Star Hobson’s mom said today that her ex-boyfriend was still haunted by the question of whether he should have done more to help her.

Pete Penman was 24, and had been dating Frankie Smith (20), for a while before Savannah Brockhill, 28. Savannah would be her boyfriend and she would kill her daughter.

He stated that he had begged her not to tell the social workers who Brockhill was, and that Brockhill himself declared him to have been a ‘Number 1 psycho’.

However, Mr Penman (a bus driver) claimed that she was concerned about Star being taken away by social services.

Pete Penman (pictured) said he begged Frankie Smith to split from Savannah Brockhill

Pete Penman (pictured) stated that Frankie Smith begged him to leave Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith (left) with Savannah Brockhill

Star Hobson, killed at 16 months old

According to Mr Penman, Frankie Smith refused Savannah Brockhill’s invitation because she was afraid of being hurt by Star Hobson (right).

Yesterday Brockhilll was sentenced to at least 25-years imprisonment for the murder of innocent Star. She had previously terrorized Star with repeated punches and abuses.

Frankie Smith, the victim’s mom and the girlfriend of the child, was sentenced for eight years.

Mr Penman said: ‘It was all when Savannah came along. All of that changed. Frankie was with me and she was with all of us.

‘She used to be open for meeting up and then when Savannah came along, she would make excuses, she would make any excuse to put it off.  

‘Frankie told me numerous times that Savannah had hit her. She told me to let her go. I said that she would. I believe she did try, but it was too difficult for her.

‘Social services got involved and she rang me for advice, because I have a lot of experience with social services through work, and I told her to tell the truth because they would find out anyway. I repeated this to her several times.

Murderer Savannah Brockhill, 28, is pictured with boxing heavyweight champ Tyson Fury

Savannah Brockhill (28) is seen with Tyson Fury (boxing heavyweight champ).

‘She said, “yeah but I’ll lose Star”.  My mind went through a million thoughts when I heard the announcement.

‘One of my first questions was whether Savannah was there and I asked myself if I could have done more to have prevented this,’ he told the Metro. 

Frankie’s mother Yvonne Spendley told MailOnline that her daughter was not in a sexual relationship with Pete Penman but did confide in him regularly.

She said: ‘I never met Pete but Frankie told me about him. She was close to Pete as a friend and talked to him often about her life.

‘They saw each other quite often but I wouldn’t say they were boyfriend and girlfriend. But she told him a lot of stuff that was going on for her.’ 

Brockhill, who calledously gestured and grinned to her family at court, brutally attacked Star after months and months of violence that Smith allowed. Smith teamed up and helped Brockhill to fool police and social service.

Star had been with them for a week, before she was killed by the abusers, five times. 

Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith

Death partners: Savannah Brockhill (28), and Frankie Smith (20) were both jailed

Babysitter Hollie Jones alerted social services but they told Frankie Smith they were coming

Social services were alerted by Hollie Jones, babysitter; however, they informed Frankie Smith that they would be coming.

Timeline of failings: Police and social services failed to prevent the abuse of the tragic Star

February 23, 2020  A referral from Smith’s friend and sometimes babysitter Hollie Jones went to social services.

Star was being increasingly left with her and she raised concerns about domestic violence.

Trongs of days later police arrived but found no reason to be concerned. Smith was not at home when social services attempted to contact her on January 28.

The family was contacted and there were no issues. So the case closed on February 27, 2007.

May 5, 2020 – Star’s great-grandmother Anita Smith contacted social services over concerns over how the baby was being treated.

Both the mother and the baby visited, but they did not leave with any bruises.

Frankie Smith spoke with Brockhill from social services and was granted permission by Brockhill to perform police checks.

June 21, 2020 –  Jordan Hobson, Star’s father, referred Smith and Brockhill to social services after seeing pictures the couple had shared of his daughter’s bruised face.

The police again went to their house and found the marks on the head of the baby.

Smith claimed that Star had struck her head on the handle a coffee-table table’s top.

Two bruises were found on her cheek, and four on her back.

Smith’s and Brockhill’s claims that she was playing with a dog were believed.

June 23, 2020 – Social services were again contacted by Rachel Whiteley, a close friend of Smith’s mother Yvonne Spendley.

Star had been treated roughly by Smith at a barbecue.

Ms Whiteley stated at that time, “I thought it was disgusting giving her barbecue food and the way she treated her.”

The case was closed by the social services in July. It is unclear what happened.

September 2, 2020 –  Frank Smith – Star’s paternal great-grandfather – alerted social services to a video of Star with bruises on her face.

Her mother, it was reported, had been visiting her in Scotland when they first visited.

They returned the next day unannounced, and she was at Brockhill’s house.

Star became so unstable on her feet that she was able to walk into a couch while they were still there.

Brockhill said she also had bruises to her right cheek and right shin, adding that Brockhill believed she was falling down the stairs.

Police later learned that the killer had told them what she’d said to the social worker.

Social services ended the case on September 15, concluding that the referral was’malicious.

Star was killed a week later.

Judge Mrs Justice Lambert told Brockhill and Smith their dark obsession with each other fueled a life of ‘neglect, cruelty and injury’ for the little girl.

Smith will serve two-thirds to her sentence. She could even be eligible for parole after serving 443 days.

Bradford Crown Court was told by the judge that Star had been caught in the crossfire between your relationships.

“The messages you send between yourselves are nothing but petty quarrels and fights. These were often provoked by alcohol that led to arguments. Star suffered the consequences of self-centered, pointless fights.

Star was vulnerable and you gave her the opportunity to be mistreated.

Star was treated cruelly and inhumanely by you both. For what was merely childish antics, you made Star stand on the wall.

You have waited more than 11 minutes before calling the emergency services.

Star was not saved by our earlier calls, but we didn’t realize that you weren’t to have known this until Google searched.

“You then deceived the emergency service, but rather than confessing what you did, your show suggested that CPR may have been responsible.

Star was the victim of’sadistic assaults’ by both Star and Star, according to Judge.

Smith’s lawyer attempted to argue that she was also a victim. Smith was sobbing when Smith told her to tear off the strip, telling her her daughter’s story of neglect, cruelty, and injury.

Mrs Justice Lambert stated: Frankie Smith. It was your duty to protect Star. But you did not protect Star and allowed her to die. 

“The amount of force needed to inflict such injuries must have been enormous – like the forces that are associated with road accidents.”

Star’s ‘fatal punches or kicks’ caused her to lose half of her blood, she said. It also damaged her internal organs. 

Star’s maternal and paternal great-grandparents read heartbreaking victim impact statements, which described their pain.

Bernard Hobson, great-grandfather, said that he loved taking care of his granddaughter. She was an adorable, cheerful, and happy baby girl when she lived with us.

“She was so loving. She always smiled.

“She was loved deeply by our entire family.

Star was last seen on Mother’s Day. Star and I made cards for Star, including painting her footprints and hand. She was so beautiful that she made us forget about her.

Anita Smith was Anita’s great-grandmother. She said, “All I want to Star back. I’m sure there’s nothing anybody can do or say that will change the past but it doesn’t stop me praying everyday.”

“I kiss her picture every night and say hello to Star when I wake up.

After Star Hobson’s family attacked the sentence, the Attorney General was urged to reconsider it.     

Smith received eight years imprisonment, meaning that she might be released in just four. A judge reduced her sentence in order to compensate for her ‘burden’ knowing that she had a major role in the death her 16-month old daughter.