Bull-dozed! The moment escaped buffalo bursts into a restaurant and tosses man high in Chinese city

  • The video was recorded in Taizhou Province Jiangsu Province China (December 31st).
  • A buffalo approaches the restaurant and charges at an insider.
  • Man is lifted into the air with the buffalo’s hooves, and then thrown to the ground.
  • His leg was injured and he needed further care in the hospital. 

The moment when a ranaway buffalo crashed into a restaurant, and then threw an eastern Chinese man in the air. 

A video shot in Taizhou Province, Jiangsu Province, on December 31st 2021 shows the animal leaping in front of the restaurant before ramming into someone and knocking them over.

He was left with severe injuries to his leg and had to be dragged by his friend to safety. Meanwhile, the bull continued to roam the shop inflicting more damage to the tables and chairs. Finally, he ran away.

Video footage captured the moment a man was thrown into the air by a rampaging buffalo at a restaurant in the city of Taizhou in Jiangsu Province, China, on December 31, 2021

A video captures the moment that a buffalo hurled a man into the air at a Taizhou restaurant, Jiangsu Province in China on December 31, 2021

The buffalo's horns can be seen on the other side of plastic screens at the front of the restaurant before the huge animal bursts in and charges at the man on the right

You can view the buffalo’s horns on the side opposite the plastic screens in front of the restaurant, before it charges the man on his right.

On December 31, two men were seen standing in front of the restaurant, with one holding a drink and the other on their phones. The animal then appears behind the screens. 

A huge buffalo runs straight at the brightly-coloured man wearing a jacket and drinks just moments earlier. It uses its horns and to throw the man to the ground and to throw him into the air.

His friend, shocked, rushes to his aid and drags him away from the rampaging bull after he’s been thrown to the ground.

The buffalo is not visible for a short time, but you can hear it banging and colliding before returning to the front. 

The buffalo smashed up tables and chairs in an adjoining room to the restaurant before running away

Before running off, the buffalo destroyed tables and chairs in an adjacent room to the restaurant. 

After reportedly fleeing from a butcher just moments before being slaughtered it, the bull looks out the window and walks around the restaurant.

The animal then walks in an adjacent room of the restaurant, where it can still be heard banging and crashing.

The buffalo is seen hurling chairs and tables around the room, before it crashes back into the main area of the shop.

The buffalo charges into the restaurant towards a man wearing a brightly-coloured jacket and throws him into the air before dumping him onto the floor

A man in brightly-coloured clothing walks up to the buffalo and the buffalo chases him. The buffalo then throws him off the roof before dropping him on the ground.

The bull finally runs through the screen and flees after a while.

The man’s friend, who is running in the opposite direction to him, returns to the restaurant with a few others who check the damages and the condition of the victim.

He sustained injuries to his leg, and was taken to the hospital to receive further care.