Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo were pictured today with their girlfriend Gina Coladangelo at the Chelsea Flower Show.

After photos emerged showing Mr Hancock, 43 years old, embracing Miss Coladangelo during lockdown, he split with Martha, his wife, in June 2013.

They were married 15 years ago and had three children.

Miss Coladangelo was a former director non-executive of the Department for Health and Social Care. She was dressed in a flowing red skirt and a denim jacket.

They were accompanied by Mr Hancock and Shirley Carter who attended the flower show along with Bob Carter’s stepfather and mother.

Hancock said that he is passionate about gardens and took particular notice of the display in Birmingham City Council’s garden, which was promoting the Commonwealth Games being held in the area.

Budding love: Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo yesterday

 Budding love: Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo yesterday

Day 3 of the Chelsea flower show Pictured: Former Health Minister Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo, also on the day of the Gray report release in Westminster

Day 3 Chelsea Flower Show Pictured: Ex-Health Minister Matt Hancock, Gina Coladangelo and also the Gray Report release at Westminster

West Suffolk’s MP, who is a passionate cricket fan, stated: “I am going to take my sons for the Commonwealth Games cricket.”

He stated that this year’s Chelsea Show was his favorite because of the “stunning dominance” of wildflowers as well as the rewilding and revival of English flowers.

Miss Coladangelo said: “There were two gardens that we really loved, the Place2Be and Mother to Mother installations.”

Place2Be gardens promote mental health in children, and Mothers for Mothers gardens are sponsored by an organization that supports mothers who have depression.

In the weeks since his fall from grace Mr Hancock was seen in public many times, but this time it is believed that he has been with Miss Coladangelo.

He has been on a ‘comeback’ tour, removing layers to take a dip at Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake. Also, he dressed in jeans and roll neck for an appearance at Capital FM’s Jingle Bells Ball.

Steven Bartlett also invited him to appear on his Diary of a CEO podcast. In this episode, he talked about how he fell in love with Miss Coladangelo when he brought her into work.

Boris: “I accept full responsibility”: Boris informs MPs that he’s SORRY about Partygate. Sue Gray has outlined ‘appalling details’ of staff fighting, vomiting and other incidents. However, PM says that he didn’t lie to Parliament. And that the dos who left were kept’morale because they had ‘worked hard.

James Tapsfield, Political editor and David Wilcock Deputy Politic Editor, and Greg Heffer Political Correspondent MailOnline

Boris Johnson today insisted he takes ‘full responsibility’ for Partygate after Sue Gray gave a grim account of drunken antics at the heart of government.

According to the PM, the government had learned its lesson and that he was humbled by being fined, he now resentfully apologizes.

Johnson denied lying about the breaches to Parliament. Johnson argued that leave dos were necessary to maintain’morale,’ people were working hard’ and he was proud of staff.  

The premier stated that he was ready to move on and said: “I accept full responsibility for all things that have happened on my watch.” 

Johnson received a lot of ridicule when he stated that ‘the whole senior management had changed’. Keir Starmer also accused Johnson of treating the country with ‘contempt’. 

However, Labour’s leader in the Labour Party was forced to claim that he didn’t break any law after he was arrested over the “Beergate” police investigation into an election campaign trip to Durham.

Sue Gray’s Partygate results at a glance 

  • Report found that the senior leadership of the center, both official and political, had to take full responsibility for creating a culture which flouted Covid rules. 
  • Martin Reynolds, No10’s private secretary was advised that the Bring Your Own Booze event on May 20, 2020 was “somewhat of an comms danger”. Reynolds commented afterwards that it seemed like they had ‘got away’ with it. 
  • An exuberant leaving party on the morning of the Duke Of Edinburgh’s funeral ran until 4:00 AM. It spread to the garden with Mr Johnson not present. 
  • Multiple instances of unacceptable treatment of cleaning and security staff were reported. 
  • Helen MacNamara, former ethics chief, provided a karaoke system for Cabinet Office’s June 18th 2020 departure party
  • On June 18, there was an altercation and one person was unwell. 
  • On November 13th 2020, Dominic Cummings announced the departure of Mr Johnson. He was joined by five Special Advisors at a Meeting with Food and Alcohol in Johnson’s No11 flat.
  • Ms Gray stated that she hadn’t looked at whether or not the so-called “Abba Party” on this date had breached lockdown 
  • Although it seems that Mr Johnson was bringing the wine and cheese pictured at a gathering in the garden on May 15, 2020, his apartment appears to have been an official work event. 

Premier was given a boost by Tory MPs who were generally supportive. One Tory critic even heckled Tobias Ellwood when he called to have a new leader. 

MailOnline received a complaint from a rebel who said that it was irrelevant for Tories to send no confidence letters in Johnson’s name. They would lose the vote and cause further damage.

The MP stated that there is no 180 for him to be gotten rid of.  

Ms Gray’s 37-page verdict slammed excessive drinking at Whitehall and Downing Street bashes, many of them breaking lockdown regulations. 

She relates how she saw officials enjoying karaoke and getting sick at work, while others were subject to severe restrictions. 

Ms Gray was very critical about the Downing Street party that was held on the evening of the Duke Of Edinburgh’s funeral. There, a child’s swing had been broken by revellers. Johnson was absent.

Martin Reynolds, the former No10 principal secretary private was warned by colleagues in May 2020 that an infamous ‘BYOB’ bash was not a good idea. But Reynolds later commented that they had “got away with” it. 

But, Mr Johnson was only criticised in passing. Dominic Cummings said that Ms Gray did not investigate the alleged Abba Party in Johnson’s grace-and favour flat.

Johnson claimed that the staff worked ‘extremely hard’ during pandemics and were ‘doing what they could’ to save the nation.

He said, “I am trying to establish the context. Not to mitigate or absolve myself.”

“The exception under which they were present at Downing Street covers those situations where advisers and officials are leaving Government, and it is appropriate to recognize and thank them for their work.

“I attended these gatherings briefly to express my gratitude for their services. This is a fundamental duty of leadership, and especially important when employees need to feel appreciated.

The PM replied to the questions by saying: “I am trying to explain why I was there.” Sue Gray’s testimony clearly shows that these gatherings went on for much longer than necessary. They were also in violation of rules, and fell foul of them.

Responding to allegations he deliberately misled Parliament, Mr Johnson said: ‘I have been as surprised and disappointed as anyone else in this House as the revelations have unfolded and, frankly, I have been appalled by some of the behaviour, particularly in the treatment of the security and the cleaning staff.

“And I would like to apologize to those staff members and I expect any person who behaved that way to also apologize.”

The report included nine photographs featuring Mr Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. 

These four photos are taken at the PM’s Birthday ‘Party’ in the Cabinet Room on June 2020, over which Mr Sunak was also fined. You can see Mr Case, the politician and Mr Case with sandwiches. 

The five other photos are taken at a Lee Cain leaving party in November 2020. In them, Mr Johnson makes a toast to the tables with plenty of booze. 

According to the mandarin, in her conclusions, “The political leadership and officials at the center must be held accountable for this culture.”

She explained that Covid’s guidance was not followed at the time, regardless of the original intent. 

“Even with the extreme pressures that officials and advisors had to endure, this factual report shows some behaviours and attitudes inconsistent with the guidance. 

“It’s also evident, based on the results of the police investigation that a large amount of people (83) attended these events in violation of Covid regulations, and thus Covid guidance.” 

After rumours that Case could be the one to carry the load despite having not been given an FPN, it is believed Mr Case won’t be fired.  

In an effort to calm anger Mr Johnson created a’masochism Strategy’. He addressed Conservative MPs in this evening’s press conference following his speech to Parliament.

Ministers are hoping to shift the agenda on as swiftly as possible by announcing a fresh cost-of-living bailout as early as tomorrow that could be worth £10billion, part-funded by a windfall tax on surging profits at energy firms.

The Gray report contains some shocking revelations: 

  • Martin Reynolds was advised by Lee Cain, an ex-communications director, that there would be a Bring Your Own Alcohol party at No10 on May 20, 2020. This is’somewhat a comms threat’. Reynolds later observed that the couple seemed to be able to ‘get away with it. 
  • After Dominic Cummings’ resignation announcement, Johnson met with five of his special advisors to discuss ‘food & alcohol’. The report, however, does not address whether the meeting was locked down. 
  • Ms Gray identified multiple examples of inacceptable treatment for security personnel and cleaners; 
  • Helen MacNamara, former chief of ethics and proprietary, provided a karaoke system for Cabinet Office attendees on June 18, 2020 to commemorate the exit of an official.
  • A report revealed that there was an altercation at the June 18 event and that somebody was sick. “Some individuals consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. A single person was unwell. Two people had a small argument. 
  • Although it seems that Mr Johnson was bringing the wine and cheese pictured at a gathering in the garden on May 15, 2020, it may have been an official work event. 

A group of pictures released by Sue Gray show the PM's birthday party in June 2020 - over which he was fined along with Rishi Sunak and his wife Carrie

Sue Gray has released a group of photos showing the PM’s June 2020 birthday celebration. He was also fined with Rishi Sunak (and his wife Carrie) for this.

A’masochism Strategy’ will be used by the Prime Minister to “take responsibility” for Downing Street lock-down rules breaking. (Johnson can been seen toasting at Downing St events in November 2020).

Five other pictures are from a leaving do for spin doctor Lee Cain in November 2020, where Mr Johnson is shown making a toast in front of tables loaded with booze

The five other photos are taken at a Lee Cain leaving party in November 2020. In them, Mr Johnson makes a toast to the tables laden with alcohol.

Boris Johnson

Ministers are braced for the fallout from the verdict of Ms Gray (pictured in Westminster earlier this year)

Sue Gray (right), having finished her report, Johnson (left), told MPs that government had learned its lesson’. Johnson said that he was humbled to have been issued a fine and that he has’renewed his apology’