“The railway isn’t a photograph opportunity”: Two teenage girls caught doing HANDTANDS at a crossing are shockingly captured on CCTV

  • In July, the two teenagers were captured by CCTV cameras in Broxtowe (Nottinghamshire).
  • Network Rail stated that the crossing of the railroad is not a good photo opportunity.
  • There were 22 incidents on the Attenborough Nature Reserve track in nine days

Two teenage girls have been caught on CCTV doing handstands at a level crossing as Network Rail warned the railway is ‘not a photo opportunity’.

It happened at Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire on a track that trains travel up to 80 mph.

The police stated that the girls had shown a blatant disregard for safety and well-being of others.

A number of people stood on the track for photographs. One person sat down and took photos.

In just nine days, 22 cases of misuse were found at the Attenborough Nature Reserve crossing.

Gary Walsh, Network Rail director said that this behavior is shocking at Nature Reserve crossings.

“The railway isn’t a good photo opportunity. It is dangerous to stay on or stop the train tracks.

CCTV footage shows a teenage girl doing a handstand over a stretch of track used by trains travelling up to 80mph, in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire in July this year

CCTV footage captures a girl standing on the track of a train travelling at 80 mph in Broxtowe (Nottinghamshire) in July 2018.

A teenage boy lying down at the at a level crossing in Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire

A teenage boy lying down at the at a level crossing in Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire

“The handstands done by the two young girls are totally unaware of all the dangers that they’re putting their lives in.

“This incident could have resulted in devastating consequences for them as well as their families and friends.”

British Transport Police inspector Mark Clements said that “The people shown in the footage show a shockingly blatant disregard of their safety.”

Trespassing is a crime, and can have devastating consequences for the victim or cause life-threatening injuries.

Network Rail shared CCTV of 22 incidents over just nine days in July, with another example pictured, a girl taking a photograph at the level crossing

Network Rail had CCTV footage of 22 incidents in just nine days, including another picture showing a young girl photographing at the crossing.

A teenage girl doing a handstand at the railway crossing. The incidents happened a year after a couple was caught posing for wedding photos while standing on the track at a level crossing near Whitby, North Yorkshire

The railway crossing. A teenager girl does a handstand. This happened one year after an incident in which a couple was photographed standing at the level crossing between Whitby and Whitby.

“We constantly patrol this area, reminding everyone about the need to take care of the railway’s tracks and to never trespass.

Handstands were filmed during the incident in July. This was one year after a couple had been caught on CCTV taking wedding photos from a distance while they stood on the tracks at Whitby level crossing.

Network Rail stated that it does everything possible to increase safety at crossings. However, it still needs the support of communities.

Switch On, a brand-new programme launched by the company to educate children on the dangers associated with the railroad and increase their awareness.