Ruth Davidson is an ex-leader in the Scottish Tory party and a former journalist.

  • Ruth Davidson, ex-leader of the Scottish Tory Party will take control at Giles Coren’s Friday night show
  • Times Radio reported that the ex-MSP who sits at the House of Lords will become the new host.
  • Coren got into a Twitter row after he posted a negative review about a chicken restaurant. 
  • His decision to leave the radio program was made weeks ago, it is understood.

Baroness Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Tory Party, said that her job as host on a radio program ‘feels like home.

Former MSP who is now a member of the House of Lords has been named the host of Times Radio’s Friday afternoon program.

Baroness Davidson had worked in journalism before she entered politics.

Giles Coren had previously held the slot. She will be replacing The Conservative with her debut show on February 18.

Twittering her thoughts about the decision, she stated: “I was a journalist and broadcaster more than 10 years before I went into politics. It’s like coming home to live radio.

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says she is 'very excited' to take over as the new host of Times Radio's Friday afternoon show

Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, says that she’s’very excited to’ take over as host for Times Radio’s Friday afternoon program.

“Looking forward greatly to Friday afternoons and thank you @TimesRadio.

Her statement continued: “Times Radio” is just 18 months old and has already been a top-rated destination for all political parties.

In these polarized times, the mantra of “Conversation not confrontation” is incredibly relevant. My two greatest loves are politics and live broadcasting. I am very excited to combine them for a show that will examine the major political issues each week as well as anticipate what the weekend holds.

Tim Levell is the Times Radio program director. He said, “Ruth is well known as being one of most loved and respected politicians in her generation.” Listeners to Times Radio now have the opportunity to see what an outstanding live broadcaster she’s.

Ruth will explore politics and entertainment as well as sport, culture, music, and the most recent news. Times Radio is perfect for Ruth’s unique perspective on the world.

Former Times Radio host Giles Coren, 52, stepped down from the show in December and has since been replaced by a number of radio hosts

Giles Coren (52), a former host of Times Radio, has been removed from the program in December. He was replaced by several radio hosts.

Giles Coren (52) was the former host of the program. The slot has been filled since then by several guest presenters. 

Coren got embroiled in a dispute over social media when he reviewed a new Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen branch in Stratford.

It is believed that the hire of Davidson was not connected to the incident. Coren also decided weeks ago that he would quit the radio station after the column came out.

In his column, Coren wrote: ‘Yes, sure, white exploiters stole fried chicken from the black people they disenfranchised and impoverished, but look at what the theft has brought to white communities in terms of obesity, sloth, waste, high street degradation, dismal culinary monoculture, low pay, animal welfare atrocities… 

‘Isn’t fried chicken, in a weird way, a form of race revenge?’

Some people felt the review linked black people to the adverse effects of eating fried chicken.