Are you talking about Brexit?This is the agony of four-person family whose Christmas was destroyed by Macron’s British ban 

The family have had their Christmas ruined

Their Christmas was ruined for the entire family

The sudden ban has devastated a family of four from Surrey who were looking forward to Christmas skiing in Val Thoren. 

Maxine Lane-Badenhop (56), was set to ski in France together with Henning, her husband, and their daughters 14 and 15.

They spent around £3,800 on the holiday which they have not lost – but cannot get back, only postpone the trip.

Mrs Lane-Badenhop was able to get the necessary passes for her girls and even their health certificates for their dog, despite having difficulties.

However, President Macron’s sudden volte-face caused their Eurotunnel trip to be thrown into chaos.

MailOnline was informed by Mrs Lane-Badenhop that this trip had been postponed since last Christmas because of the same reasons.

“We had everything ready to go. It’s very difficult this morning to learn about the ban. 

“My husband was working abroad, so he was going back tonight. We paid for all the tests.

“We are all devastated. We were looking forward to this as a family. It is not clear what we will do Christmas.

“If France closes its borders for us, is it going to do that to the rest of Europe?” 

“I’m cynical. But is it a British and French thing about Brexit?”

“It just seems insane with Omicron everywhere. It is terrible that resorts will lose their money, too.

It is disappointing. It is disappointing that we have purchased ski clothing which are not enough for next year.

It is insane to think that we will have to cancel everything now.

Four families are looking forward to spending Christmas together in a luxurious ski resort. They lashed out at President Macron, who closed France’s borders to Britons.

Maxine Lane-Badenhop (56), was set to ski in France together with her husband Henning, and their daughters Millie and Maddie (15 and 15 years respectively). 

The family had booked a £3,800 holiday which they can only postpone, but their Eurotunnel trip was thrown into chaos by President Macron’s volte-face. 

Maxine claimed that Maxine was her. The ban was ridicule, so they were told MailOnline: We can’t travel now.. This is devastating news for us all. As a family, we had been looking forward to this. Now we don’t know how to celebrate Christmas.

“If France closes its borders for us, is it going to do that to the rest of Europe?” 

“I’m cynical. But is it a British and French thing about Brexit?”

“It just seems insane with Omicron everywhere. The resorts losing money are also my worst nightmare.

Macron’s government singled the UK out for the ban on travel other than essential, saying it was designed to delay the arrival of Omicron the super-mutant Omicron.

Omicron, however, is well-established in the French travel industry according to experts and current data.

Boris Johnson attacked France today for banning British tourists to the country beginning Saturday, citing fears over the Omicron version. 

France is the only country to have given boosters to 16.7 millions people. It hopes to add another dose of 20 million to its population by Christmas. It is still behind the UK with 24 million booster jabs.  

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said that Omicron was not an effective or proportionate response.

He explained that Red Lists do not seem to be proportionate or effective at the moment due to Omicron’s transmission and seeding all over the world.

This move follows weeks of political tension between Britain, France and Britain about post-Brexit fisheries rights and how to handle migrants crossing the English Channel.

The timing is perfect for France, where the government is trying desperately to prevent a new lockdown of stricter measures. This would damage the economy, and could cloud President Macron’s planned campaign for the April presidential elections.

France’s Covid daily cases have risen significantly since Omicron was introduced and now stand at almost the same per capita level as the UK.

Omicron has also been found throughout many European countries. Denmark is not included in France’s travel ban.

Paul Charles, the chief executive officer of The PC Agency travel agency, stated that “Blanket Country Measures are a harmful backwards step. They never work.” “Omicron” is in France, and many other EU countries.

“Why should millions of people boosted in vaccines be treated as unvaccinated and denied entry to the country?” 

Maxine Lane-Badenhop, 56, had been poised to go skiing in France with her husband Henning and their two daughters, 14 and 15.

Maxine Lane-Badenhop (56), was set to ski in France together with Henning, her husband, and their daughters 14 and 15.

This chart shows the proportion of all cases that are Omicron (red) according to the latest genetic sequencing data on December 13. France sequences far fewer cases than the UK, but the super-mutant strain makes up a higher proportion of those they do sequence than in the UK.

The chart below shows Omicron-positive cases (red), based on the most recent genetic sequencing data from December 13. France sequences much fewer cases than the UK. However, the super-mutant variant strain accounts for a greater percentage of the sequences than they did in the UK. 

The UK has far more cases than France of the virus and its new strain which is spreading fast

France has more cases of this virus in the UK than France, and it is rapidly spreading to other countries.

The UK is below many other European countries for number of Covid cases per million

In terms of the number Covid cases per Million, the UK has a lower rate than many European countries

The Omicron variant is already growing rapidly in France and although it has detected fewer cases in total, it sequences far fewer cases

France’s Omicron variant has been growing quickly. Although it detects fewer cases, it still sequences far more cases. 

Omicron cases in the UK are shown taking off in December, starting on the 3rd of the month

Omicron cases are seen in the UK taking off in December. It starts on the 3rd day of the month.

French president Macron at the EU Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels yesterday

Yesterday, Macron was the French President at the EU Eastern Partnership Summit.

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Conservative MP for Dover Natalie Elphicke told MailOnline the French action was causing ‘unnecessary’ misery for travellers.

‘We have seen again France acting in a different way to other European countries. That is going to cause unnecessary disruption this Christmas time,’ she said.

‘We saw France do this last Christmas. It is obviously welcome they seem to be allowing haulage to travel… but clearly this is going to be difficult for passengers trying to return to their homes for Christmas or go abroad at this time of year.’

Brittany Ferries spokeswoman said, “These new measures will not be able to accommodate our Christmas season.”

“In light of Omicron variants that are passing through French populations as it is in Britain, any further border checks seem to be as futile as they are welcome.” 

Family members who have paid for testing and other packages will be fighting to get their money back by Christmas.  

According to the spokesperson of PM, travel bans do not seem like an effective or proportionate response to Omicron.

The spokesman for Macron said, “I believe at all stages it has been down to the countries to consider which approach is right.

“Certainly we have no reason to believe that Red Lists would be proportionate or effective given Omicron’s transmissibility and the seeding of Omicron around the world.

A French government spokesman confirmed there will be a ‘requirement to have an essential reason to travel to, or come from, the UK, both for the unvaccinated and vaccinated’.

He said, “People can’t travel for professional or touristic reasons.”

The French nationals and EU citizens could return from the UK to France, they argued.

While Delta is still the most popular variant of Omicron in France, it’s spreading fast enough in Britain to raise concerns throughout the Channel.

Gabriel Attal, spokesperson of the French government said that while tourism and business travel from Britain to France would be restricted, French citizens are still able to take part in such trips. 

Attal stated that all British citizens arriving in Britain must have at least a 24 hour negative virus test. They should also be able to repeat the test upon arrival. 

Gillian Keegan, Health Minister was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for her thoughts on the French travel bans.

She stated, “Actually, my first thought was, “I’m glad that my trip to France has been cancelled,” because France is where she was supposed to spend Christmas. 

Many Britons, including Ollie James above, have seen their Christmas plans destroyed today

Today, many Britons (including Ollie James) have had their Christmas plans ruined.

Ollie James has had his £12,000 ski holiday cancelled he revealed on Twitter this morning

Ollie James has had his £12,000 ski holiday cancelled he revealed on Twitter this morning

British tourists were dismayed at the news of the ban from the French government

The French government had banned British tourists from France.

France reported on Tuesday over 63,400 positive Covid tests, the highest figure since April, while almost 2,800 people are in intensive care with the illness. Pictured: A graph showing the seven-day rolling average of new Covid-19 cases in France

France has reported Tuesday that it had over 63.400 Covid-positive tests. This is the highest number since April. Nearly 2,800 are currently in intensive care. The graph below shows the 7-day average number of Covid-19 new cases in France.

Pictured: A graph showing the seven-day rolling average of new coronavirus deaths in France

 Pictured: A graph showing the seven-day rolling average of new coronavirus deaths in France

Support for travel group members is needed by the Government 

ABTA asked for government support to the travel industry.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive said that the ban would be a major blow to winter travel, already in extreme stress due to Omicron restrictions.

“The school and winter travel markets are especially vulnerable, so the government must present a support package to ensure that we don’t see job loss and company collapses.

The travel and tourism industry is facing another wave of cancellations. Since early 2020, there has been little opportunity to earn income. After two years of restrictions imposed by the Government, turnover rates for travel businesses are now just 22%. Consumer confidence has also been hard hit.

“Any government review of support for business to deal with the Omicron impacts must include priority travel agents or tour operators.”

“But of course every government deals with Omicron. Every government must make their decision and have their answer to it. This is going to change people’s plans. That is extremely unfortunate.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he has spoken to his equivalent in the French government, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, and agreed that hauliers will be exempt from the new restrictions. 

On Wednesday, the UK saw the most confirmed COVID-19 new infections since the outbreak. England’s chief physician warned that the situation could get worse as an omicron variant causes a new wave during Christmas.

This is an abrupt turnaround from yesterday’s announcement that returning travelers would require a negative test of less than 24 hours, and that a blanket quarantine would apply to any return to France. Tourism would also be restricted.

They stated that they would reduce the validity period for the French immigration test from 48 to 24 hours.

“We will restrict the reasons to come to France from Britain, and it will only be for French residents and nationals with their families.

“Tourism and business travel for persons who don’t have French or European citizenship or are not residents of France or Europe will be restricted.”

The app will allow people to log in and they will then be able to choose a location to live alone for 7 days. Security forces will manage the area.

He said that a French negative test can reduce the time to less than 48 hours. 

Attal explained that the policy was designed to “tighten the net” to stop Omicron-related cases from reaching France. This would also allow more time to promote French vaccination boosters.

He said, “Our strategy is delay Omicron development in our country to maximize the opportunity to drive the booster drives.”

The news will be a blow to any Brits who had booked a holiday in France over the next month

Brits, who have booked France holidays over the past month, will find this devastating news.

Skiing resorts had been preparing to welcome British tourists until today's shock change

British tourists have been visiting ski resorts for years, and today is a shock.

Britain saw a record-breaking 78610 confirmed Covid cases from laboratories in Wednesday’s UK. Science experts are expecting even greater numbers, as Omicron, which is thought to be spreading much more quickly than Delta, will prove useful.

Travel restrictions that are strict have been imposed as an indication of the lack of trust between British-French governments after Brexit.

Last week, the French president Emmanuel Macron accused Boris Johnson’s UK government of not keeping its word regarding Brexit. He said that the problem with Britain’s government was that it doesn’t do what it promises. 

On Wednesday over-65s in France without Covid-19 booster jabs lost their ‘health pass’ under new rules.

This pass, which was first introduced this summer, makes it mandatory to have full Covid-19 vaccination. It also requires a negative or recent recovery test for any type of restaurant, cafe or inter-city train travel, and entry into cultural venues such as museums or cinemas. 

According to the government, around 400,000 seniors 65 years and older who could be eligible for the booster shot are still not having it administered. This is 12 percent and 10% respectively of people 65-79 and 65-79.

The QR code generated by a smartphone app will automatically disable the activation of the booster shot for people over 65 who do not take it up. 

France is currently in an ongoing fifth wave of Covid. This was largely caused by the Delta variation, but it also contains at least 170 cases of Omicron variant.

This follows numerous complaints from French travelers about lack of anti-Covid safety precautions being enforced in the UK.

On Tuesday it emerged that even football commentators from one of the biggest broadcasters in France have stopped travelling to English stadiums – because nobody at all bothers wearing an anti-Covid mask.

Anthony Tobelem is a Senior Journalist on Canal+ and made this shocking admission while drawing attention to the Premier League’s growing health crisis.

He pointed out 42 positive Covid results from players in a single week and said that commentators had been staying at Canal+ for the past two weeks to take note of these numbers.

“It is for the best because if you don’t wear a face mask you are at risk of getting positive results. And the English up until very recently didn’t have a face mask.”

Tobelem stated that he had never seen an Englishman wear a mask at a stadium in August. [at the start of the current season]’.

France has a mandatory requirement that you wear a mask when attending football matches. England does not have such a rule, although many doctors recommend it.

While the UK requires that all passengers use a mask when traveling on buses, trains or other modes of transportation, it is not mandatory.

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