Matt Hancock, a disgraced ex-Health Secretary appears to have violated Covid regulations once again. This time, he forgot to wear his mask in a Tube station.

Ex-minister 43, apologized after being caught without any face cover while entering an Underground station in London.

He’d been at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball at Greenwich’s O2 Arena, as one of several public appearances in the last week.

In June, Mr Hancock and Gina Coladangelo were filmed having a hot clinch in the Whitehall Office. This marked both his end as minister and the beginning of his 15 year marriage to Martha.

His famous kiss with the woman he was in love broke social distancing guidelines that he had pushed for, and forced him to quit as Health Secretary.

Now it seems like Hancock broke the rules yet again, despite the fact that he was previously prominent in his role as a consultant to the nation’s response to the pandemic. 

Matt Hancock, a disgraced ex-Health Secretary appears to have violated Covid regulations once again. This time, he forgot to wear his mask in a Tube station

Mr Hancock had been watching Capital's Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in Greenwich - one of a number of public appearances in recent weeks

Mr Hancock had been watching Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in Greenwich – one of a number of public appearances in recent weeks

The ex-minister, 43, apologised after he was seen without a face covering while entering an underground station in London on Saturday

After being seen in London’s underground stations on Saturday, the ex-minister (43 years old) apologized.

Mr Hancock was forced to resign for breaching social distancing guidelines after he was shown in CCTV footage kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo inside his ministerial office

Following a CCTV video showing Mr Hancock kissing Gina Coladangelo in his ministerial offices, Mr Hancock was made to resign. 

At North Greenwich station, Mr Hancock was visible at approximately 10:45pm Saturday, December 11th. This was after the holiday music bash. 

MailOnline learns that he was at the Capital concert with his daughter. It is believed his turtleneck choice set off a lot of tongues. 

A frustrated witness, who did not want to be identified, captured Mr Hancock’s maskless actions on video at the bottom the escalators. He was there before reaching the turnstiles.

According to them, “Everyone in the station was wearing masks – that’s probably why we doubled our eyes.”

“We confronted his. He apologized and then put another one on. It is hard to imagine what he might have done if we didn’t confront him.

According to Transport for London’s website, it is a condition of carriage for passengers to wear face coverings correctly over their mouth and nose or they could be thrown off and risk a fine – starting at £200 and rising up to £6,400. 

Transport for London (TfL), rules stipulate that masks are required to be worn for the full duration of travels in London, which includes inside stations. 

As part of stricter regulations to reduce rising Covid cases, the November 30th saw face-coverings being reinstated on public transportation. 

MailOnline was told by a spokesman for Mr Hancock that Matt was on the way to the Tube and had put on his mask as he made his way into the station.

“Matt makes sure that his mask is on when he is on the tube. He travels a lot on this tube and is sorry if he didn’t put it on earlier.

An onlooker claimed they challenged Hancock regarding the revelations concerning Christmas parties at No10; but, he declined comment.

Mr Hancock lost his job earlier this year when it emerged he and Gina Coladangelo were seeing each other despite her being his £15,000-a-year aide and them breaking social distancing rules that he had himself created. 

Both the Hancocks met at Oxford University while students and were married in 2006. They had previously lived in London with their daughter of 14 years, and their two boys, 13 and 8, until this year, when it was discovered that Mr Hancock had an affair. 

Disgraced former minister Matt Hancock today continued his 'comeback tour' by debuting a bold new look at a red carpet event

Hancock at the Capital Radio Jingle Bells Ball in London on Saturday night

Matt Hancock, a disgraced ex-minister, today launched a bold new look to a London red carpet event.

The jaw-dropping footage was taken on May 6 – less than a fortnight before the Government relaxed safety rules including giving permission to hug. 

This father-of-three has ended his 15 year marriage to Martha.

They met at Oxford University while they were studying together. One image dates back to September 2019 at the Conservative Party Conference. 

Hancock, in his resignation letter addressed to the Prime Minster, stated that ministers “owe it so people who have sacrificed such a lot in this pandemic be honest with them when we have let them back”. 

Earlier this week Mr Hancock was pictured holding hands with lover Gina on an early morning stroll just days after he publicly apologised for the affair and admitted the infamous kiss was ‘a failure of leadership’. 

In recent weeks, the West Suffolk MP made several media appearances on ITV’s Peston and Good Morning Britain.