Support for a Boris Johnson comeback surged yesterday as six Cabinet ministers threw their weight behind the former prime minister.

Chris Heaton Harris of Northern Ireland stated that Johnson had been the standout candidate to succeed Liz Truss in this morning’s Daily Mail.

Yesterday, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated that he had also been ‘leaning toward’ Mr Johnson’s support.

Jacob Rees Mogg, the Business Secretary and Levelling Up Secretary Simon Clarke, as well as Cop26 President Alok Sharma pledged their support for the former PM.

Six Cabinet ministers have announced their support for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, following Liz Truss's resignation on Thursday. Mr Johnson began calling MPs yesterday from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean where he had been on holiday

Following Liz Truss’s resignation, six Cabinet ministers announced support for Boris Johnson as the Conservative Party’s next leader. Yesterday Mr Johnson started calling MPs in Dominican Republic, Caribbean from where he was on vacation.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Transport Secretary, also supported a return.

Yesterday, she wrote: “I have worked closely for Boris Johnson for many decades. He has already been given a mandate and can deliver on his promises. 

Her comments included that Boris was due to be reintroduced.

Yesterday, Mr Johnson launched a charm offensive by calling MPs in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean where he was on vacation, to get support for his leadership bid. While he acknowledged that mistakes were made in his last stint at No. 10, he promised a ‘different culture’ to win back the keys.

After weighing his options on whether or not to run for Tory leadership, he was scheduled to return to London overnight.

In the Mail today, former Chief Whip of Johnson, Mr Heaton Harris, wrote that there is no politician better able to face any challenge.

Then he added, “I would admit that my party went through a difficult time in recent months, but I am confident Boris will complete the job he started, and fulfill the promises he made to me in 2019”.

“A time of international and economic uncertainty is a critical moment. We need leaders who have proven themselves capable of leading for British people.

“A leader that has not only the mandate of Conservative Party membership but also of the country. 

Transport Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan backed a Johnson comeback. She Tweeted last night: 'I have worked closely with Boris Johnson for many years. He can continue to deliver for the country and already has a mandate'

Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Transport Secretary) backed Johnson returning to power. Yesterday night she Tweeted: “I have worked closely alongside Boris Johnson for many decades. He is able to continue to provide for the country, and already holds a mandate.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg Tweeted a graphic that read ‘I’m backing Boris’ alongside a ‘Boris or bust’ logo.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg Tweeted a graphic that read ‘I’m backing Boris’ alongside a ‘Boris or bust’ logo.

Cop26 president Alok Sharma is among Tory Cabinet ministers backing Boris Johnson

Alok Sharma (President Cop26) is among the Tory Cabinet ministers that support Boris Johnson 

Labour’s leader is the one they fear most due to his potential to win. 

He said that he supported Johnson as he is the only candidate who has a mandate from the people, and he won the general election in 2019. He said, “This could be our third prime minister after the 2019 general election.”

‘That means we have to think about that legitimacy question that the public will be asking themselves, and also about who could win the next election – that’s obviously important for any political party at the time. Boris Johnson is my favorite candidate at this time.

Clarke made a joint statement to Ben Houchen (Tory mayor for Tees Valley), and said that Boris is the right person to lead the country and the party.

“He was the most successful candidate for the election, winning a mandate that united and equalized the UK. He inspired millions to vote Conservative, who were not used to being able to see a bright, generous vision of the future of Britain.

“People feel left out by governments of both colors and want their prime minister make Brexit a success, to control illegal immigration, and to invest in their communities.

“That’s exactly what Boris would do, and that’s why it is so beloved across all Red Wall seat where the next election will be decided.

Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris Mr Johnson’s former chief whip, writes in the Mail today that ‘there is no politician more able to rise up to whatever challenge he faces’

Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris Mr Johnson’s former chief whip, writes in the Mail today that ‘there is no politician more able to rise up to whatever challenge he faces’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said he would be supporting Johnson because he would be the only candidate with a clear mandate from the public, having won the 2019 general election

Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, said he was supporting Johnson as he has the clear mandate of the public and won the 2019 general elections.

Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Simon Clarke also pledged his allegiance to the former Prime Minister

Simon Clarke, secretary of state for levelling up, housing and communities, pledged his loyalty to former Prime Minister 

A graphic was posted by Mr Rees Mogg on Twitter that said “I’m backing Boris”, along with a logo for ‘Boris, bust”.

Meanwhile, Mr Sharma tweeted: ‘I am backing Boris Johnson – he won a mandate from the electorate in 2019.

“We must return to the Conservative manifesto that we were elected upon.”

The contest for the leadership is becoming more like a race between Rishi, his former chancellor Rishi and Johnson.

One tally yesterday afternoon had Mr Sunak on 80 MPs backing him, with Mr Johnson on 50 and Penny Mordaunt – the only Tory to announce officially that they are running so far – on 21.

For the candidates to be admitted to the ballot papers, they must get the support 100 members of parliament by Monday afternoon.

Yesterday’s YouGov survey found that more than 50% of Britons (52%) are unhappy about Mr Johnson returning. Only 27% of Britons would like to see Mr Johnson make a comeback.

Boris tells friends ‘I’m up for it’ as he prepares to end holiday and jet into race to regain No10 – as senior Tories urge Rishi Sunak to bury the hatchet and meet Johnson to agree ‘dream ticket’ that would end the contest NOW

Jason Groves is the Political Editor at The Daily Mail 

Senior Tories are trying to broker a face-to-face meeting between Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak in a bid to end the bloodletting engulfing the party.

According to reports, Johnson would be open to meeting his former chancellor to try to bury the hatchet of the past and to make a plan to govern together.

With the battle to succeed Liz Truss fast becoming a two-horse race, a deal between the pair could end the contest immediately, and may offer the best hope of healing the bitter divisions in Tory ranks.

Senior Tory sources said that it was something that should be attempted. The party as it stands is fractured – it is incumbent on the two greatest talents in the party to see if it can be healed.’

Source added that the Conservative Party must ask whether or not it wishes to win another general elections. The source said that if the Conservative Party does want to win another general elections, it should unite now.

Senior Tory members are urging the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to meet face-to-face with estranged former Chancellor Rishi Sunak to join forces to win the leadership contest and 'heal' the party

Senior Tory Members are calling on Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister to come face to face with Rishi Unak, estranged ex-Chancellor to unite to win the leadership election and to ‘heal the party’

According to the most recent poll, Rishi Sunak is the leader with 74 votes. Mr Johnson was second at 73. Penny Mourdant was third.

Mr Johnson (pictured) is said to be willing to meet Sunak in the hope of burying the hatchet and thrashing out a deal to govern together

Mr Johnson (pictured) is said to be willing to meet Sunak in the hope of burying the hatchet and thrashing out a deal to govern together

One senior Tory source, said regarding the reunion of Johnson and Sunak: 'It is something that has got to be tried. The party as it stands is fractured – it is incumbent on the two greatest talents in the party to see if it can be healed'

According to a senior Tory source regarding Sunak and Johnson’s reunion, “It is something that needs to be tried.” The party as it stands is fractured – it is incumbent on the two greatest talents in the party to see if it can be healed’

Last night, a source close to Mr Sunak, a favourite among bookies, played down any possibility of peace negotiations, saying that while he was willing to speak to all his colleagues, there weren’t plans to meet with Mr Johnson.

A senior Tory however stated that signs indicated that both camps wanted to mend the fracture that would otherwise undermine Miss Truss. It’s a balanced view, however. [a meeting]The source stated that it would happen. 

It was:

  • Penny Mordaunt was the first official candidate to enter the race.
  • Sunak wanted to win the contest with a dominant blow by gathering enough supporters so that all his rivals had to leave.
  • Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will advise Britain’s next prime minister to reduce defence spending and to sever a prison construction program in order to bring the balance to their books.
  • Mr Johnson’s bitter opponents warned that they would resign as Tory whipmen and call for by-elections, if Johnson wins. This could plunge the party further into chaos.
  • William Hague (former Tory leader) said that Mr Johnson’s return was the most stupid idea he had ever heard as a member of the party in his 46-year tenure.
  • Allies to Mr Johnson suggested that Tory MPs might cancel the controversial Partygate investigation into Johnson’s conduct, if Johnson returns to power as prime minister.
  • Following no public nominations, Kemi Badenoch (Trade Secretary) and Suella Braverman (Executive Home Secretary), were forced to pull out.
  • A new poll put support for the Conservatives on a record low of 14 per cent – 39 points behind Labour;
  • A sign of the party’s rancour, Sir Christopher Chope, an elderly MP, called those who forced Miss Truss out as ‘hyenas’.

Ben Houchen of Influential Tees Valley, a Sunak backer, stated that he would like to see Johnson become PM and Mr Sunak as chancellor.

Outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss was seen leaving Downing Street today following her resignation yesterday

After Liz Truss’ resignation yesterday, Liz Truss, the outgoing prime minister was seen departing Downing Street. 

On Friday current Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt (pictured) became the first candidate to officially enter the race to become the Conservative Party Leader

The current House Leader Penny Mordaunt, (pictured), became Friday’s first official candidate in the race for the Conservative Party Leader.

The support for both men was so strong that it threatened to prevent rival candidates from obtaining enough nominations to go on the ballot.

In a significant intervention, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said he was setting aside his own leadership chances – and suggested he would back Mr Johnson. He stated that it was crucial to consider ‘who can win the next elections’ for Conservatives.

Five other Cabinet ministers also endorsed Johnson, including Jacob Rees–Mogg and Simon Clarke, Levelling up Secretary Simon Clarke, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Trade Secretary.

Chris Heaton Harris today wrote in the Daily Mail about Mr Johnson, Northern Ireland Secretary. He described him as the party’s ‘standout star’ who is most well placed to finish the job that he began.

Although Mr Johnson received 43 votes of support last night from MPs, sources believe he will receive more than 100 nominations to be on the Monday ballot.

With support from 83 MPs including Sajid Javid (former chancellor), Mr Sunak led the charge. He said that it was clear that he has the values our party requires to move on from the past mistakes.

Following a trip to the Caribbean, Johnson is expected to return to the UK. Even though he has not officially confirmed his candidacy to the UK, Sir James Duddridge, an ex-minister, revealed that Johnson had previously told him that he was ready for the job.

Sir James stated that he had been in touch with his boss through WhatsApp. He is going to fly home. Dudders said that he was flying back and they were going to accomplish this. It’s possible, I’m willing to do it.

According to Mr Johnson’s allies, he was open to meeting Mr Sunak in the nick of time if the former chancellor is willing. Since Mr Sunak left the Cabinet in July 2011, Mr Johnson resigned a few days after Mr Johnson. The “backstabber” narrative that afflicted Mr Sunak during the summer leadership campaign was a major reason Tory members rejected him for Miss Truss.

Members on each side of Tory’s divide worry that one man alone will not be able heal deep divisions. Paul Bristow MP for Peterborough said it was high time to bring the group back together.

The BBC reported that Boris Johnson had a mandate from both the elected and members of his party. My colleagues and I will be reflecting on this when we avoid general elections. We can put together the band again, have heavyweights at the Cabinet table, and then we’ll win next year’s general election. That’s what I believe.

The details of any agreement between these two top contenders are still unclear. Partly because of disagreements about economic policy, Mr Sunak left his post as chancellor and it’s difficult to imagine how he can take over the position again.

Johnson allies denied that Johnson would be interested in any senior position, like home secretary for a Sunak government.

The sudden resignation of Miss Truss on Wednesday has set off a frenzy to find her successor.

For the ballot paper to be valid, candidate must have 100 nominations of Tory MPs.

Tory MPs can vote the night before to narrow down the field to only two candidates, if necessary. Conservative Party members can vote online to determine the outcome if there are still two candidates. The result will be announced on Friday.

In the interim, Miss Truss will remain in her role as caretaker leader and may be able to take part in Prime Minister’s Questions.