After her car broke down, a woman is struck by a van and the vehicle stops on the M4. The accident left a victim in her 60s with two injuries.

  • A female passenger was riding in a Nissan black that had stalled on the fourth lane.
  • A white van struck the Nissan black car at 8.40am Monday
  • As emergency personnel struggled to get on the scene, both lanes of motorway were closed. 
  • According to police, two others sustained severe injuries and were rushed immediately to the hospital.

After her car crashed on the smart M4 motorway, a vehicle she was riding in has resulted in the death of a woman and serious injuries to two others.

She was in her 60s and was the passenger in a Nissan car. It stalled in the fourth lanes of busy Berkshire motorway near Reading before being hit by a van on Monday morning. 

Both directions were shut down as emergency crews battled to clear long lines of traffic in their pursuit to arrive at the scene. 

The road was closed for over five hours, and firefighters were summoned to put out the flames. 

According to police, the accident occurred just before the junction 12.

The woman, aged in her 60s, was a passenger in a black Nissan car that stalled in the fourth lane of the busy motorway near Reading, Berkshire, before being struck by a white van on Monday morning. Pictured: Emergency services dealing with the aftermath of the crash

This woman was in her 60s and was riding in a Nissan black car. It stalled on the fourth lane near Reading in Berkshire before it was struck by a van in white. Pictured are emergency services responding to the accident aftermath

cPictured: Fire engines and other emergency services at the scene

The road was closed for over five hours, and firefighters were summoned to put out the flames. Pictured are fire engines and emergency services on the scene

Thames Valley Police stated that the collision occurred during rush hour this morning. The Nissan was driving in lane four westbound and collided with the van right before Junction 12 on the M4. The turning to Theale in Berkshire.

Unfortunately, due to the impact, the female passenger died instantly. 

Another two people sustained serious injuries, and they were also rushed to the hospital. There have not been any updates on the current state of their condition.

On Monday Officer Detective Constable Mark Dunne, Serious Collision Investigation Unit, stated that a woman died as a result a severe collision. Two others were also seriously hurt.

Specially-trained officers have made it known and offer support. 

I am asking anyone driving along the M4 today at the time the collision occurred to call 101.

The M4 was closed in both directions as a result of the crash, with long tailbacks (pictured above) while the road remained shut on Monday

Due to the accident, M4 was temporarily closed in both directions. The road was still closed Monday.

Police are appealing for anyone with dash cam footage or who might have seen the crash to come forward . Pictured: People standing outside their cars after the road was closed

Police appeal for any witnesses or anyone who has dashcam footage to contact them. Photographed: After the road was closed off, witnesses stood in front of their cars.

“I’d also love to hear from any dash-cam video footage of the collision or moments before it, please contact us.” 

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said that they attended the scene and reported: ‘Following a serious road collision that our crews attended today on the M4, Thames Valley Police have appealed for witnesses. 

Please contact me if you require any more information. We send our condolences to the loved ones and family of the deceased.

Police are yet to name the victim. 

On Monday, the force stated that an examination post mortem will be performed to determine her exact cause of death. 

The Berkshire coroner will also open an inquest.