A beauty expert explained that the Duchess of Cambridge wore a more serious look to her engagement in 2022. 

Kate (40) and Prince William (39) were joined at the Foundling Museum, London, yesterday as they resumed their in-person royal duties after a couple of weeks’ rest over the Christmas season. 

Mother-of-three and patron of the museum for the past three years, the mother-of-3 complimented the museum’s choice of black pants, a black jumper, and long-line navy jacket. She also wore darker hair colours and toned down makeup, creating a professional look that contrasts with the recent ‘Christmas glamour.

Her makeup was characterized by a bronzed glow on her skin in the weeks before Christmas, but yesterday Kate brought out her natural English rose color with some blushing and lipstick. 

FEMAIL was contacted by Laura Kay London makeup specialist and founder Laura Kay London. Kay explained that her dark, rich autumn hair is now a lighter shade than the darker tone she used at the start. 

Laura declared, “To welcome the New Year Kate is now in a toned-down look.”

New year, new Kate! The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a new, more 'serious' look for her first engagement of 2022, a beauty expert has explained. Kate showcased a darker hair colour and a 'toned down' makeup look at the Foundling Museum in London yesterday (above)

It’s a new year and a new Kate. A beauty expert explained that the Duchess of Cambridge wore a more serious look to her engagement in 2022. Yesterday, Kate wore a dark hair color and had a more mellow makeup look (above).

Festive glamour: Kate's hair was a warmer, richer tone of brown at an outing to a London school in November (above). She also opted for a more dewy makeup base and darker eyes

Festive glamour. Kate’s blonde hair turned a darker, more richer brown during a November outing to London schools (above). Her makeup was more subtle and her eyes were darker.

“Her makeup is fresh and clean with natural pink lips. Her matte foundation looks very powdery, contrasted with her newly dyed hair that is dark brown.

“Her hair looks more mature and sophisticated than her previous richer shades, yet her soft waves look young.”

‘Kate’s overall look is quite striking even though separate elements seem more reserved than we have seen lately.

“The powdered foundation may be used to conceal dark circles beneath her eyes. The only heavy part of Kate’s look is the application of eye make-up. 

The eyeshadow and black eyeliner have been heavily applied with some subtle blending. Kate’s brows have been coloured and she is sporting thick mascara. 

She applied lighter, whiter eye shadows above her eyes to make them stand out. This classic trick helps to flatter your face and reflect light.

Back to business: The Duchess of Cambridge's hair was a single, darker shade of brown yesterday (seen above). Her skin was 'fresh and rosy' with just a touch of pink powder

Let’s get back to work: Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge had her hair in a single darker brown shade (seen below). Her skin was “fresh and rosy” with just a little pink powder 

Glamour girl: Kate, pictured in December, had been favouring more bronze, glowing makeup in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Now she is ready for a new year with a new look

Glamour girl Kate, shown in December, was using more bronze and glowing makeup during the weeks before Christmas. Kate is excited for the new year, and a brand new look.

“Kate” is wearing very little pink blusher, and it makes her cheeks look youthful and radiant.

‘Kate’s choices might be down to the daytime occasion as she may want to appear professional and natural looking – not too drastic or ‘overdone’ for the meeting. 

“Kate” is seen wearing a face-mask in the photos. It could also explain why she chose to use a make-up bag. She doesn’t want any transfer or smudging.

For yesterday’s engagement, the Duchess was seen wearing her favourite Jigsaw trousers with a blue jacket from her closet.  

Kate Middleton appeared delighted to be on duty with Prince William as they undertook their first engagement of 2022 during a visit to the Foundling Museum in London this morning

Kate Middleton looked delighted to have Prince William on duty as she and Prince William undertook their first 2022 engagement during an early morning visit to London’s Foundling Museum. 

A rare sign of PDA! Prince William and Kate shared a giggle as they left the engagement earlier this morning (pictured together)

This is a rare example of PDA. While leaving the engagement ceremony earlier today, Prince William & Kate laughed together (pictured together). 

The Duke and Duchess participated in a therapy session with individuals who have experienced the care system, during a visit to the Foundling Museum

The Duchess and Duke participated in therapy sessions with people who had been through the system during their visit to the Foundling Museum

The royal, who wore her brown locks down in a loose curly blow dry, added a touch of glam to her outfit with a dazzling pair of £7 earrings from Accessorize. 

William and she walked in the building wearing face masks, as per museum policy. 

The Duke and Duchess listened to the stories of those who have experienced life in care today, but William could not avoid the drama of his own family as a TV crew asked him ‘do you support Prince Andrew?’ The couple then left the museum.

William moved closer for his ears, then passed without commenting. 

The couple had met earlier as adults without settled homes who were able to make their lives better at the London Museum. It tells the story of Foundling Hospital, the first charity for children in the UK. This was established 1739 and is a place for those children whose mothers could no longer care for or keep them.

The couple laughed as they spoke with Britain's former track and field athlete Kriss Akabusi about his experience in the care sector (pictured)

The couple laughed as they spoke with Britain’s former track and field athlete Kriss Akabusi about his experience in the care sector (pictured) 

Kate (who last year founded her Centre for Early Childhood) and William met with charities bosses to discuss homelessness, mental impact, and how young people can be helped if they fall between the cracks. 

Kate asked experts to sit down and answer the question: “From your experiences, what factors make a difference between a youth succeeding after being placed in foster care or not?”

These young adults are often exploited by criminals and hear of ‘challenges to young people’.

William stated that if you move a child around, when they become adults, relationships can be short-lived.

Kate stated that she is concerned about children moving around without stable homes and being forced to tell their stories again and again.

The natural beauty kept her makeup to a minimum, with just a touch of blusher, nude-coloured lip and light layering of mascara (pictured)

Natural beauty kept makeup minimal, using only a hint of blusher and nude-coloured lips. She also used light layers of mascara (pictured). 

William stated that it can become exhausting emotionally to repeat the same story over and over again. In the field of mental health, we’ve seen that people find themselves on the streets, jump through hurdles and tell many authorities and then nothing happens. 

“You must get to them much earlier to ensure they don’t keep doing it.”

According to the couple, they were also concerned about the “consistency of care”

Olympic medalist Kris Akabusi was also interviewed by poet Lemn Sissay and Allan Jenkins (editor of Observer Food Monthly) about their childhoods in care.

Akabusi wrote: “I loved the stability. It saved me.

He stated that leaving care at 16 years old was “very traumatizing”.

Kate responded, “You are terrified of independence.” Kate asked 400m hurdler how it affected his relationships.

The royal couple wore masks as they walked through the Foundling Museum earlier today ahead of their roundtable with those who have experience of living in care

As they passed through the Foundling Museum, today’s royal couple donned masks ahead of their discussion with people who live in care. 

As the couple took their seats within the roundtable discussion, they could be seen sharing a laugh with other attendees at the engagement

They were seen having a good time with the other participants at the engagement roundtable as the couple took their place in the discussion. 

Kris replied with a distinctive smile and said: “Yes, but I’m a loner.”

He stated, “At 63, there’s no stigma associated with me saying I was adopted as a child carer. However there was one when I was 16, when there was still a stigma.”

The couple then invited women who were previously in care to join them in an “icebreaker” using three-foot-long pencils. 

The two of them drew what they saw on the canvas without having to look at the ground.

Kate, who earned a master’s degree in art history from St Andrews University, laughed as she tried to figure out the intricate artwork that looked like a huge doodle.