Gregg Wallace revealed that he believes his 2-year-old son Sid is autistic. However, he said that he’s seen a speech therapist and has made great strides since then.  

MasterChef Judge, 57 and Anne-Marie 35, welcomed Sid their first child in May 2019. The little boy, Gregg, is Gregg’s third.

Gregg, a Peckham-born Gregg, explained to The Sunday Times that Sid was still unable to speak and that the couple were seeking medical advice to diagnose Sid. 

But the TV chef said that they didn’t worry too much because he was a “happy, confident boy”.

Gregg Wallace has revealed he suspects his son Sid, 2, both seen, could be autistic, but has said he has improved enormously since he started to see a speech therapist

Gregg Wallace revealed that his 2 year old son Sid may have autism. He also said that Sid has shown remarkable improvement since seeing a speech therapist.

Gregg described Sid as “cuddly and social” and said that Sid is able to find cartoons at nursery. Sid has also started making eye contact and interacting with others since meeting a therapist. 

Gregg explained that he isn’t verbal. We are not sure what the condition is. While we believe that autism is possible, neither one of our doctors are qualified to diagnose it.

He’s very cheerful. He is very confident. We love him dearly. He’s not too worried. He is very young. 

He said, “So we’re optimistic.” We don’t fear. We aren’t nervous. Because we aren’t sure how our son will develop, we’re excited. It’s hard to know. He could be seriously into something — we don’t know what it is yet.’ 

The MasterChef judge, 57, and his second wife Anne-Marie, 35, seen, welcomed their first child Sid in May 2019, and the little boy is Gregg's third child

MasterChef judge Gregg, who is 57 and Anne-Marie (35), were married in May 2019. The couple welcomed Sid, their first child, to the family. This little boy, Gregg, will be his third child.

The MasterChef star welcomed his third child, Syd, with Anne-Marie in May 2019, and Gregg also has children Tom and Libby – both in their 20s – from his previous marriage to pastry chef Denise.

Gregg married Denise in 1999. In 2004, they split. Denise was awarded full custody.

He met Anne Marie via Twitter and they married in August 2016.

Gregg and Anna welcomed their first child together in May 2019. They live with his parents, Gregg and Anna in Kent. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times , Peckham-born Gregg explained that Sid had yet to talk, and the pair were consulting medical professionals to get a diagnosis

Gregg was born in Peckham and spoke to The Sunday Times to explain that Sid has not yet spoken. The pair are now consulting doctors to determine if a diagnosis.

Gregg's one condition when it came to having children with Anne-Marie was that he would get his wife to himself for two weeks of the year

Gregg had one rule when it came time to have children with Anne Marie. He would only allow his wife alone for 2 weeks each year.

Gregg noted previously that Gregg and his wife are almost identical in age, which has led him to become fitter over the years than he was before. This has also helped to influence Gregg’s decision to not have any more children.

Absolute radio host Dave Berry shared his thoughts on the new season’s podcast Dadpod. She said that she wouldn’t want to have children. You can do what you wish. It’s what I want.

His relationship with Anne Marie was described as follows: “I believe if you are in love and tell a woman you don’t want kids, I don’t think that you really love her.”

Gregg was adamant that Anne-Marie would be his only child. 

The doting father explained: ‘We made we made two provisions… get help in the house and I want two weeks holiday with you (Anna) selfishly on my own.’ 

Full house! Gregg (left)also joked that his home is now 'full' thanks to wife Anna, far right, her parents - Rina and Massimo, centre, his daughter Libby, 23, third left, and baby Sid ,front, living with him at his Kent farmhouse

It’s full house! Gregg (left), also joked about how his house is now full’ because of his wife Anna, center, Rina and Massimo at the centre and his daughters Libby and Sid, front, who live with him in his Kent farmhouse