Fashion weeks come and go. Unfortunately, most people that watch these events only think about the established designers. They are covered by any decent fashion blog and by reputable media in the entire world. What does not get enough attention though is the huge list of different emerging fashion designers that show a whole lot of promise.

Below you can find some very interesting and innovative fashion designers you will surely appreciate and that you will most likely really love. Keep an eye out for them since their big breakthroughs will come sooner rather than later. In fact, for some of them, they already came. And they were truly stunning.

Maisie Wilen

Maisie Schloss is a Parsons grad that launched a very interesting eponymous brand right out of L.A. in June 2019. She worked with Kanye West in the past as a designer for womenswear. This was for the Yeezy brand. Also, she was the very first person to receive the West incubator grant. Maisie is known for the beautiful fun party looks she creates. These are clothes that are comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize is a Vienna-born fashion designer that is now based in Nigeria. He became popular in 2013 and a big part of his work is focused on the preservation of Nigerian craft. Clothes designed feature work by locally produced fabrics. Also, communities inside the country are employed.

Ize’s signature look uses Aso Oke, which is a very bright woven cloth. Also, in 2019, Ize was a part of the LVMH prize as a finalist. His fall collection for 2020 featured Naomi Campbell.

Chopova Lowena

This is a brand that is created by the work of Laura Lowena and Emma Chopova. The two met while they were studying. Now, they work in London and they focus on sustainability. Vintage fabrics from Bulgaria are used with clothes being produced in both England and Bulgaria. We can actually say there is a cult following behind the patchwork skirts by Chopova Lowena.

Charles de Vilmorin

Charles de Vilmorin is a very aspiring young designer with a fast career, one that went strong through the pandemic. This designer launched a beautiful line in 2020, in the month of April. He ended up being a participant in GucciFest after an invitation by fashion celebrity Alessandro Michele. Then he ended up presenting the very first haute couture work during January 2021.

Del Core

The first showing was at the 2021 Milan Fashion Week. Del Core was very successful with his womenswear collection. This is a designer that ran the Gucci VIP department. He helped dress countless celebrities, including Bjork and Lana del Ray. His colorful and eccentric evening wear is very attractive and will be featured on several red carpets really soon.

Every single one of the fashion designers above is stunning. But many others exist, like Thebe Magugu, Daniel W. Fletcher, and several others. You never know who will surprise us in the following months.