Elon Musk, who is the world’s richest man, says that civilisation will collapse if birth rates fall. Also claimed that drugs are aging people in a Wall Street Journal event.

The tech mogul insisted that the world – with a global population of 7.9 billion – is in dire need of more humans during an  interview with journalist Joanna Stern on Monday. 

The 50-year old said that there were not enough people on a planet with 7.9 billion inhabitants. “There aren’t enough people,” he said.

The comments were made after discussing how Tesla and other companies could eventually start using robots in place of human workers.

He said, “I believe the lowest growth rate and rapidly-declining rate are the most dangerous risks for civilization.” Yet, many people, even smart ones think there’s too many people on the planet and that the population is increasing out of control. But it’s quite the contrary. 

“Please take a look at the numbers. If people have fewer children than they already have, civilisation will collapse.” Take my word for it.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk participated in a broadcasted Wall Street Journal interview Monday night remotely from the under-construction Tesla Gigafactory in Texas

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive officer, participated Monday night in a live broadcast from his Texas Tesla Gigafactory.

The father of six, including X Æ A-12 (pictured) said if people don't have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words'

The father of six, including X Æ A-12 (pictured) said if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Take my word for it

The Tesla CEO and father of six spoke remotely from Texas’ Tesla Gigafactory, where he said he is doing his part in helping to populate Earth.

“I am trying to set an example,” he smiled, breaking into laughter. “I am trying to do what I preach.” 

Musk has twins and triplets with ex-wife Justine Musk, and a toddler named X Æ A-12 with ex-girlfriend Grimes. 

Musk, who in 2018 puffed on a blunt of marijuana during an interview for Joe Rogan also joked about narcotics, when asked his opinion on growing old and using mind-altering drugs.

He said laughing, “I don’t think that dropping acid makes your age lower.” I think that drugs may make you more old.

He defended his 2018 video of him using marijuana and said it showed he wasn’t a regular user.

Pictured: Musk stands with then-fiance Talulah Riley and his twin sons Griffith (left) and Xavier right at Nasdaq's opening bel to celebrate Tesla's initial public offering on June 29, 2010 in New York. He has five children with ex-wife Justine Musk and a son with ex-girlfriend Grimes

Pictured right: Musk, his ex-fiance Talulah Riley (left), and his twin brothers Griffith (right) at Nasdaq’s inaugural bel to commemorate Tesla’s initial public offer on June 29, 2010. He is married to Justine Musk, and has five children. Grimes also had a son.

Musk told 60 Minutes that she doesn’t smoke marijuana. As anyone who listened to that podcast can see, I don’t know how to smoke marijuana or any other substance. To be honest, I have no idea how to smoke any type of marijuana.

SpaceX’s founder, also addressed President Joe Biden’s Build back Better initiative and called it ‘insane’.  

He said, “Rules and regulations will never die.” ‘They don’t die. Rules and regulations last forever. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good garbage collection system that can remove them. As a result this makes it harder to live in eras where your ability to make progress diminishes.

The SpaceX founder also chimed in about President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan, and slammed the initiative as 'insane'

SpaceX’s founder, also addressed President Joe Biden’s Build back Better initiative and called it ‘insane.

Monday’s interview followed a New York Times exposé that featured interviews with Tesla whistleblowers. They claimed Musk had misled customers and undermined safety using the Autopilot driving system. This was previously accused of fatal accidents.

Ex-workers have made damning claims that Musk was responsible for the deaths of Autopilot workers due to his desire to only use cameras and ditch sensor.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency, at least 10 deaths have occurred in accidents where Tesla’s Autopilot has been involved since 2016.

Tesla began rolling out its Autopilot software in 2015, with features including autosteer, auto lane change, automatic emergency steering and side collision warning, and auto park

In 2015 Tesla started rolling out Autopilot software. It features autosteer and automatic lane changes, side collision warnings, and parking assistance.

Tesla has been clear about the capabilities of its Autopilot technology, and on its website notes that its vehicles are not self-driving

Tesla made it clear that Autopilot technology is available to them. It also noted on its website that the vehicles were not autonomous.

Initial implementation of Tesla’s Autopilot technology in 2015 included sensors, cameras and radar. 

Musk (50) had earlier in the year given engineers to build a car using only cameras as its autopilot function, according to sources.

‘They said the Autopilot team continued to develop the system using radar and even planned to expand the number of radar sensors on each car, as well as exploring lidar — ‘light detection and ranging’ devices that measure distances using laser pulses,’ the outlet reported.

 ‘But Mr. Musk insisted that his two-eyes metaphor was the way forward and questioned whether radar was ultimately worth the headache and expense of buying and integrating radar technology from third parties,’ according to four people who worked on the Autopilot team. 

According to the company, Autopilot and Full-Self-Driving Capability should be used only with attentive drivers who are always on the road and available to drive at any time.

“While these features will become more adept over time, the current enabled features don’t make the vehicle self-driving.”

Elon Musk in August admitted that Tesla's new self-driving software is 'not great' but the firm is trying to fix it

Elon Musk admitted in August that Tesla’s self-driving technology is “not great”, but that the company is working to improve it

DailyMail.com asked Tesla to comment but Tesla didn’t respond.  

Musk admitted in August that Tesla’s self-driving technology is “not great”, but that the company is working to improve it.

One billionaire entrepreneur said that Full Self-Driving, the company’s self-driving program, was being improved ‘as quickly as possible.

FSD is an upgrade to Autopilot. It’s a package that includes advanced driver-assistance features.

“FSD Beta 9.2” is actually not a great imo [in my opinion]Musk tweets: “It is, however, Autopilot/AI team rallies to improve as quickly as possible,”

The Musk-led Tesla is also under investigation over claims it failed to properly notify shareholders and the public of fire risks associated with solar panel system defects

Tesla’s Musk-led team is currently under investigation for failing to adequately notify shareholders, the media and the public of potential fire dangers associated with defects in solar panel systems.

A separate investigation has been opened by the U.S. Securities regulator into Tesla in connection to a whistleblower complaint that Tesla failed to adequately notify shareholders and the general public about fire risks related to solar panel defect over many years. According to an agency letter,

After the public investigation, shares of the company plunged by over 3 percent Monday morning.

It will put regulatory pressure on the largest automaker worldwide, which is already facing a safety probe by federal authorities into possible accidents that could have been caused by its driver-assistant systems. 

While concerns regarding fires caused by Tesla solar system have been raised before, the regulator has not yet published a report.

After Steven Henkes filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint about Tesla’s solar system in 2019, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission released the Tesla probe and requested information.

“We have verified with Division of Enforcement staff, that the investigation from the which you seek records” the SEC stated in a September 24, response to Henkes. It declined to supply its records and said, “We have confirmed mit Neben get dispose back actively des darin relevant prioritize apparently simultaneously potentially uns attempted

Former Tesla field quality manager Steven Henke filed a whistleblower complaint on the solar systems in 2019 and asked the agency for information about the report.

Steven Henke was a former Tesla quality manager and filed a whistleblower report on 2019 solar systems. He asked the agency to provide information.

A SEC official stated that the agency should not take the SEC letter as evidence of any law violations.

Henkes was a former manager of the Toyota Motor quality division and was dismissed by Tesla in August 2020. He sued Tesla, alleging that it was in retaliation to raising safety concerns.

Henkes stated in the SEC complaint that Tesla and SolarCity were not liable for any property damage or injury to users. He also claimed SolarCity was not required to disclose the company’s ‘liability’ and ‘exposure to liability to shareholder fires’ before and after it had acquired SolarCity.

We don’t know how many remain following Tesla’s remediation.

Henkes is a veteran quality manager from Toyota’s North American Quality Division. He joined SolarCity in June 2016 as a quality engineering engineer. This was months before Tesla purchased SolarCity. According to Henkes, his duties were changed following the acquisition.

In the SEC complaint, Henkes said Tesla and SolarCity, which it acquired in 2016, did not disclose its 'liability and exposure to property damage, risk of injury of users, fire to shareholders' prior and after the acquisition

Henkes claimed that Tesla and SolarCity did not disclose their ‘liability to property damage, the risk of injury of its users, or fire to shareholders’ prior to and after they acquired SolarCity in 2016. 

Several residential customers or their insurers have sued Tesla and parts supplier Amphenol over fires related to their solar systems, according to documents provided by legal transparency group PlainSite

PlainSite has provided documents that show several homeowners or their insurance companies have brought suit against Tesla and Amphenol regarding fires caused by their solar systems. 

Henkes said that he spoke with Tesla management and requested that the system be shut down. He also asked for safety regulations to be notified of the situation. He filed complaints to regulators after his repeated calls went unanswered.

“The Tesla brand reputation is at risk if this matter was made public,” stated the top lawyer. In the SEC complaint, he stated that this was “crime.”

There have been many years of litigation and concerns about Tesla solar system and connector issues. Walmart sued Tesla in 2019. They claimed that Tesla’s rooftop solar system caused seven store fires. Tesla refuted the claims and they settled.

Business Insider published Tesla’s 2019 program to repair defective parts of its solar panels.