Ex-Primark employees share their experiences working in the high-street shop, from their most shocking finds to their top secrets.

One woman, @kdr1995, shared her TikTok experience from London. She described the grim reality of customers leaving fitting rooms with new items that they had just purchased on the shop floor. 

She continued to explain that brass-necked shoppers would change their clothes in the changing rooms to brand new ones. In fact, they would even give their old clothes to the shop assistant, with dirty underwear included.

The shop assistant can be seen in the video rolling her eyes at the back of her head. She recalled, “When people handed their clothes to the fitting room and left with new Primark clothes when they returned home,” 

An ex-Primark employee, known only as TikTok user @kdr1995 (pictured), from London, has revealed what it's really like to work in the high-street store

An ex-Primark employee, known only as TikTok user @kdr1995 (pictured), from London, has revealed what it’s really like to work in the high-street store

The woman (pictured) shared her experience in a video where she detailed the grim reality of what customers would get up to - including how they'd often leave the fitting rooms wearing new items they'd just picked up on the shop floor

The woman (pictured), shared her experiences in a video. It showed the grim reality of what customers would do – including how they’d often leave fitting rooms with new clothes they’d just purchased on the shop floor.

Alongside the video, she penned: 'Bonus point when it was their underwear' (pictured)

Neben dem Video, she also wrote: ‘Bonus Point when it was their underneathwear’ (pictured).

She said, “Bonus point when they were wearing their #primark underwear.” 

It wasn’t long before other Primark employees shared their similar disgusting experiences at work. 

One wrote, “I found a used towel to stick to the mirror when i checked the fitting rooms.” 

Another posted an emoji of a man hoovering and added: ‘Me when I worked in Primark and a toddler p**** on the floor three minutes before the end of my shift.’ 

It wasn't long before other employees took to the comments section to share their horror stories (pictured)

It didn’t take long for other employees to post their horror stories in the comments (pictured).

A third recalls her stomach-churning discovery mid-shift when she was working – it’s enough for anyone to feel bloated.

She commented, “Someone pooped on my shift in a bag and left it there,”

Meanwhile, a further person responded to the initial post and revealed that she was one of the guilty shoppers who had handed their old clothes back to the shop assistant before walking out in a brand new ensemble. 

She admitted that her 15-year-old self thought she was slick in new and old black jeans. 

It’s not all bad news. Georgia Ponton, a 20-year-old TikTok user from Kettering, has shared her top tips from her time at Primark – including how to bag your hangers free and how to get the best seasonal items.  

TikTok user Georgia Ponton (pictured), 20, who used to work in Primark has revealed her top secrets from her time working in store

Georgia Ponton, a TikTok user and Primark employee (pictured), has shared her top tips from her time in Primark.

She explained that customers can ask for hangers from her rather than paying for them elsewhere. 

‘If you approach someone working at the till and ask them “Can I have a bag full of hangers?” They will then give it to you,’ she stated. Don’t buy hangers, you can get them free. 

“Behind each till is a huge bin where we put hangers for people who don’t need them, and I don’t really know where they go after that, but we have to get rid of them.”

She continued to recommend the best products to be found at the back of the tracks, especially when it comes time to changing seasons. 

She explained that you should check the back of every rail. ‘If the season was about changing, then we would put any item that needed to sell right at front and any new items at the back. Because we had to prioritise what was old. 

Poleighh Sper – Poleighh Soper is another ex-employee. She often shares her revelations with social media via videos titled “Secrets from an ex primark employee.” 

She explained how staff always take tissue out of a makeup bag

She said: 'That's to check that you're not stealing'

Poleighh Soper (pictured left and right) explains how staff must conduct theft checks at the tills

She claimed that if you ask for Mr Brown on the tannoy it is actually a security shout out.

‘Say your security company that stands by the door and makes sure nobody is stealing…say their name is like ‘Brown Security Services’, that’s who they’re calling,’ she explained.

‘So, when they say ‘Can Mr Brown please come to the customer service checkout,’ they’re actually calling for security – they just don’t want the customers to know that.’

The ex-Primark employee also explained how staff would need to perform theft checks at the tills.  

“You know, when you go to the cashier and you have a makeup bag or some other item, they will always open it up and take out your tissue. Poleighh stated that this is to ensure you aren’t stealing.

“So, we must take out the tissue to make sure there is nothing else in the bag. However, we are not allowed to accuse anyone of stealing.

‘We could open that bag and find ten pieces of jewellery and three pairs of socks in there – [but]It is not possible to accuse you of taking it.

‘We just have to say, “Would that be you as well?”