Emma Raducanu has finally been able to make a decision about her long-awaited appointment as a coach. Torben beltz will be joining her team. This comes a week following they were first spotted together at her Bromley house for coffee.

  • British number one Emma Raducanu will soon be able to start her search for a full-time coach.
  • German Torben beltz will be her successor, she said. The pair met for coffee last Wednesday.
  • Beltz, who was previously the world number 1 Angelique Kerber’s coach until recent times, has been replaced by Beltz
  • German Kerber was awarded the US Open title and Australian Open title with Beltz 2016 

Emma Raducanu will be working alongside the German coach that helped Angelique Kerber become a three time Grand Slam winner, and World No 1.

Torben Beltz (44), Hamburg, is the expected partner for Kent’s 18-year old. He has been Germany’s most successful player in recent years and spent most of his life guiding them.

The Telegraph reported that an Instagram photo of the couple having a morning coffee in Orpington appeared last month.

Emma Raducanu was spotted out for a coffee with Torben Beltz, who is set to be her new coach

Emma Raducanu met Torben Beltz for coffee, and was soon to become her coach.

Beltz, pictured at Wimbledon in 2016, has been the coach of Angelique Kerber

Raducanu has been on the lookout for a new coach since winning the US Open in September

Beltz is pictured (left) at Wimbledon 2016. He will now be taking Raducanu forward.

Angelique Kerber (right) won the US Open and Australian Open titles with Beltz as her coach

Angelique Kerber (right), won the US Open, Australian Open titles as Beltz was her coach

Their conversations seem to have turned into a working relationship over the next months. Beltz will not be there at the WTA Linz event this week.

After their third stint together, Kerber and Beltz have announced an amicable separation on Monday. Beltz will be seen by him as someone who has the experience to take a promising player, and turn them into a top-ten consistent performer.

Beltz is an expert on the WTA Tour’s workings, as she first met Kerber in her teens. 

Kerber poses with the Australian Open trophy after lifting it in Melbourne back in 2016

Kerber, after he won the Australian Open trophy in Melbourne in 2016, poses with it 

Kerber also reached the Wimbledon final with Beltz in 2016 but lost to Serena Williams (left)

Kerber reached the Wimbledon final in 2016, along with Beltz, but was defeated by Serena Williams (left).

The three-phase collaboration saw them win the Australian, US Opens and Wimbledon 2016 respectively. 

Following her second triumph, she was crowned world number 1. His magic also included working with Donna Vekic, Croatia.

Raducanu has had many coaching partnerships in the past but was without one after Andrew Richardson’s unexpected termination of her contract in September.

Linz is Linz’s last tournament of the season. She will however play an exhibit at the Royal Albert Hall towards the end this month as well as an unofficial event at Abu Dhabi just before Christmas. 

Raducanu (second left) split from former coach Andrew Richardson (second right) this year

Raducanu (second from the left) and Andrew Richardson, former coach (second from right), parted ways this year