Failures in festivities Humorous mishaps reveal that Christmas isn’t all fun and games

  • These people shared their most hilarious holiday mistakes that they captured on film
  • To make it look like a Christmas tree, one joker attached fairy lights to dirty laundry piles.
  • Another picture shows the restaurant’s failed attempt to create a festive pancake poster

The jolliest season of the year is often accompanied by awkwardness, from a collapsed gingerbread house to Santa Claus placed on a bridge bearing a warning about jumping. 

The funniest holiday fails shared by people all over the globe have been compiled in a Gallery by Parent Influence.  

Unable to stop thinking about a gingerbread home, one freethinker turned it into abstract art. An employee at a shop made an error and mistakenly substituted “santa” for “satan” on a display case of stockings.

A store in America wished its customers Greetings Seasons. It had erected a sign wrongly. The bright spark attempted to disorient from the laundry pile outside by making it into a Christmas tree. 

FEMAIL has some great examples to share…

After trying and failing to compose a well structured gingerbread house, this architect thought 'stuff it' and went with the flow

This architect gave up trying to create a gingerbread house that was well-structured after failing several times.

And a Cherry Mistmass to you too! This US store got its sign terribly wrong, but at least customers probably get the idea

You can also get a Cherry Mistmass! Although the sign for this US store was a bit off, customers may still get the concept. 

While the pancakes are surely delicious at this San Jose restaurant, the managers might want to have a little think about where they place the syrup next time

The pancakes at this San Jose restaurant are delicious, but the management might need to rethink where the syrup is placed next time.

First of all, no, please don't! At least not off this US bridge. And secondly, get down from there Santa, you have a job to do!

First, don’t. Not at least not on this US bridge. Second of all, Santa Clause, don’t get up there! You still have work to do.

You're not fooling anyone! This lovable rogue from a US household thought that laundry could wait but Christmas festivities certainly could not

No one is fooled! A US family’s lovable rogue thought laundry was a thing that could wait, but Christmas could not.

This US store either has jokester employees, ones who don't pay attention to detail, or genuine Satan fans

The US store may have jokesters, untrained employees or true Satanist fans.

What could be more useful than these bell shaped bells from a Spanish store at Christmas time you ask? How about some holly-shaped holly for once

You might be wondering what could be more helpful than bell-shaped bells that were purchased from Spanish stores at Christmas. For once, how about some holly-shaped Holly?

Actually no, this US store didn't make a mistake, this bauble is actually for houses with gymnasts who spend a lot of time upside down

This bauble was not made by an American store. It is for homes with gymnasts that spend much of their time upside-down.

Oh Paris... You do realise your attempt as a minimalistic Christmas tree actually looks like a— you know what, never mind, what a lovely tree

Oh Paris… You do realise your attempt as a minimalistic Christmas tree actually looks like a— you know what, never mind, what a lovely tree

Perfect for the naughty list! What no child wants to wake up to under the tree when they asked for a new computer game!

This is the perfect gift for those on the “naughty” list. No child ever wants to see the new game they requested under the Christmas tree! 

Ah yes, the universal language for 'I want to get dumped and have coal in my stocking please Santa'

Ah, yes! The universal language to say “I would like to be dumped” and get coal in my stockings please Santa.”

Instead of 'shatterproof' for these US ornaments, perhaps 'here for a good time, not a long time' would have been more fitting

Perhaps ‘here to have a good time and not for long’ is a better description of these ornaments from the USA than’shatterproof’.