What is a Christmas miracle? The miracle of Christmas: A father, 41 years old, and kidney transplantee, wakes up from a week-long coma after being ill with Covid.

  • Michael Taylor’s nurses described Taylor’s recovery as a Christmas miracle.
  • Leanne Bayley (37), his partner, stated that he had begun to feel better in the last weeks.
  • Father-of-two (41 years old) was admitted to the hospital. He is now in a coma. 

After catching Covid-19, a father-of-2 was in a coma and has now opened his eyes.

His nurses described Michael Taylor’s recovery as a “Christmas miracle” after he began to come off oxygen and ventilation. He ‘progressed tremendously in one week,” Leanne Bayley, his partner said. 

Mr Taylor, 41, first fell ill after on October 31 and complained of symptoms including a sore throat and sharp pains behind his eyes.

A few days later, he was taken to Tameside General Hospital and placed in a coma. He donated his kidney to Paul, his brother 15 years back.

Ms Bayley explained that after several months of declining health, he recently opened his eyes again and was able smile earlier this week. 

She added: ‘I believe in the power of prayer. They say that it is miraculous. They’re astounded. They worked tirelessly for Michael. It doesn’t matter what else – I’m alive.  

Michael Taylor's nurses have described the start of his recovery as a 'Christmas miracle' after he started coming off oxygen and ventilation and 'progressed massively' in a week, his partner Leanne Bayley said. Pictured, Mr Taylor with his daughters Ruby and Rebecca

After Michael Taylor was removed from oxygen and ventilation, his nurses called it a miracle. He ‘progressed tremendously’ within one week. Leanne Bayley, his partner said that this is what his nurses had described as the beginning of his recovery. Pictured: Mr Taylor and his two daughters Ruby, Rebecca.

Mr Taylor is pictured with his mother Pat and brother Paul. After five weeks, he was transferred to Manchester Royal Infirmary where he developed a fungal infection

Here is Mr Taylor with his mother Pat, and brother Paul. Five weeks later, Taylor was transferred to Manchester Royal Infirmary. He developed a fungal disease.

Three weeks later, Taylor was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia. His condition quickly deteriorated. He caught numerous infections including sepsis in his lungs and was placed on a ventilator as doctors fought to save his life.

Five weeks later, he was moved to Manchester Royal Infirmary. He developed a fungal disease.

He was surrounded by his devastated family including Ruby and Rebecca. They were all losing hope every day, and they had no clue if he would come through.

His blood pressure and oxygen levels have stabilized since then.   

Nurses currently try to get Mr Taylor off of his ventilator for just a few hours each day, so he can start breathing on his own.

To aid with his breathing, he has physiotherapy sessions in which nurses raise him off his bed.

Ms Bayley, 37 years old, stated that it was just horrible.

Mr Taylor first fell ill after contracting the virus on October 31. Pictured with his brother Paul

On October 31, 2001, Mr Taylor contracted the virus and fell ill. Pictured with Paul Taylor, his brother

Ms Bayley added: 'Oldham Athletic did a one-minute applause and the Everton manager wished him well.' Pictured, Mr Taylor with his two daughters

Ms Bayley said that Oldham Athletic gave a brief applause, and Everton’s manager wished Mr Taylor well. Pictured is Mr Taylor and his two daughters

“Those were my worst weeks in my entire life. He was in decline from the moment he entered hospital. Only a tiny hope remained. Even though I was losing all hope after the fourth week, I believed that he would make it through.

“I am just trying to keep my fingers crossed for the time being.”

Ms Bayley said that Oldham Athletic gave a brief applause, and Everton’s manager wished him luck. We had so much support.

“That week Mike picked up, and I felt hopeful again. He has made tremendous progress over the past two weeks.

“He just began to come off oxygen and ventilation. He smiled at nurses and woke up this morning.

“When my son was diagnosed with sepsis I believed that it was the end. Mike’s mother Pat and his brother Paul went through so many things and kept me in the loop every step. They have been extremely supportive and comforting. 

A fundraiser has been set up to help pay for a new bed for Mr Taylor’s recovery when he eventually returns home.

So far, it has raised £290 out of its £600 goal.