The wife of a former mayor who was accused in posing as a war hero during his city’s Remembrance Day Parade is claiming that he bought his uniform online.

Peter Jackson (65), was accused by an internet vigilante group that claimed he had fabricated his service record, and had worn medals to which he was not entitled, such as one for bravery and the other for service during the Falklands War.

Fiona Jackson was his wife, a long-suffering woman. She claimed that the Liberal Democrat councillor cheated upon her with another women. He then split in 2020 while he was Otley’s mayor.

After claiming that he was an honorary Lieutenant Colonel, she said that he made out to her about his service in the Royal Military Police. He then suddenly got a uniform with several medals and received it around two years later.

MailOnline exclusive: Mrs Jackson spoke exclusively to MailOnline and said that he started wearing this uniform, which made me wonder, Why are you purchasing a uniform?”.

Peter Jackson (pictured), 65, was accused by an online vigilante group who claimed he had made up his service record and had worn medals he was not entitled to

His long-suffering wife Fiona Jackson (pictured with husband) claimed that the Liberal Democrat councillor cheated on her with other women before they split in 2020 when he was mayor of Otley, West Yorkshire

Online vigilantes accused Peter Jackson (left, right), 65. They claimed that he had lied about his service record. Fiona Jackson (right), his wife and longtime supporter, claimed that Jackson cheated on him with several women.

“He said that it was his first gift, but I checked into my eBay account and found it had been purchased online.

“I have no idea about the medals. They were not real, but I assumed they were. I’ve been living the lie since then.

She said, “He told me many lies.” He claimed that he went driving every day. But he wasn’t. He had been meeting with women from all parts of the country.

Mrs Jackson said that she and her husband broke apart after finding out they had lived a double life just before Christmas 2020.

She stated that she had to contact the police in order to remove him from the home. Because he was dangerous to me, they took him out.

Mrs Jackson stated that she discovered that Mr. Jackson had been behind her back on a Skipton caravan site, North Yorkshire.

He was currently in Jamaica on vacation with his new partner, Darwen Lancashire.

She spoke out about his partner and said that she would not know anything. Evidently, he has told her that as an acting Colonel. It was a strange thing. They chose him out of all the RMPs.

Mrs Jackson said, “He spent our wedding anniversary last years with this woman.” It’s horrible.’

Mrs Jackson (pictured) said he had made out to her that he served in the Royal Military Police before suddenly getting a uniform after claiming he had been made an honorary Lt Colonel

Mrs Jackson (pictured) claimed that Jackson made it out to her that his service in the Royal Military Police was overshadowed by his sudden acquisition of a uniform.

A warning to a journalist that her husband was not listening, she said: “You’ll just make him lie.” He can’t look at anyone in the eyes.

After seeing photos of Jackson in an unfit Royal Military Police uniform, while parading alongside genuine veterans at Otley’s Remembrance Day Parade last year, the so-called Walter Mitty Hunters Club began to be suspicious.

After he served in the Corps from 1975 to 1990, the group began an investigation. They suspect that he falsely claimed to be an honorary Lieutenant Colonel on his LinkedIn profile.

The parade also featured him wearing the Queen’s gallantry Medal, South Atlantic Medal, UN Cyprus Medal and General Service Medal. He was also wearing an oak leaf emblem indicating that he was Mentioned In Dispatches.

However, records show that there weren’t any reports that he was awarded either the QGM nor the MID oak leaves. This would be if the claims were true.

It was discovered that the QGM had only been given to three RMP members in the 40-year period. One of them died, the other was a woman and the third wasn’t him.

He was also not one of the “eight” or “nine” Royal Military Police members who were present in Falklands in conflict 1982.

They also claimed that they have debunked Jackson’s claims to be honorary Lieutenant Colonel. A list was produced which showed that the title has only been given to six individuals and not Jackson.

Other RMP veterans claimed that they were unable to recall the man despite him having served for 15 years.

Walter Mitty’s group took offence at him looking in the ‘uniform.’

MailOnline was told by Mrs Jackson that her 16-year-old husband had returned home to them after he left. She said: “I couldn’t stop him from coming back, because he was in the tenancy. It was a binding agreement.

However, she said that she had just spoken to him and told him “I want you out”. He then vanished. He did not tell me he was moving on. He was gone at 6 a.m.

“I discovered that he was at Skipton working on a caravan park, but he always claimed not to have worked there. He would not admit that he was working at Skipton when I asked him.

“I saw them together on Facebook and they said that it was someone just stopping by for a drink.

“As far and away as I could tell, he was with the RMP. I spoke with his sister to tell her I felt the 20 years that I had been together were a lie.

Mrs Jackson claimed that her marriage broke up after she discovered her husband, the former mayor of Otley (pictured), had been leading 'a double life' just before Christmas 2020

Mrs Jackson stated that her marriage ended after she found out her husband, Otley’s former mayor (pictured), had lived ‘a double existence’ right before Christmas 2020.

Mrs Jackson with arthritis in her knees stated that she had “done nothing but cry the last few days” since false claims regarding her husband were made.

She stated that her tears were not for him but because of what he had done and the pain he caused.

She said, “I’m afraid now of the backlash incase he comes to me.” It’s impossible to sleep and I keep an eye on the windows and doors.

‘He doesn’t care. He is currently on vacation in Jamaica. He’s with her. He is not at the caravan site anymore, so I believe he is there with her.

“When they met, he was going to a job interview. His double life has been his.

He was writing me letters and asking me “Are your OK?” It’s not your fault. Keep waiting for the knock at my door.

“A member of the council was here looking for him last year, and I simply said that Peter hasn’t been there since April 2013.

“He did not take a backpack. He simply got up and left. The iron and other small things that were missing from the house like a niggly thing, I realized then. I was shocked to find out that he wasn’t coming back.

“I told you, I am moving all my stuff, so come pick it up.” The last twenty years have been an inexplicable lie to me.

“He made me sick. The council asked me why I didn’t go to the functions I was invited. I suffered a panic attack last year.

“I did not have children with him. But, I had twin boys and they both said to me, “He better not return here Mum. Not after what he’s done.”

Otley Town Council stated that it opened an investigation into Jackson’s conduct, and since Jackson had resigned.

The Royal Military Police Association spokesperson stated that the Association does not condone the actions of individuals or groups who attempt to discredit those who falsely claim to have been in the Armed Forces.

‘The RMPA strongly condemned the inappropriate wearing of any medal or ornament, especially those that have been awarded for gallantry.

RMPA has learned that Jackson made statements and published photos that could show that he was a member of the Corps of Royal Military Police (RMP) sometime between 1974 and 1990.

Further, Mr Jackson stated that he served with the RMP and received specialised training in legal law at Sandhurst’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Mrs Jackson added that her estranged husband (pictured) was now living with a new partner in Darwen, Lancashire, and is currently on holiday with her in Jamaica

Mrs Jackson also stated that her ex-husband (pictured above) is now living in Darwen in Lancashire with a new partner and is currently in Jamaica on vacation with her.

“In photographs bearing his name, he can be seen wearing, on the chest, some type of uniform. This indicates to the viewer the wearer might have attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (he may also be seen wearing the Red Cap, and civilian clothes, as well as various medals, including the GSM-NI which has an Oak Leaf to indicate that he was Mentioned In Despatches.

He also seems to be sporting a South Atlantic Medal and Rosette that was given to soldiers who were part of the Falklands War in 1982. 

“He is also adorned with other medals, which may make it appear that he was awarded for additional gallantry.

“It’s public knowledge that Jackson declared on his resume and business-related narrative backgrounds, that he had been made an honorary lieutenant-colonel RMP.

‘The RMPA is unable to support Mr Jackson’s claims relating to his service in RMP.

‘The RMPA tried to reach Mr Jackson via phone and email in order to confirm with him any claims currently causing concern within the larger veterans’ community. At the time this writing, such attempts did not result in a reply.

‘The RMPA did not grant permission to Mr Jackson for him to wear British Army uniform.

It’s not usual for veterans to wear or be permitted to use a uniform. If authorised, such uniforms would show that the wearer is no longer in service. However, uniforms could be used in drama or part of historical re-enactment societies where they would clearly be ‘outdated’.

‘It is the RMPA’s wish that Mr Jackson, if he feels any of his claims could be confirmed, opens a dialog with the Association immediately in order to clarify his service record and receive any honors or awards.