Britney Spears’ father Jamie observed the final days of her controversial conservatorship by taking his daughter to Louisiana for a lumber yard tour. It was an unusually low-key event for a man who never has been the center of attention. has exclusive photos of Jamie at Kentwood. He was wearing cargo pants, a baseball hat, and a long-sleeved shirt. This is where Britney was born and where Lynne and Jamie still reside.

After the Los Angeles hearing that began at 1:30pm, he arrived at the lumberyard in the afternoon. The conservatorship was officially over by the end of the 30 minute period. 

After having sold his family home, where Britney and her siblings were raised, in February for $275,000.

Jamie Spears, 69, was seen on Friday visiting a lumber yard in Kentwood, Louisiana, on the day his daughter's conservatorship officially ended

Jamie Spears (69) was seen visiting Kentwood lumber yard, Louisiana on Friday, the day that his daughter’s conservatorship ended.

Judge Brenda Penny has ruled that a conservatorship placed on Britney Spears by her father Jamie (pictured) 13 years ago must now come to an end

Judge Brenda Penny decided that Britney’s conservatorship which her father Jamie placed on Britney (pictured) thirteen years ago has to end. 

The businessman could be seen chatting to some friends on the site of the lumber yard

On the spot of the lumber yard, the businessman can be seen talking to friends.

At one point he and a friend set off to inspect some work on the property

A friend and he set out to inspect the work being done on the property.

Jamie, who was born in Kentwood and has lived there for most of his life, is known for keeping a low profile

Jamie is a Kentwood native who has spent most of his adult life there.

The lumber yard is not far from where Jamie lives in an RV, parked in the lot of a storage facility

Jamie lives near the lumberyard in his RV, which is parked on the lot of a storage unit.

The three-bedroom property at 14550 Greenlaw Church Road sold for $275,000 – despite its celebrity connection.

According to the listing, there is a green-striped wallpaper, wood paneling from the 1970s and ceiling fans. There are also granite countertops. Jamie also ran a fitness center in the large outbuilding.  

Jamie earned $16,000 per Month for managing his daughter’s finances for thirteen years. Rent was $2,000 each month.

But he lives now in a motorhome at a parking lot for a storage facility – it houses memorabilia that his daughter has collected over the years. 

Lynne Spears (66), who split from Jamie in 2002, now lives in an English-style home on the outskirts town. It was constructed by Britney at $2 million in 2000. According to court filings, the singer spends $150,000 per year on maintenance of her mother’s house. 

Jamie Spears is well-liked in the town of 2,000 people, and the locals are protective of him

Jamie Spears is a well-liked celebrity in this town of 2000 people. The locals also protect him.

Jamie ran several businesses in Kentwood, including a gym and a building company

Jamie managed several Kentwood businesses including a fitness center and building business.

Jamie and a friend were seen chatting by a white van in the grounds of the lumber yard

Jamie and his friend were seen talking by white vans in the wood yard.

Jamie was seen at the yard chatting with friends on Friday and then joining one of their crew to look over some of the ongoing works.  

Elton Shaw, his ex-football coach, stated to The New York Times that he is “just the same Jamie”, in June. 

Jamie was one of 10 kids who grew up here in the small town of 2000. His father, a boilermaker and strict disciplinarian, raised him. 

Jamie, who was the team’s star quarterback, is highly respected in the town.

He said that he spends his time now at the VFW bar, which is where he used to hang out with friends. 

The Friday ruling by Judge Brenda Penny is not a finality.

Mathew Rosengart, attorney for Britney Spears, is seen on Friday outside the courthouse on Friday

Mathew Rosengart (an attorney representing Britney Spores) is seen Friday morning outside the courthouse

Supporters of singer Britney Spears show their support outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on the day of her conservatorship case hearing, in Los Angeles on Friday

Britney Spores’ fans support Britney outside Stanley Mosk Courthouse during her hearing in conservatorship. This took place in Los Angeles, California on Friday.

Supporters of the FreeBritney movement rally in support of musician Britney Spears for a conservatorship court hearing, outside the Stanley Mosk courthouse

Outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, supporters of FreeBritney rally to support Britney Spears’ conservatorship hearing.

Mathew Rosengart Britney’s lawyer has stated that he will depose Jamie over allegations that he placed eavesdropping equipment in Jamie’s bedroom to track her movements.

Jamie, a former security guard claimed her calls and texts were monitored by his team in an effort to control Jamie.

Jamie’s lawyers have always insisted that Jamie acted for her best interests.