Bernie Ecclestone describes talk about Lewis Hamilton losing the world title to him as “complete and utter nonSENSE ‘…” as the former F1 supremo admitted that he was ‘HAPPY. Michael Schumacher didn’t break his record.

  • Max Verstappen was awarded the Formula One World Title in 2021. It was a thrilling conclusion
  • Lewis Hamilton lost to the Dutchman on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’s final lap.
  • Race ended in controversy due to confusion over lapped cars, and the safety vehicle.
  • Bernie Ecclestone, ex-F1 chief Bernie Hamilton says Hamilton shouldn’t be complaining   

Bernie Ecclestone hit back at the talk about Lewis Hamilton being ‘robbed of’ his eighth Formula One title. This was after the drama-filled conclusion to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

Hamilton, a seven-time champion, was unable to break the record after Max Verstappen passed him in the last lap. This happened due to confusion around lapped cars which led to the Mercedes driver being thrown out of the safety car. 

Ecclestone was the former F1 chief and insists Michael Masi, race director of F1, should not be held responsible for the race’s controversial conclusion. However, he pointed out that Hamilton wasn’t penalised following a meeting with Verstappen in the first lap. 

Bernie Ecclestone has slammed talk that Lewis Hamilton was 'robbed' of his eighth F1 title

Seven-time winner Hamilton missed out on a record-breaking crown after Max Verstappen overtook him on the final lap

Bernie Ecclestone has dismissed talk that Lewis Hamilton had been ‘robbed of’ his eighth F1 title

Max Verstappen claimed the world title on the final lap in a controversial finish in Abu Dhabi

Max Verstappen took the world title in Abu Dhabi’s controversial final lap

Ecclestone said, “About being Robbed-it’s complete and total nonsense.” Sky News

It is worth taking a moment to consider that Hamilton (on the first lap) left the circuit, and then came back. Verstappen (on the second lap) remained on the circuit and did nothing.  

“Lewis was not punished for his actions so he should be happy. This happens all the time. The race director did the right thing and we shouldn’t be surprised.

Since then, radio recordings have been made of Hamilton claiming that the race was “manipulated” at the end. However Ecclestone (91 years old) dismissed the claims and said he was happy his compatriot lost out on the title. 

“I want to know the identity of someone who manipulates and can be clever enough for that. It was just an unfortunate set of events that ended up in a world championship that everyone enjoyed immensely.

The Dutchman overtook Hamilton on the final lap as he took advantage of his fresher tyres

Hamilton lost the last lap to Hamilton because he used his newer tires. 

Ecclestone added he was 'happy' Hamilton did not break Michael Schumacher's titles record

Ecclestone said he was happy Hamilton had not broken Michael Schumacher’s records for titles. 

“I believe an appeal would make them (Mercedes), the most miserable thing that they could do. They would appear to be bad losers.

It was quite level. There were two men racing against each other, and the one who was faster than the other. This is a bunch of absurdity. The decision of whether they were in a case was made took four hours.

It was a great thing for Max to win it. It is just as exciting to watch a new person win the championship. Michael Schumacher was the reason Lewis did not win the eighth title. I for one, am happy. It would be a shame to see it end. 

Hamilton is still tied with Schumacher (L) on seven drivers championships after missing out

After missing the final, Hamilton remains tied with Schumacher (L), on seven drivers’ championships.