Emma Raducanu insists she wants ‘role model’ Lewis Hamilton to win Sports Personality of the Year INSTEAD of her… and teenage star praises ‘really cool’ F1 world champion for helping her cope with life in the spotlight

  • Raducanu is taking Hamilton’s advice on how to deal with fame
  • After winning the US Open in September, she captured the hearts of all Americans.
  • Raducanu won a return trip to Britain in the ATP Champions Tour.
  • The home-grown 19-year old was on the field for the first-time since her historic win
  • She was cheering Hamilton on to the Sports Personality of the Year Award 

Emma Raducanu was able to get advice from Lewis Hamilton about how she can cope with being in the limelight.

Raducanu was the US Open champion and beat Elena Gabriela Ruse in a semi-serious exhibition match.

This was the first home match for Flushing Meadows champion, 19-year-old.

Raducanu has been taking advice from Hamilton on how to cope with life in the spotlight

Raducanu is taking Hamilton’s advice on how to deal with the spotlight.

Raducanu later revealed that Hamilton, Formula One World Champion, has been her mentor and she even said she wanted him to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. Raducanu is an avid favourite for this award.

Raducanu answered, “No, absolutely not.” Lewis is my favorite.

“He’s been a great role model to me in helping me get through the next steps. He is an amazing person.

“I have never even considered Sports Personality. It’s something that is so far out of the realms.

“He has been so cool helping me. He advised me to keep calm and go with the flow. He is a very cool man.

Raducanu made a winning return to Britain at the ATP Champions Tour event at London's Royal Albert Hall, beating Elena-Gabriela Ruse in a not-entirely-serious exhibition match

Raducanu won a successful return to Britain in the ATP Champions Tour at London’s Royal Albert Hall. He beat Elena-Gabriela Ruse, in a non-serious exhibition match.

Raducanu (R) revealed Formula One world champion Hamilton has been mentoring her

Raducanu (R), revealed that Hamilton, Formula One World Champion has been her mentor

Raducanu was with her friend, world number 85 Ruse. This was a far cry away from the tension and drama at the US Open final.

However, Britain’s first ever female Grand Slam winner was crowned 6-3-7-6 (3) before a crowd of approximately 4,000.

Raducanu’s powerful groundstrokes were occasionally used to move her opponent across the court. She did this just like during the glorious New York Fortnight.

Raducanu, despite only being her first year on WTA Tour is certain to win a lot of matches.

Raducanu (right) remains determined to stay grounded despite her stunning success

Raducanu (right), despite all her success, is determined to keep grounded

She said, “I don’t know what other people think of me.” It’s going happen. Pressure is a privilege. The adrenaline is what makes me thrive, that’s my hope.

“So I don’t care about what other people think or expect of me. Only one I can think about is my own ability to get better and improve.

Raducanu is still determined to remain grounded, in spite her amazing success. The Bromley teenager added: “For me, it’s just going about my business.

“I sometimes take the train. The same trips I took used to be my daily commute. It feels like I’m the same person.

“I will do the same things I did in the past. It’s not my intention to change what got me this title. It’s still an enjoyable experience.