Road shut: The sea lions had sex in Falklands – A bizarre moment Falklands police closed a road to prevent drivers running over the mating animals

  • In Stanley, Capital of the Falklands, sea lions first mated on the roadside. 
  • They escaped through the road after police put up steel barriers to confine them. 
  • Officers had to then close the streets until the couple was finished. 
  • Southern sea lions first arrive in Falklands in September for breeding season. They stay until New Year to rear their pups. 

It’s not uncommon for anyone to indulge in some sexual boasting, whether they are part of the marathon endurance or mile-high clubs. 

However, few can boast of having experienced a wild session that saw police close a whole road to make it safe for the end. 

Officers in the island’s capital of Stanley blocked a street on Sunday to stop drivers from hitting the frisky mammals as they got down to it in the middle of the tarmac.

Police in the Falklands capital of Stanley close a road on Sunday to stop drivers from hitting two sea lions who decided to have sex in the middle of it

Stanley, the capital city of Falklands, police closed a street on Sunday in an effort to prevent drivers from striking two sea lions.

The mammals had begun mating on the pavement with cops setting up a metal fence to contain them, but broke free and then headed into the road

Cops had set up a fence of metal to keep them from mating, but they broke away and headed straight for the road.

Genti Cena is a passionate wildlife photographer. He was on his way back from a road trip with the family at 8 p.m. when he stumbled upon this scene and decided that he would capture it.

The amusing photographs show the officers using cones in order to block the road and provide protection for the sea lions, who were already safe from the metal fence that was placed a few feet away. 

Genti stated: “I saw someone post on Facebook about sea lions heading towards the road. And the police stopped them using some metal fencing. 

“When I arrived, they had already escaped the fence, and they were standing on the pavement sealing the connection.

“Half an hours later, two officers arrived and blocked both lanes.

“I left the beach after half an hour, but the sea lions were still there. I believe they chased me to the ocean.”

Both southern sea lions as well as elephant seals can be found in the Falklands. The former is brown fur with visible ears, while the latter is larger and more grey.

The breeding season for sea lions typically runs from September to New Year. After that, they rear their young on the mainland.

Once the pups have reached the age of being able to swim, the mammals will return to the sea. 

Sea lion mating season takes place in the Falklands between September and New Year, with the animals remaining on the islands until April to raise their pups

The mating season for sea lions takes place between September and January in Falklands. They stay on the islands until April, when they return to their nests.

Genti Cena, a keen wildlife photographer, was returning from a family road trip around 8pm when he happened across the scene and decided to capture it

Genti Cena, an avid wildlife photographer was returning home from a trip for his family around 8 p.m. when he saw this scene and decided that he would capture it.