Facebook announced Thursday that it was rebranding its parent company Meta. This is already being made into memes, and targeted as the buttof many jokes.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social media giant Facebook, said today at a Facebook Connect augmented reality conference that the renaming was done to distance Facebook from mounting scandals. This is after a whistleblower revealed documents that claimed that Facebook had harmed users and stoked rage.

Twitter users were quick to joke that the company’s name suggests that they are looking to steal ‘literally’ all of their users’ metadata. One user made light of a grim future in which society is even more dependent on devices and social media due to an all-consuming “metaverse”.

The rename is already being mercilessly made into memes and users on Twitter were quick to quip that the name suggests the company is looking to steal 'literally all' of its users' metadata

Twitter users quickly remarked that the rename is being used in memes.

'This all happened because Zuckerberg never meta girl until college,' one user humorously tweeted while another suggested Meta was actually an acronym

“This all happened because Zuckerberg never met a girl until college,” one user joked, while another suggested that Meta was actually an acronym

One meme made light of a bleak future where society is even more addicted to devices and social media thanks to the all-consuming 'metaverse'

One meme made light a grim future in which society is more dependent on social media and devices due to the all-consuming “metaverse”.

Twitter's safety account posted that the only Meta its going to acknowledge is its META team, which stands for Machine Learning, Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

Twitter’s safety account stated that the only Meta it will acknowledge is its META team, which stands to Machine Learning, Ethics, Transparency and Accountability.

Even Twitter’s safety account stated that the only Meta it will acknowledge is its META team (Machine Learning, Ethics, Transparency, Accountability).

Yet Meta reportedly refers to ‘metaverse’ – Zuckerberg’s vision for the company’s transition into shared augmented reality where uses work and play in virtual world environments. 

The 37-year old billionaire believes that the metaverse is the future of the internet. Therefore, the move is to presumably cement Zuckerberg’s leadership in the shift. 

According to The Verge: Zuckerberg has also been named CEO and chairman of Meta.

Instead of being congratulated about Zuckerberg’s position, he was the main character of a bunch of memes mocking the name change. 

One user tweeted, “Feta seems odd,” along with a screenshot of Zuckerberg announcing the name change during the virtual conference. Zuckerberg’s hand gestures enabled the user to photoshop the cheese container into his hands.


The rebrand meant that Zuckerberg, as CEO and chairman of Meta, officially stepped into a new job title for the first time in 17 years but instead of being congratulated on the position Zuckerberg was the main character of a slew of memes that made fun of the new name (above)

The rebrand saw Zuckerberg, who was CEO and chairman at Meta, officially take up a new job title. But instead of being congratulated for the new title, Zuckerberg was the main character in a series of memes that poked fun at the new name (above).

Another meme had the letters Meta rearranged to read “meat” as Zuckerberg seemed to be holding onto a steak, while another one cited Metamucil, a fiber supplement.

Another meme-maker added an L to the company’s new title and superimposed a logo with a long-haired logo onto Zuckerberg’s shirt to transform him into a heavy-metal-esque character.

Not all memes featured the social media mogul. One pictured a man beside a leaking water tank symbolic of Facebook’s waterfall of scandals in recent months, which stemmed from internal documents leaked by whistleblower Francis Haugen, who made bombshell claims that Facebook ‘puts profits over people’ by knowingly harming teenagers with its content and stoking anger among users.

The caption to the photo was “mental Health Issues, Data Protection, Cambridge Analytica” [a data firm that was embattled with the social media site for years, starting in 2014]”Consumer exploitation” 

The man was then seen placing a single piece tape over the leak. The caption said: “Renaming” to “Meta,” suggesting the rebrand was a poor attempt at cleaning up the slate.


Other memes suggested that the rebrand is a shoddy attempt at Facebook clearing itself of recent scandals after whistleblower and former Facebook product manager Francis Haugen leaked the company's internal documents

Other memes suggested that the rebranding is a poor attempt at Facebook’s clearing house of recent scandals. The rebrand was initiated after Francis Haugen (ex-Facebook product manager) leaked internal documents to the company.

Even the global supermarket chain Aldi chimed in and jokingly tweeted that it was changing its name to 'Betta' because 'we betta than all the rest'

Even Aldi, a global supermarket chain, joked about it and tweeted that it was changing its brand to ‘Betta’ because ‘we’re better than all the rest’

The brand’s attempt to escape reality couldn’t have come at a better moment. Facebook Inc will keep the social media site Facebook, but rename it Facebook Inc. – the parent company that also holds Instagram and WhatsApp. It will begin trading under MVRS from December 1. 

Haugen, a former product manager at Facebook, left the company with tens to thousands of confidential documents she copied secretly and released to around two dozen news outlets.

She presented findings on the damage social media caused to young users in testimony before Congress on Tuesday, October 5, and before the British Parliament Monday, respectively. One revealed that 13.5 per cent of British teenagers and 6 per cent of American teenagers who experience suicidal thoughts reported that they traced their suicide thoughts to Instagram. 

However, the rebrand is not being marketed as a way to start over or hide any scandals. It called itself ‘the next chapter in social connection’. Meta tweeted that it was helping to build the metaverse, a place where people can play and connect in 3D. 

Even Aldi, a global supermarket chain, jokingly tweeted that it was changing the name to Betta’ because we betta more than all the others’.  

Twitter joined the fun by tweeting: “Big news lol jk Twitter.” 

Twitter itself joined in on the fun and sent out a playful tweet

Twitter joined the fun by sending a playful tweet 

Many Twitter users accused the tech firm of using the name change as a way to distract from its recent scandals

Many Twitter users accused the tech company of using the name change to distract from recent scandals

“This all happened since Zuckerberg never meta-girl until college,” one user joked while another suggested Meta was actually an acronym that stands for ‘Misinformation exemplified TO ALL’.

One Twitter user pointed out that Zuckerberg did not invent the term “metaverse” but borrowed it from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. However, the book doesn’t define the term other than referring to it in an alternate reality. 

All jokes aside, core findings in the documents Haugen leaked were that Facebook staff have reported for years that they are concerned about the company’s failure to police hate speech – not to mention its algorithms flooded users with extremist content and conspiracy theories based on their political beliefs. 

The social media giant’s employees have indicated that they were responsible for the January 6 Capitol Riot after giving extremist content a platform.

“One of the darkest days of the history of democracy and self governance.” History will not judge us kindly,’ one worker said while another added: ‘We’ve been fueling this fire for a long time and we shouldn’t be surprised it’s now out of control.’

One user pointed to the fact that Zuckerberg didn't coin the term 'metaverse' but instead swiped it from Neal Stephenson's 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. However, the book does little to define the term beyond referring to it as an alternate reality

One user pointed out that Zuckerberg did not invent the term “metaverse”, but borrowed it from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. The book does not define the term, but it refers to it as an alternate reality.

More tweets even joked about the company's new logo and one quipped that Apple should also rebrand to a different fruit - the horned melon

Many people tweeted jokes about the company’s new logo. One even suggested that Apple should rebrand to another fruit – the Horned Melon.

Employees pulled down a curtain draped over its iconic 'Like' sign outside the company's Silicon Valley headquarters to reveal the new branding

To reveal the new branding, employees pulled down the curtain that was draped over the iconic ‘Like” sign outside the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

Whistleblower and former Facebook employee Haugen (pictured in court on Monday) left the company with tens of thousands of confidential documents that she copied in secret and released to roughly two dozen news outlets. She testified before Congress on October 5 and British Parliament on Monday and presented findings on the harm social media has caused young users

Haugen, a whistleblower and ex-Facebook employee (pictured in court Monday) left the company with tens to thousands of confidential documents she had copied secretly and released to approximately two dozen news outlets. She testified before Congress on Monday, October 5, and the British Parliament on Monday, and presented findings about the damage social media has done to young users. 

The documents, now known as the Facebook Papers (or the Facebook Papers), also reveal that the site could have misled the US Securities and Exchange Commission by failing disclose that it is losing popularity among young users.

It is said that it failed to explain that many of its users are people who have more than one account on its websites. This means that the actual number could be as low as 11 percent, which is lower than what its figures would suggest.

One trend was that US teenagers spent less time on Facebook from 2020 to 2021, and that young adults (aged 18 to 29) were spending five percent less time on Facebook.

Oddly enough, Meta reported soaring profits for the latest quarter.

According to the company, its net income increased 17 percent from July to September to $9.19 billion. This was reportedly due in part by strong advertising revenue. This means that profits are now higher than $7.85billion in the previous year.

Meta stock rose more that one percentage point in after-hours trade Tuesday. It rose by more three percent Thursday afternoon, before falling to 1.5 percent by Friday afternoon. 

Meta is set to trade under MVRS from December 1. The company's stock rose more than one percent in after-hours trading Tuesday and rose by more than three percent on Thursday

Meta will trade under MVRS beginning December 1. The stock rose more that one percent Tuesday after-hours trading and more than three percent Thursday.

Analyst expectations were exceeded by the third quarter revenue growth of 35 percent to $29.01billion.

The company’s new name is accompanied by a new logo that depicts a blue infinite symbol, referring to the “metaverse”, Zuckerberg’s new focus to expand beyond his social media apps.

What is the metaverse?

The’metaverse is a collection of virtual spaces that allow you to communicate, work, and play with people who are not in the same physical space as yourself. 

Facebook explained that you can connect with your friends, work, play and learn, shop, create, and much more. 

‘It’s not necessarily about spending more time online — it’s about making the time you do spend online more meaningful.’

Facebook is the leader in the metaverse, but it explained that it isn’t a single product that any one company can develop. 

It added that “Just like the internet, there is a metaverse whether Facebook is there or no.” 

“It won’t be built overnight. Many of these products will not be fully realized within the next 10-15 year. 

The term “metaverse” can be used to refer to digital spaces that are more lifelike through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality.

CEO: “Our mission remains unchanged, it’s still all about bringing people together,” he said. He added, “Now we have the North Star to bring the metaverse into existence.”

He pointed out that the word also means “beyond” in Greek, which symbolizes that there is always more to be built and a new chapter in the story.

The term, which was first used in a dystopian novel over three decades ago, has become a buzzword in Silicon Valley. There, Facebook-turned-Meta is headquartered. Other tech companies like Microsoft have also referenced it. 

Zuckerberg stated, “I believe that the metaverse will be the next chapter of the Internet. It’s also the next chapter for our company.” While most etch companies are focused on how people can connect to technology, we concentrate on building technology that people could connect with one another.

He previously suggested that the future of the company would be in the metaverse and has been talking about it since July.

The company has invested heavily into virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality(AR), developing hardware such Oculus VR headsets, and working on AR glasses as well as wristband technologies. 

Meta also announced a new virtual reality headset called Project Cambria. This headset will be available next year at a more expensive price point than the $299 Quest 2 device, according to the company in a blog post.

Meta also revealed Project Nazare, the codename for its first AR-capable smart glasses. The glasses are still a few years away, the company stated in a blog post. Zuckerberg also noted that while we have made good progress with Nazare, we still have a long way to go.

Meta’s move is reminiscent to 2015, when Google abruptly renamed itself Alphabet, making it a subsidiary and allowing Google to become a technology conglomerate.

Meta reportedly refers to 'metaverse,' which Zuckerberg said he believes to be the future of the Internet in a Facebook Connect augmented and virtual reality conference, which is also when he revealed the rebrand

Meta reportedly refers to ‘metaverse,’ which Zuckerberg said he believes to be the future of the Internet in a Facebook Connect augmented and virtual reality conference, which is also when he revealed the rebrand

Meta’s scandals over time, from selling user data and allowing humantrafficking on the site 

Meta employees have long complained about their concern over the company’s failures to police hate speech.

Facebook algorithms flood users with extremist content, conspiracy theories, and other information based on political beliefs.

Meta executives were aware that 32 percent said Instagram made girls’ insecurities worse. But, they continue to add beauty-editing filter to the app

Instagram bombards those with eating disorders with photos and videos of thin women and others with anorexia. 

Meta executives knew that it was losing popularity with young people but kept the numbers secret from investors 

Despite monitoring various right-wing accounts, staff failed in their attempt to predict the Capitol riot of January 6, 2009. 

Apple threatened to remove the app form the App Store because it failed to enforce the Philippines trafficking of maids 

Mark Zuckerberg personally consented to requests from Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party for censorship of anti-government dissidents  

Facebook ignored or delayed suggestions by its own experts regarding how to stop anti-vaccine misinformation being spread on its platform

Facebook was fined $5billion by the Federal Trade Commission in 2019 for allowing 87million US profile to be harvested for information that could be used for political advertisement by British firm Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook was accused of facilitating the spread of misinformation during the 2016 US presidential election

Meta had agreed to pay $14.25 million to settle civil claims that the government had brought against the company for discriminating against American workers and violating federal recruitment rules. 

Last Tuesday in the UK, the company was fined £50.5million ($70million) after failing to provide enough important information to the competition regulator investigating the firm’s takeover of GIF sharing platform Giphy

Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire from the public for comments about the company that are often inconsistent with internal messaging