Adam Peaty, one year old, has already shown George, his younger brother, a taste of the speed that saw his dad win three Olympic golds medals.

Peaty posted a video on Instagram to his 593,000 Instagram followers. It showed his son gliding down the pool’s length on a floating board. 

George is seen sitting safely on a large foamfloat, before his dad puts his foot to the pedal. This propels George forward through the water at great speed. 

After a few seconds, the pair thunder down the pool until George land with a gentle bump at one end. 

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British breastroker Adam Peaty posted an adorable clip on Instagram, showing himself hurtling down the pool, pushing his son, George, one, along on a large foam float

Adam Peaty from Britain posted this adorable video on Instagram. He was seen hurtling down the pool with his one-year-old son George on a large foam flotation.

The swimmer's first child was born in September 2020 to Peaty and artist partner Eiri Munro

Peaty, artist partner Eiri and the swimmer had their first child in September 2020.

As they gather pace, the youngster appears unfazed by the speed, looking around as they make the dash

The youngster seems unfazed as they speed up, and he or she looks around at the others while they run.

By the middle of the length, Peaty has an explosion of power and the pair hurtle forwards

Peaty’s power explodes in the middle of the length and both the couple propel forwards.

Peaty captioned the image with: “It’s a High Performance Centre, I promise” and a laughing Emoji. 

British breaststroker George is shared by Eiri, 23, and her artist partner Eiri Mundo. 

Peaty stated that his son has already shown potential in the pool. The youngster is regularly joining his father in the spa, which he used to build in his backyard last year. 

Sportsmail spoke to him in July. He said that he was afraid the first time, just like me, but is now beginning to enjoy it.  

After winning the glittery dance contest earlier in the month, Strictly’s 26-year old star has now returned to his job. 

Peaty, along with Katya Jones as his professional partner failed to impress any judges. Peaty admitted later that he did not ‘deserve to be there’.

That was quick! The pair reach the other end of the Olympic-sized swimming pool

This was very quick. They reach the opposite end of the Olympic-sized pool.

The Olympic swimmer, 26, and pro partner Katya Jone were voted off Strictly Come Dancing earlier this month - which resulted in his mum Caroline branding the show a 'total fix'

 The Olympic swimmer, 26, and pro partner Katya Jone were voted off Strictly Come Dancing earlier this month – which resulted in his mum Caroline branding the show a ‘total fix’

However, his mum did not feel the same. Shortly after his departure, Peaty was forced to address claims that his mother made regarding Strictly Come Dancing being a ‘total fix.’  

BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt asked Adam during an interview on Thursday his thoughts of the remarks, to which he said: ‘Mums are always going to support their own. 

Interview: Strictly's Adam Peaty reflected on his journey and broke his silence on his mother's 'fix' claims during an interview on BBC Breakfast on Thursday

Interview: Strictly’s Adam Peaty reflected on his journey and broke his silence on his mother’s ‘fix’ claims during an interview on BBC Breakfast on Thursday

You know what mums do, she wanted me to be there every Saturday. “I love her so much, and she also loves me very deeply. It seems she was just looking to watch me perform the Paso!  I believe that if there is anyone who can win well, it’s me. Everyone in the competition is amazing people. 

“I am glad that I’m there, because I do not deserve it.” My jaw drops at times from some of the dancing there. Everybody on the show is my support. 

It’s normal for me to be on my own, and I’ll tell you “you’re no beating me today”, but this is different.’=

The sportsman, who dubbed the BBC show as ‘one of the hardest things I’ve done’, was asked by BBC Breakfast co-host Naga Munchetty if he’d ‘had words’ with his mum. 

He replied, “Yeah,” ‘I don’t wanna censor anyone. My mom has her thoughts and mine. I thought the best thing about it. Everyone on that show deserves to be there and I don’t.’

He said that Katya Jones is his professional partner in Strictly. She’s so driven and inspiring. She was so inspiring and determined. It was great working with her.

Adam also discussed his book, The Gladiator Mindset, which was released on Thursday.

The work features ‘ten steps to push your limits and achieve the impossible’, with Adam telling Charlie and Naga that he wants to inspire people.

While he might be taking some time off mentally and physically until January, the swimmer of breaststroke was determined to continue his ‘always push more than any other person in the pool’ attitude. 

Adam looked over the moon that The Gladiator Mindset was finally hitting the shelves as he beamed in Manchester signing copies on Thursday. 

The swimmer carefully scrawled his signature in the front of the books for his fans as he made an appearance at the The Trafford Centre Waterstones. 

The handsome man was dressed in a black polo with long sleeves and he looked dapper.