‘I found the most in­c­redible little Italian last night’: Eva Longoria claims the best Italian food she’s ever had was at PIZZA EXPRESS in Cardiff

Eva Longoria stated that Pizza Express was the best Italian restaurant she has ever been to, according to TV star Jack Whitehall.

Hollywood star, 46, is well-known for her writing of cookbooks, and owning an LA diner. She gushed that the restaurant was authentic, while completely ignorant that it was chain. 

Jack Whitehall discussed his time with Eva on Jay Rayner’s Out To Lunch podcast. It was about their experience together. Eva was apparently searching far and wide to find a decent Italian restaurant in Wales while filming Decline in 2017 and Fall in 2017. 

'I think it's family owned!': Eva Longoria, 46, claimed that the best Italian she's ever had was a Pizza Express in Cardiff

“I believe it’s family-owned!”Eva Longoria, 46 years old, said that she was most satisfied with the pizza delivered in Cardiff by Pizza Express.

Jack, 33 years old, shared the story of how she discovered the “best pasta in all the land” and set it up one day. 

The comedian said: ‘She said, “Oh God, I found the most in­c­redible little Italian last night. 

‘The owner, I think it’s family owned, he was so charming and I had the best pasta I have ever had anywhere in the world.

‘It’s called . . . Pizza Express.”‘ 

Funny: The actress who is known for writing cookbooks and owning an LA diner gushed about the restaurant for being 'authentic', all while being completely unaware that it was a chain

Funny: A famous actress for owning a LA diner and writing cookbooks praised the restaurant as being authentic, while not realizing that it was actually a chain.

Worked together: Jack Whitehall spoke about his co-star on Jay Rayner's Out To Lunch podcast about his experience working with Eva, who was apparently looking far and wide for a good Italian restaurant when she was in Wales filming for Decline and Fall

Jack Whitehall and Eva collaborated: Jack Whitehall talked about Eva’s co-star Jay Rayner on Jay Rayner’s Out To Lunch podcast. He spoke about Eva’s experience with him working together, and how she looked far and wide to find a great Italian restaurant in Wales while filming Decline and Fall.

MailOnline reached out to Eva’s representative for more information.  

He revealed to him that Eva believed Cardiff was close by London while she was filming the comedy. 

Eva starred as Margot Beste-Chetwynde in the 2017 TV series which follows Paul Pennyfeather (Jack) as a student at Oxford University in the 1920s.   

Eva has one child Santiago with her husband José Antonio Bastén, 53. The marriage of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress with the Mexican businessman took place in 2016.

From 2002 to 2004, she was married to Tyler Christopher, a General Hospital star. Eva wed NBA superstar Tyler Christopher in 2007, but filed for divorce when she realized that her husband was not faithful.

Hilarious: Jack told of how she came onto set one day to reveal she'd found the 'best pasta in the world.' The comedian said: 'She said "I had the best pasta I have ever had anywhere in the world. 'It¿s called . . . Pizza Express"'; pictured in Decline and Fall

It was hilarious: Jack recounted how she found the “best pasta” in the world and came on set to tell it. She stated that “I had the most delicious pasta anywhere I’ve ever been.” ‘It’s called . . . Pizza Express; shown in Fall and Decline