NBA suspends the first two games in the regular season due to COVID-19. This is after the league has received 10 Bulls players who have been arrested for contact tracing or infections.

  • After forward Alize Johnson, who became the 10th member of the NBA’s safety and health protocol, the NBA postponed Bulls’ next two games
  • Both Tuesday’s match with the Pistons was postponed, as well Thursday’s meeting with the Raptors. There are no details about makeup dates 
  • This was the NBA’s first COVID related postponement of the 2021-22 Season, after 31 games were postponed during the 2020-21 Campaign. 
  • Due to the outbreaks of New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames, several NHL games have been delayed. 

After forward Alize Johnson, the 10th member of the NBA’s safety and health protocol, the NBA postponed Chicago Bulls’ next two games.

Both the Tuesday game against Detroit Pistons in Detroit and Thursday’s Toronto matchup with Raptors were postponed. There have been no announcements of make-up dates. ESPN reports that concerns were expressed by the Chicago Department of Public Health about this week’s Bulls home game.

This was the NBA’s first COVID-related suspensions of the 2021-22 seasons, after 31 were postponed during the 2020-21 season. The NHL has also had to cancel several games because of outbreaks with New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames. 

The NBA has postponed the next two Chicago Bulls games after forward Alize Johnson (pictured) became the team's 10th player to enter the health and safety protocol on Monday

Following Monday’s entry of safety and health protocol, Alize Johnson (pictured), the NBA postponed Chicago Bulls’ next two games.

NBA All-Star Zach Lavine is among the 10 Chicago Bulls players who've entered the protocol

NBA All-Star Zach Lavine was among 10 Chicago Bulls players to enter the protocol 

Multiple reports indicate that Johnson was positive for COVID-19 Monday. Any player, staff member or close friend who is infected or has COVID-19 should be aware of the league’s safety and health protocols.

Before a player can be allowed to return to the team, they must either remain out of the safety and health protocols for at least 10 days or have two positive COVID-19 test results within a 24 hour period.

Johnson is not the only victim for the COVID plagued Bulls.

Coby White, point guard, is now back from the safety and health protocol. Nine other players are still out, including All-Stars Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and Troy Brown Jr. as well as Matt Thomas Jr. and Derrick Jones Jr. and Ayo Doesunmu.

After Rick Carlisle, Indiana’s coach, tested positive for coronavirus last week and both Pacers and Raptors cancelled practice.

The NBA requires all NBA coaches to have the vaccination. Players are not required to receive the injection. However, 97% of players received the two doses according to league.

While point guard Coby White is returning from the health and safety protocol, nine other players remain sidelined, including All-Stars Zach LaVine (left) and DeMar DeRozan (center), as well as Troy Brown Jr., Matt Thomas, Derrick Jones Jr., Ayo Dosunmu and Stanley Johnson

Coby white, the point guard, has been cleared to return from the health-and-safety protocol. However, 9 other players have not returned. These include DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine, All-Stars, as well as Troy Brown Jr. Matt Thomas and Derrick Jones Jr.. Ayo dosunmu, Stanley Johnson, and Troy Brown Jr.