An emotional father who had lost three of their children and is now suffering from depression, has admitted that he still feels haunted after hearing his last words.

Deirdre, 44, choked Conor (9 years old), Darragh (7 yearold) and Carla (3 years old) to death in their Dublin home on January 2020.

Andrew McGinley their father says they have ‘no tomorrow’ together. His wife was not found guilty of murder due to insanity.

Deirdre Morley, 44, was killed her three children Conor McGinley, nine, Darragh McGinley, seven, and daughter Carla McGinley, three, by smothering them on at their home in January 2020

Deirdre McGinley was 44. She killed Conor McGinley and Darragh McGinley. Also, her daughter Carla McGinley was three.

The children's bodies were discovered by their father Andrew McGinley at their home in Parson’s Court, Newcastle, Co Dublin

Andrew McGinley discovered their bodies at Parson’s Court, Newcastle in Co Dublin.

Conor’s final words, “stop mammy! What are you doing?” were repeated by him. As she put a bag over his head, the court heard about her trial in 2013. 

McGinley said to the Irish Mirror that he struggles with Deirdre because all he hears is Conor’s last words. I hear them quite often.

So, Dee and I have no hope for the future. For either one of us, it can’t be normal again.

He continued, “I am completely different as a person.” She knows I am happy to help her in any way that I can, and I know she is too.

‘[If she is released]That’s up to them. It’s not my job to be a professional. This is not something that I have given much thought to. There is hope for her recovery.

Morley, it is believed, could be released in five years’ time if she can prove her mental health.

Giving a eulogy at his children's funeral, Mr McGinley said his children had been fans of Lego, the Foo Fighters and the Disney film Frozen (pictured, Mr McGinley and his three children)

McGinley, along with his three children, gave a speech at the funeral of his children. He said that his children were fans fo Lego, Foo Fighters, and Disney’s Frozen. 

Morley was a nurse and pleaded not guilty to insanity at her trial in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court. This view was supported by two psychiatrists, one from the defense, the other for prosecution.  

Morley was diagnosed with severe psychotic depression. Morley was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, type 2, a recognized mental disorder. 

Morley was in a delusional and psychotic state when he committed the tragic triple murder on January 24, 2020, Dublin, Ireland.

After she had filled her vehicle with wine, medication and drove toward the M7, she crashed at the roundabout.

A passing driver brought her home before she fled the house. She was later found wandering through the streets by the police shortly before the bodies were discovered.

McGinley returned to Cork after a work trip and found his three children’s bodies.

Morley was brought to Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin. There she told doctors that she wanted a time machine. 

Andrew McGinley looks to the skies during the funeral of his children

Andrew McGinley is seen looking up to the heavens during the funeral for his children

Mr Justice Paul Coffey said there was no contest about the verdict and previously told the jury: ‘The doctors are unanimous in their opinions that the accused was legally insane when she killed her three children.’

Ten men and two ladies were instructed to believe that Ms. Morley suffered from a mental disorder during the executions. 

Her insanity charges were not thrown out by the jury.  

Soon after Connor and Darragha were killed, McGinley advised parents that they should ‘cuddle their children as often as possible’, and also admitted that ‘every breath’ is a struggle.

In his eulogy for his children’s funeral, He said that his children loved Lego, Foo Fighters, and Frozen. 

He went on: ‘We often misuse words. He said, “When Ireland lost a match I used to cry.” That is what I understand now.

“We are all heartbroken as a family.” 

He also added, “Conor Darragh and Carla.” You are my love.