28-year-old ‘Possessed” woman undergoes a nine hour exorcism in order to get rid of the ‘devil’. She attacked an Italian priest at confession, and began speaking Latin in three distinct voices.

  • 28-year-old woman was deemed possessed and underwent nine hour exorcism in Italy.
  • She attacked a priest amid confession at the Church of St Mary of Mount Berico 
  • Witnesses claimed that the woman started to shout and spoke in another language.
  • The exorcism was performed by four friars until she fell asleep at 8.30pm. 

Following an attack on an Italian priest in confession by a woman claiming to be possessed, she underwent a nine hour exorcism.

She was 28 years old and was joined by family members at the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico, Vicenza, Northern Italy on Sunday morning for confession.

But witnesses said the unnamed woman began to scream and swear inside the basilica, and spoke in different voices and languages, including Latin, Corriere del Veneto reported.

According to local media reports, the woman ran into the confession room on the ground floor and slapped her mom.

The 28-year-old woman attacked a priest and spoke in other languages while at the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico (pictured) in Vicenza, northern Italy, on Sunday for confession

The woman, aged 28, attacked a priest, and used other languages to speak while attending the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico, Vicenza, north Italy, Sunday for confession

According to reports, four friars intervened in the exorcism and performed a nine-hour long ritual for the woman who was claimed to be possessed by devils.

According to local media, the exorcism continued until 8.30 pm when the woman began to collapse and was then taken home by her younger brother and parents.

The exorcist from Monte Berico Father Giuseppe Bernardi and Father Carlo Rossato were said to have performed the exorcism for nine hours.

A few witnesses called 911 and the local police in an attempt to notify them of the emergency, but they were not able to reach the police.

Father Giuseppe Bernardi, the exorcist of Monte Berico, Father Carlo Rossato (pictured) and two other brothers were reported to have held a nine-hour exorcism for the woman

Reports say Father Giuseppe Bernardi was the Monte Berico exorcist, Father Carlo Rossato and two brothers held a nine hour exorcism on the victim.

Father Rossato said: ‘It was a real possession and it was only in the evening that the situation was resolved, when the girl physically collapsed.’

According to the Father, there were ‘hundreds of’ similar cases. He also claimed that they had four exorcists at Vicenza who could deal with these situations.

According to Il Giornale di Vicenza, her mother took her to confession because she believed there was a ‘demonic influence’ behind her daughter’s alleged violent behaviour. 

She was believed to be suffering from a psychotic disorder by her father.

MailOnline reached out the State Police to obtain comment.