After her surprise win at the US Open, Emma Raducanu decided to decline Eddie Jones’ invitation for England’s rugby match. Her coach said that she had been ‘distracted by off-court contracts’.

  • This week, Eddie Jones caused anger with his comments on Emma Raducanu
  • He suggested her poor appearance could be due to off-court “distractions”
  • Jones invited Raducanu for an England match. He has since sent her a mail.
  • Rumours have it that Raducanu is refusing to travel to Twickenham

Emma Raducanu has decided to decline tickets from the RFU to Twickenham England’s match against England in light of Eddie Jones comments on her off-court distractions.

Raducanu, England’s rugby coach, felt the fury of his supporters this week when he claimed that Raducanu was causing her poor form due to her ‘distractions’ from the court following her astonishing win in the US Open at just 18 years of age.

Raducanu dismissed those assertions and said she was zoned in. Jones then wrote to Raducanu, confessing that he wanted her to accept their invitation at Twickenham in the next weeks for an international.

Emma Raducanu is expected to turn down Eddie Jones' offer of tickets to an England game

Eddie Jones offers Emma Raducanu tickets to the England match, but Emma Raducanu will likely decline it.

Jones said that 'distractions' are behind Raducanu not doing so well since her US Open win

Jones suggested that Raducanu’s poor performance since winning the US Open was due to ‘distractions.

Raducanu isn't expected to be at Twickenham for either the Australia or South Africa matches

Raducanu will not be present at Twickenham in either the Australia-South Africa match.

But The Guardian report Raducanu is set to skip the invitation, and will not be at Saturday’s game against Australia or the one against South Africa a week later. 

Jones was the first to face criticism for his comments at a press conference in the middle of the week that Jones stated: “There’s an explanation why the young woman who won US Open doesn’t have so much success afterwards. 

“What pages have you seen her on? Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or wherever else she was wearing Christian Dior clothes?”

Jones replied later that Jones was not sexist when she was asked if the claims were sexist. Emma has been sent a private note by us to clarify why these remarks were made. It’s over, as far as I am concerned.

Raducanu, 18, stunned the world of tennis with her US Open triumph in September

Raducanu (age 18) shocked the tennis world when she won the US Open in September

Raducanu (pictured above at the Met Gala), meanwhile, rejected claims by Jones that her off-court decisions have hindered her form in the aftermath of her stunning US Open victory

Raducanu (pictured here at the Met Gala) meanwhile rejected Jones’ claim that Jones’ off-court decisions had hindered Jones’ form following her spectacular win at US Open.

Social media was quick to denounce Jones's remarks as 'nonsense' and a 'cheap shot'

Jones’s comments on social media were immediately criticized by the internet as ‘nonsense and a cheap shot’ 

He said, “The point is it’s very difficult for the young players in Britain. There are a lot of talented young players in England, and we need to take care of them.

“So many young, talented players get distracted by distractions. They shouldn’t be distracted, and that’s why we made that statement.

Since winning in New York the 18-year-old has signed deals with Dior and Tiffany & Co jewellers, as well as appearing in Sports Direct’s Christmas advert alongside Manchester City’s midfielder Jack Grealish. After her win at US Open, she attended the Met Gala in high profile.

Since her Grand Slam win, she has been a part of four matches in competitive tennis. She won two of them and lost two.

Raducanu has signed plenty of endorsement deals since winning the US Open earlier this year

She is one of the stars of Sports Direct's Christmas advert (pictured), alongside the likes of Jack Grealish

Raducanu and Jack Grealish star in Sports Direct’s Christmas advert

In recent weeks, Raducanu has lost matches against opponents ranked lower than herself

Raducanu lost matches to lower-ranked opponents in recent weeks

Raducanu (second left) split from former coach Andrew Richardson (second right) this year

Raducanu, second left), split with Andrew Richardson (second-right) this year

Raducanu insisted, however, that she was ‘zoned-in’ in spite of comments about her life outside tennis.

According to The Mirror, Raducanu stated that he believes many people will have opinions about him and his work.

“I know that I am staying focused and have a close circle of support. My parents are there to help me if I get distracted. “I am extremely zoned in.