Two years in hell for a lecturer who said dress had ‘racy décolletage’: A fashion tutor is forced to apologize after she was suspended because of outfit descriptions like ‘hot mama.’

  • Peter Huffam (55) fought for two years against University of Arts London
  • Following students’ claims that he had sexualized outfit descriptions using words such as “hot mama”, the fashion lecturer received an apology.
  • Three students claimed that Huffam’s lesson was inappropriate. 

A fashion lecturer has won an apology after being suspended when students claimed he sexualised outfit descriptions by using phrases such as ‘racy decolletage’ and ‘hot mama’.

Peter Huffam (55) fought a 2 year legal battle against University of Arts London. He was disqualified from his ‘dream job.

He stated, “It’s derailing my career. This has been an occupation I did for over 30 years. I worked in 19 different universities across the world.” This was truly my dream job.

“Then all fell down. It was unbelievable. I thought it was a case of mistaken identity at first – it was so surreal, it was almost comical.’

Peter Huffam, 55, fought a two-year legal battle against the University of Arts London (UAL) over the suspension from his 'dream job'

Peter Huffam (55) fought a two year legal fight against University of Arts London.

On the global graduate diploma in fashion, the Central Saint Martins (part of the UAL) asked the lecturer to expand the fashion vocabulary for students abroad from China, Russia, and South Korea.

The instructor asked his students to match six styles from Milan Fashion Week to six photographs of their outfits.

The caption of one newspaper’s photo of a girl reads: “Add a little purple lipstick to this and some high-heeled shoes and it’s a hot mama.”

In the midst of the October 2019 lesson, three students complained about Mr Huffam’s inappropriateness and making them feel uneasy. Three students complained that Huffam had used vulgar language to describe bustlines and they were’sexualized’.

Outfit: Look from 2013 Milan Fashion Week was described as ‘hot mama’

Outfit: Look from 2013 Milan Fashion Week was described as ‘hot mama’

Mr Huffam was reinstated after three months and the University of Arts London (file image) has now admitted he was wrongly disciplined

After three months, Mr Huffam was reinstated and University of Arts London (file photo) now admits that he was incorrectly disciplined

A former magistrate, Mr Huffam claimed that the articles were used. However, he had never actually read the words. “I was furious.” ‘I was furious…

His next lesson was postponed and Mr Huffam was removed from the class. Three months later, he was reinstated. Stella McCartney, who studied at the university, now admits that he was improperly disciplined. He was reinstated by the university after three months.

According to the university, compensation is being sought from the lecturer for work-related stress.

UAL claimed that they are unable to address individual complaints or cases.

Whitehall ‘ban on woke speakers’ 

Civil servants have been banned from inviting ‘woke’ speakers who criticise Boris Johnson to give Whitehall addresses, according to reports.

A leaked document warns that invitations should not be issued to those who have ‘spoken against key government policies’.

Speakers should be subject to ‘due diligence’ checks and have their social media posts examined, the email obtained by The Sunday Telegraph said. This comes as a result of several speakers who were asked to speak at Whitehall, including an antiracism trainer that made antisemitic comments.

Steve Barclay, Cabinet Office Minister is leading a diversity and inclusion strategy for civil services. Tory sources see this as an opportunity to eradicate ‘woke and politicised’ practices in Whitehall, the newspaper reported.