It’s just gone midday at a north London Wetherspoons and Selamet Mehmetaj sips a Coke as he calmly outlines how his multi-million-pound trade in potent cannabis works.

The drug baron, whose £50,000 Mercedes-Benz without a front number plate is parked nearby, has agreed to meet potential new clients after they contacted him via the anonymous Instagram page that advertises his business.

The 28-year-old, who is not bothered by passers-by in the busy Wood Green town center, explains how he supplies dealers throughout the UK with 2,500 cannabis plants of high strength and harvests marijuana for them to sell.

Drug baron Selamet Mehmetaj, nicknamed 'The Devil', was selling high strength cannabis plants through his anonymous Instagram page 'Albanian Blood'

Selamet Mehmetaj (drug baron) was selling high-quality cannabis plants through his anonymous Instagram account ‘Albanian Blood.

And he makes very clear what happens to those who dare to cross him, matter-of-factly boasting how he chopped off two fingers of one client who failed to pay – and got his money before he chopped off a foot.

Meet ‘The Devil’, who is raking in millions from his wholesale drug-dealing business. On his Instagram page titled ‘Albanian Blood’, Mehmetaj has been showing off his cannabis factories and posting videos to highlight what strains are available, encouraging new customers to get in touch.

After being contacted daily mail, Instagram deleted the page.

However, the page was still active and undercover Mail journalists posing in the role of customers made contact via the social networking app.

Mehmetaj met them at his Palmers Green home. During the meeting, he met:

  • Bragged that he dodged a firearms charge despite police finding a Russian gun he’d smuggled in from Albania and hidden in his car, saying his solicitor had cooked up a story claiming the gun wasn’t his.
  • Splurged the cash from his illicit business on a bling lifestyle including a £50,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG, an Audi RS7 – which he drives at over 200mph on motorways using fake plates – and a Formula 3 car for off-road racing.
  • He laughed as he recounted how police failed to find one room in his five-bedroom home and missed a stash cocaine, cannabis, and bullets.

Mehmetaj, who is from the northern Albanian town of Tropoja, has developed a thriving drugs empire in the UK – and a social media following to promote it.

The Daily Mail undercover reporter exposed Mehmetaj's thriving drugs empire in the UK

The Daily Mail undercover reporter exposed Mehmetaj’s thriving drug empire in the UK

His Instagram page Gjak Shqipez which means Albanian Blood was deleted but his other pages, which don’t promote cannabis, are still active.

An undercover reporter reached out to the Albanian Blood account to inquire about wholesale cannabis purchases. He was gracious enough to meet him at a cafe.

Arriving in his Mercedes-Benz CLAAMG blacked-out Mercedes, he explained how his business had boomed because everyone was at home.

Mehmetaj explained how every month he grows up to 2,500 cannabis plants – which he calls his ‘babies’ – including high strength ‘stardog’ and the super-potent ‘wedding cake’.

He said he sells each plant for £10-15 in batches of up to 300, and boxes of harvested cannabis by the kilogram.

Mehmetaj claims that the business makes him millions each year, but that the plants are worth tens to hundreds of millions of pounds if they are sold by dealers.

He said ‘many people call me’ for orders, adding: ‘Today they called me and somebody wants 200, somebody wants 300.

‘I have people who take every single month from me for their warehouses.’

Mehmetaj sells high-strength cannabis to wholesale dealers across the UK via Instagram

Mehmetaj offers high-strength marijuana to wholesale dealers in the UK via Instagram

Mehmetaj explained that Instagram played an important role in advertising his company. He said that no one knew he was behind Albanian Blood page, which had nearly 1,000 followers.

He posted links and photos from his account to another Instagram page that had 12,000 followers to drive traffic to it.

This page is more popular and shows his cars and cash. It also mocks the police.

You can find other rap songs he produced under the name Memz at Spotify and Apple Music.

In his online profile, he is called ‘the Devil’, he said, because ‘that’s what they call me’.

He said: ‘I shared [Albanian Blood links] from my big Instagram and everyone knows me so they saw the page and many people were interested in it and said, “Yeah, we want to buy it”.’

After clients contacted him via Albanian Blood he took their numbers then arranged to meet in person which is ‘safer’ than sending messages online.

‘I cut off his fingers… and slept like a baby’ 

Undercover Mail reporters contacted ‘the Devil’ on his Instagram site, posing as potential clients.

He agreed to meet near his north London home, where he explained how he ran his business – and warned what happened to those who crossed him.

For the client who has not paid:

‘My guys put him in a van. Guess what? I took him from Stoke-on-Trent all the way down to London, I put him in a weed house basement, beat him up three times a day, he didn’t give me no alternative, I cut off two of his fingers.

‘I said this should be a scar in your life and a reminder to what happens when you f*** about someone who’s true.’

‘I tell you what, I did that to that guy then I went in the evening and I slept like a baby. I didn’t care.

‘My stress was that I couldn’t sleep until I got him. My stress was having him in my arms.

‘Once I have in my hand he has no chance.’

His firearms arrest

‘They found in my Mercedes, they found a gun.’

‘I got arrested. I was only there for 48 hours and then I went.

‘The thing is they did not find anything that links me with it, fingerprints.

‘Whenever I touched it I had something on my hands, every single time.’

After being arrested, I searched his apartment.

‘They turned it upside down, they didn’t find nothing.

‘But underneath – they put the dog upstairs – it was another room underneath, underneath I had white [cocaine]I had green [cannabis]I had bullets. But I tell you what, they did not find any of it.’

On his ‘Albanian Blood’ Instagram page advertising cannabis:

‘No one knows it’s me and that’s just the stupid thing.’

‘I posted it out there… and many people were interested, of course, [saying], “Yeah, we want to buy it”.’

[Reporter]Why is Instagram so great for advertising?

‘Yeah, advertising. Grow yourself more.’

His cannabis farm, and his sales:

‘Round here, I have a place where I make… there’s going to be 2,000 or 2,500 babies [cannabis plants]Every time, for example, a month.

‘I have people every two months they come and get for their warehouses, they come and get for their houses, whatever.’

‘If you take this to Liverpool, a kilo of this will go even like up to five-five [£5,500].

‘This is “caramel wedding cake” [a highly potent strain of cannabis].’

He said that if someone breaks his trust ‘it’s gunna be very bad’ and in a thinly veiled warning, described his treatment of a client who didn’t pay.

After luring the client into a meeting with a mutual friend, his gang forced him to get into a van.

‘I took him from Stoke-on-Trent all the way down to London, I put him in a weed house basement, beat him up three times a day, he didn’t give me no alternative, I cut off two of his fingers,’ Mehmetaj said.

‘I said you’ve got 24 hours to make a phone call, find the money anywhere in this planet, I don’t care.’

He said he also contacted the man’s relatives, and told them: ‘I’ve cut two of his fingers. Next thing is going to be his foot.’

When he eventually paid, Mehmetaj told him: ‘This should be a scar in your life and a reminder to what happens when you f*** about someone who’s true.’

He added: ‘I did that to that guy then I went in the evening and I slept like a baby. I didn’t care.

‘My stress was that I couldn’t sleep until I got him.

‘My stress was that I have to have him in my hand. Once I have in my hand he has no chance.’

Mehmetaj’s social media posts also warn of his violence. A disturbing Facebook video from March shows a man with a bloodied facial expression, whimpering after he is hit in back of the car.

An accompanying comment states: ‘This is what happens to those who try to steal from us.’

Another violent video taken in February shows a terrified man being held hostage in a house while he is slapped.

The warning is expletive-filled.

And one post on his ‘Albanian Blood’ Instagram page featured a picture of a hooded man.

The caption read: ‘We caught this burglar inside the cannabis house.

‘The Albanian put him in a car and cut him to pieces. What do you think?’

Mehmetaj also told an undercover reporter that he was detained in April 2020 when police discovered a Russian PK gun hidden under his Mercedes-Benz gearbox.

He was released after spending 48 hours in prison. This was partly due to the fact that he had never used gloves to handle the gun.

He claimed it must have been hidden in his car since he bought it in 2018.

He added: ‘However, they arrested the guy who sold it to me… I think he’s gunna get five years.’

He posted a picture to Instagram showing him holding a gun in front of his car.

He said that police had turned his house upside-down during the Russian gun investigation.

He said that they had searched the wrong place and found a stash of drugs, cannabis, and bullets.

He described his lifestyle and boasted about his cars. He said that he drove his Audi RS7 at 230 mph on the M1.

In one Instagram post, he records himself driving at more than 140mph in his Mercedes-Benz. He avoids speeding penalties by using fake plates that he frequently changes.

He roared off in the Mercedes-Benz despite a nearby police car, jumping a red light despite being parked nearby.

His social media pages provide more evidence that he mocks the law.

On Facebook in March, he posted footage taken by a friend of him being searched by police because there was a ‘strong smell of cannabis’ coming out of his car.

He added a series of laughing emojis and the comment: ‘Hey chief I do not have hashish in my car.’

He also posts another video from the same month in which he mocks police while driving past officers at a motorway accident.

Mehmetaj declined comment.

Scotland Yard was alerted about Mehmetaj. We have offered to provide more information.