Fashion: THE Luxury Lounge

 For duvet days – and cosy nights – comfort and style are everything

Look to flowing, silky finishes to elevate your laid-back vibe

To elevate your relaxed vibe, look to silky textures and flowy fabrics

 Bralette, £39.95, shirt dress, £69.95, and trousers, £59.95, all

For the most stylish of lazy days, snuggle up in a cashmere playsuit

You can be stylish and comfortable on lazy days by wearing a cashmere jumpsuit

Cashmere playsuit, £570,

 Socks, £55 for three pairs, Rototo,

 Blanket, £155, 

Meet the lounging gear that cuts it if you need to pop to the shops

If you have to go to the shops, meet the lounging gear.

Jumper, £90, trousers, £70, and slippers, £145, 

Opt for silky stripes for swellegant days or nights

For swellegant nights or days, choose silky stripes

Silk shirt, £245, and trousers, £185, 

Blanket, £105, 

Your cutest duvet-day duo? Cosy cashmere and PJ bottoms

Your cutest duvet-day duo? Cozy Cashmere and PJ Bottoms

Cashmere jumper, £180,

Pyjama bottoms (part of a set), £55,

Cashmere socks, £85.78, 

Lace and satin take lounging to an opulent new level

Lunging at a luxurious new level with satin and lace

Nightdress, £29.50, Rosie for 

Fashion Stylist: Joanne Toolan

Photographs: David Ralph

 Fashion assistant: Lauren Glazer. 

Nicky Weir with Vieve. 

Hair: Alex Szabo at Carol Hayes Management using Rita Hazan

Kelia, Milk Management Model. 

Production: Clara Maidment