The second-richest man in the world has kept his promise to “own no home” 

Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla CEO, sold his Silicon Valley property for $30 Million on Thursday. That’s $7.5m less than the initial $37.5m asking price. The sale was recorded according to records. The home was listed three times by Musk before he finally found a buyer. 

Musk, who is worth $151 billion and has previously said that the 47-acre San Francisco estate was his last remaining house’. 

The new owner of the Hillsborough, California mansion at 891 Crystal Springs Road has not been named publicly. 

It boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms on the 16,000-square foot estate.

Elon Musk sold his Silicon Valley estate for $30 million, the last of his seven California homes, and moved to Texas. This 109-year-old European style home sits on 47 acres of land south of San Francisco

Elon Musk moved from California to Texas after selling his Silicon Valley home for $30million. It was the final of seven California properties he owned. This European-style, 109-year-old home is located on 47 acres south of San Francisco.

The white seven bedroom and seven bathroom home is surrounded by beautiful greenery which can be enjoyed while strolling along the property's hiking trail

Beautiful greenery surrounds the white 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom house. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you stroll along the property’s walking trail.

The century old home features stunning interior design with intricate moldings, mirrored walls, and marble designs

 The century old home features stunning interior design with intricate moldings, mirrored walls, and marble designs

A magnificent golden candelabra hangs in one of the many impressive rooms with large floor to ceiling windows

One of many rooms boasting large ceiling to floor windows, a magnificent gold candelabra is displayed. 

The all white kitchen features a long marble table, wooden pantry doors, and matching tiles

This all-white kitchen has a marble long table and wooden pantry doors. It also features matching tiles. 

One listing states that the dining room and music area can now be combined using a hydraulic lift wall, which is removable when necessary. 

Musk previously stated that he would like to sell the house to large families who will continue to live there. He tweeted: “It is a special spot.” 

Musk currently calls Boca Chica his home. He rents the $50,000 property near the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Starbase rocket plant.

SpaceX rents my primary house, a Boca Chica house for $50k. Musk tweets that it’s “kinda amazing though.” 

The eccentric billionaire stated last year that he would sell his entire house in bizarre tweets. I will not own a home.

Beautiful blue-green tiles cover the kitchen floor adding a pop of color to the pristine open room

 Beautiful blue-green tiles cover the kitchen floor adding a pop of color to the pristine open room 

The state of the art cooking area features a large island with white marble matching the table set next to it

This state of the arts cooking area has a large island made from white marble that matches the surrounding table.  

The second richest man in the world sold this 16,000-square-foot estate for $7.5 million less than the original $37.5 million

This 16,000-square foot estate was sold by the second-richest man in the World for $7.5 Million less than its original $37.5million price 


According to Joe Rogan, he said that he did it because he wanted to disarm criticism about his wealth. These possessions are a threat vector. They say “Hey billionaire! You have all of this stuff.” ‘Well, now I don’t have the stuff — now what are you gonna do?” 

Musk was the owner of seven California houses at that time. Six were located within walking distance from each other in Los Angeles.  

All of his residences have been sold since then for an astounding $144million  

His Silicon Valley estate, Guignécourt, is a 109-year-old European-style mansion with hiking trails and a reservoir on the property. 

It was built in 1912 by Count Christian de Guigné, a member of French nobility who moved to the Golden State after marrying a local Gold Rush heiress. 

Musk has since sold all of his residential properties for a whopping $144 million since he announced his plans to sell

Musk sold his entire residential property portfolio for $144 million. 

The aerial photo above marks the six homes Musk owned on adjacent streets in the upscale Bel Air neighborhood

This aerial image shows six Musk-owned homes on the streets adjacent to the Bel Air neighborhood.

After being in the family for nearly a century, it was finally listed in 2013 for $100 Million. Three years later, the price dropped to $29.85million. 

Musk paid $23.4 million less for the amazing property in 2017 than he originally intended. He primarily used it as an event space and rental home.

Musk soon put up two Bel Air estates for sale after declaring his intentions to sell them all. 

The home that overlooked the Bel Air Country Club, was purchased by Musk in 2012 for $17 million and listed for $30 million. 

Six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms are found in the 16,251 square-foot home. There is also a library on two floors, as well as a swimming pool and tennis court.

The property also includes a pool, gym, wine cellar, fruit orchard, and a 5-car garage.

This Bel Air 2 home is listed at $9.5million. It was owned previously by Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka actor), who passed away in 2016.

Musk purchased the three-quarter-acre Bel Air home for $6.75 million in 2013 and turned it into a private school. 

The property features 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It also includes a private guest cottage.

Musk paid $6.4 million for this white Colonial home in a Bel Air cul-de-sac on Somera Road next to his other properties

Musk purchased this colonial home on Somera Road in Bel Air for $6.4 Million. It is located next to other Musk properties.

'Just one stipulation on sale: I own Gene Wilder's old house. It cannot be torn down or lose any its soul,' he Musk tweeted when selling this home on Chalon Road

“Just one condition: I am the owner of Gene Wilder’s house.” It cannot be torn down or lose any its soul,’ he Musk tweeted when selling this home on Chalon Road

The Los Angeles home features five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, an oval pool and a private guest cottage

Los Angeles house features 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, an oval swimming pool, and a private guest cabin. 

This 16,251-squarefoot mansion features six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a two-story library, swimming pool, and a tennis court

Six bedrooms, eleven bathrooms and a two-story library are part of this 16,251-square-foot home. There’s also a pool and tennis court. 

Musk also sold this Somera Road house for $4.4 million. It was built in the 1960s and has apparently not been renovated since

Musk also bought this Somera Road home for $4.4million. This house was constructed in 1960s, and apparently has not been renovated. 

In December, 2020 Musk sold four Bel Air homes for a combined $61.7 million, including this Somera Road property

The December sale of four Bel Air properties by 2020 Musk for $61.7million, which included this Somera Road property, was the largest in Musk’s history.

His one condition for selling his beautiful property was that he own Gene Wilder’s house. It must not be destroyed or stripped of any part of its soul.

Musk purchased two properties in 2015, a $4.3 million ranch home and a $20 million estate.

One year later, he bought a huge, unfinished house for $24.25m. They all sit in the same cul de-sac.  

According to Teslarati, the Houston Chronicle and Musk’s fanblog Teslarati, Musk may be living in a modular home of 375 square feet built by Boxabl.

Musk hasn’t confirmed the identity of the company that provided Musk with his home but a Boxabl unit is visible on Google Earth.

These homes, which are small but elegant, look like studio apartments. They have an open-plan living space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

These properties can be assembled using a box that is made from concrete panels and steel.

Teslarati reports that Musk is renting a 20 x 20 foot mass-produced ‘foldable prefabricated house’ called the Boxabl Casita.

Boxabl has yet to confirm Musk’s presence in one its houses, however it did announce in November that it built a Casita in Boca Chica for a highly-sensible and secretive customer.