second’.

Dark: A reference to dark matter and ‘the unknown’. ‘People fear it but truly it’s the absence of photons. The beautiful mystery that is dark matter is our universe’s beauty.

Sideræl: Pronounced sigh-deer-ee-el, this name is a ‘more elven spelling’ of sidereal, which Grimes describes as ‘the true time of the universe, star time, deep space time, not our relative earth time’. This is also a reference to Galadriel (the favorite Lord of the Rings)

If Elon and Grimes choose to register their newborn daughter’s birth certificate in Texas, they will have to alter the spelling of her name, removing the symbol æ once again in order to comply with state regulations, which only allow English characters to be used in a name.

Grimes acknowledged to Vanity Fair her husband’s unusual choice of names is not suitable for all tastes. She also said she was ready for her daughter’s attempt to change her name. 

The singer revealed that Elon and she also call their baby daughter Sailor Mars. This was inspired by Sailor Moon’s manga cartoon. 

According to the musician, she also said that Odysseus had been her dream name, and was still searching for it before they settled on their current moniker.  

Grimes announces their surprise pregnancy less than six months after they reportedly separated, after being together for more than three years. 

The singer spoke out about their current relationship and described it as “fluid”, explaining that she would probably use the term “would probably” to describe the situation. [Elon]The couple is not living together at the moment and they each have their own lives. 

Although the couple does not live together in Los Angeles, Grimes moved in December to Austin, Texas. She is now residing in an Austin cul-de–sac in which she can be found ‘a quick drive’ from Tesla’s factory. 

‘I would probably refer to him as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid,’ she said. 

“We have separate homes. We’re best friends. We see each other all the time…. We just have our own thing going on, and I don’t expect other people to understand it.  

‘This is the best it’s ever been…. We just need to be free.’

Grimes' surprise baby announcement in her cover interview for Vanity Fair comes less than six months after she and Elon reportedly split up, having been dating for three years

Grimes made the surprise announcement about her baby in Vanity Fair’s cover interview. It was less than six months since Elon and Grimes reportedly broke up after three years of dating.

According to Grimes, her relationship with Elon (seen with his son), is 'the best it’s ever been'

According to Grimes, her relationship with Elon (seen with his son), is ‘the best it’s ever been’

The singer (who is pictured with Elon and their son in May 2021) has relocated to Austin, Texas, where she is living in a 'sleepy neighborhood cul-de-sac' close to Tesla's factory

She is seen here in May 2021 with Elon, their son, and has moved to Austin, Texas. There, she lives in an ‘epic neighborhood cul de sac’ near Tesla’s factory.

Grimes stated that they hope to have more children, at least three to four. She also noted that X (and Y) are currently split time between their parent’s homes.  

Grimes stated that while her daughter was being cared for by her husband, her son was visiting his father during her Vanity Fair interview. 

Grimes reveals the meaning behind her son X Æ A-12’s name

X:This is the ‘unknown variable’.

Æ:Grimes uses the “elven spelling” of AI, which is both love and artificial intelligence.

A-12:“Precursor to” [the]SR-17 is Grimes’ and Elon’s ‘favorite plane’. This aircraft has ‘no weapon, no defenses, and speed. And it is ‘great for battle, but not violent’. A is also the symbol for Archangel which Grimes loves to sing.

It is currently unclear where exactly Elon is living; he announced last year that he was ‘selling almost all physical possessions’, including several California properties amounting to more than $100 million – and $15 billion worth of Tesla stock.

He purportedly then moved into a  75-square-foot $50,000 ‘Tiny House’ close to SpaceX’s Starbase rocket-launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, less than an hour’s private jet flight away from Grimes’ Austin home. 

Grimes, Elon, and the Vanity Fair reporter spoke briefly. They both agreed that their separate lives are the best. However they also explained that each of them have different requirements and preferences when it comes creating a home. 

Elon prefers things to look’reasonably neat,’ but Grimes describes herself as having a creative and artistic approach to her house. The Tesla founder said that she also likes anime and Japanese art. 

She also criticised Tesla’s lifestyle of spending too much money. The singer recalled a time in which they lived together in Los Angeles, and when he refused to purchase a mattress, even though she told him her bed was sagging. 

Elon’s choice to move into an “insecure” house, where neighbors could film them and there was no security, wasn’t something she liked. 

She said that Bro does not have the lifestyle of a millionaire. Bro lives below the poverty level at times. To the point I thought, “Can we not afford a $40,000 insecure house?” 

Elon has five other sons with his first wife Justine, twins Griffin and Xavier (pictured with Elon and his second wife Talulah Riley in 2010), and triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian

Elon also has five sons and a daughter with Justine his first wife, the twins Griffin (pictured in 2010 with Elon, his second wife Talulah, Riley) and the triplets Kai and Saxon.

The Tesla founder (pictured with his triplets, who were born in 2006), split from his first wife Justine in 2008 and soon after began dating Talulah, whom he married and divorced twice

Tesla founder, pictured here with his triplets who were born in 2006. He divorced his first wife Justine, in 2008, and shortly thereafter began to date Talulah. Talulah was his second marriage.

Elon and his first wife Justine (pictured) wed in 2000. They welcomed a baby boy, Nevada, in 2002, but the newborn tragically died of sudden infant death syndrome at 10 weeks old

Elon (pictured) and Justine (pictured), were married in 2000. In 2000, they welcomed Nevada to their family. However, the baby died at just 10 weeks of age from sudden infant death syndrome.

Elon Musk’s growing brood: Exa Dark Sideræl is baby sister to six brothers

Twins Griffin & Xavier Musk 17: Elon’s first wife Justine welcomed twin sons in April 2004 after turning to IVF in order to conceive. 

Triplets Kai (Saxon), and Damian Musk (16:Elon and Justine were blessed with three children in January 2006 less than two year after Justine delivered her twins. The triplets, like their brothers older brother IVF were also conceived through IVF. 

X Æ A-12, 22 months: Elon’s first child with singer Grimes was born in May 2020 in California. 

Late baby boy Nevada Alexander Musk: The Tesla founder’s ex-wife Justine gave birth to their first child, son Nevada, in 2002, however the newborn died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) at just 10 weeks old. 

Grimes described the role she played in raising her son. She said she was responsible for managing his creative work, but she noted that Elon is a’really good sees’. [X] as a protégé’. 

While the singer was unable explain the reasons she chose to be a surrogate mother for their second child, she did reveal that she had suffered from severe health issues during her last month with X. She said she couldn’t walk due to her unborn baby pressing on her nerves, causing her to collapse. 

The singer also experienced a severe hemorhage, which was so serious that she thought she would die. 

Elon, the billionaire SpaceX founder, is father to two Grimes children. He also has five sons with Justine, his first wife. 

Former couple have twins Griffin (born in 2004) and triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian (born in 2006). All five children were conceived using IVF. 

The couple also had a baby boy named Nevada, who died in 2002 from sudden infant mortality syndrome. 

Elon was separated from Justine and began to date British actress Talulah. He divorced her twice within six years. 

Talulah was still a virgin at the time she started dating Elon in 2008. However, their first marriage ended in 2012. She reportedly left with $16million as part of their divorce settlement.  

The couple had been married for a year and were now remarried. She then sued her second divorce petition in December 2014. However, she was able to withdraw the lawsuit within a year. 

Grimes said in her interview that X was spending time with Elon, who as of last year is said to be living in a 75-square-foot $50,000 'Tiny House' close to SpaceX's Starbase site

Grimes claimed in her interview that X was visiting Elon. Elon lives in a 75-foot, $50,000 ‘Tiny House’ near SpaceX.

Elon said last year that he was 'selling almost all physical possessions', including several California properties amounting to more than $100 million and $15 billion worth of Tesla stock

Elon stated last year that he had sold almost all of his physical possessions, which included several California properties worth more than $100million and Tesla stock worth $15 billion.

Talulah, 36 years old, then filed for divorce again in March 2016 and they split. They did not have children. 

Grimes will keep her daughter’s private life secret – not unlike son X. X has been featured on many fathers’ social media pages and seen with his parents at times. 

According to Elon, her son “is just out there”, and she has been bringing him to every thing,” but the singer is determined to protect her child from the public eye. She even stated that it would be better for her to train her daughter than for her to do the same for her. 

Elon’s children and Justine are mostly doing well. However, it was disclosed in 2018 by Tesla that five of his other children were attending a very exclusive school in Hawthorne. 

Ad Astra is Latin for ‘to all the stars’. The school’s ‘experimental” name was created in 2014. It was attended only by five of Elon’s sons, as well as the children of many SpaceX employees, in 2018.  

While there aren’t many details available about the school, it is reported that students receive unconventional methods of teaching. 

Ad Astra reports that children can skip subjects, build flamethrowers, and learn to defeat evil A.I.s.  

Elon created Ad Astra to ‘exceed traditional school metrics on all relevant subject matter through unique project-based learning experiences,’ according to a previously unreported document filed with the IRS and uncovered by tech-focused publication Ars Technica.