Former youth soccer coach (77) is extradited to Vietnam for child sex abuse accusations in Scotland

  • Kenneth Divers (77) was detained in Hoi An on an international warrant
  • He was transferred via London Heathrow to his home in Scotland and taken into custody.
  • The investigation centers on allegations of child sexual abuse during the 1960s and 1970s

An ex-youth football coach was extradited to Vietnam for an investigation into child sex abuse. He has since been flown home to the UK.

Kenneth Divers (77) was taken into custody on an international warrant issued by Vietnamese officials. The arrest took place with support from the National Crime Agency of Hoi An.

In connection to historic child sex abuse offenses, he is being flown home from Scotland.

Kenneth Divers, 77, was arrested on an international warrant in the city of Hoi An on January 18

Kenneth Divers (77) was detained in Hoi An, on January 18, on an international warrant.

His work as a teacher at secondary schools is known. 

Divers was to fly into London Heathrow, and be driven north by Police Scotland officers.

He is set to appear at Scotland’s Paisley Sheriff Court in the coming days, sources told the Daily Record, who said Police Scotland confirmed that Divers is now in custody.

South East Asian authorities said that there was no indication that he would be interrogated about Vietnam-related offenses. The investigation centers around Scotland during the 1960s and 70s.

In 2016, he was charged with a string sexual assaults of young boys and received a Scottish and European warrant of arrest.

The ex youth football coach was brought back to the UK and taken into custody in Scotland

Ex-youth football coach, was returned to the UK by his ex and placed in custody in Scotland

Alan Henderson, detective superintendent said that he was grateful for the assistance of the National Crime Agency and the Vietnamese authorities.

Colonel Nguyễn Hà Lai, deputy chief of Quảng Nam police, added: ‘We handed over Kenneth Divers to the British police at 3pm on January 19 at the *à N*ng airport.

‘Through Interpol Vietnam, they sent their thanks to the police of Qu*ng Nam Province and H*i An City for their collaboration in arresting the individual.’