Two years has been spent in jail for an “erratic and dangerous” motorist who killed his teenage nephew in a horror crash.

Lejan Lancaster Baxter, 35, was’showing it off’ when his Volkswagen GOLF GTI clocked speeds of up 80 mph in a 30-zone before plowing into two cars, and barrel rolling along.

Lancaster-Baxter was thrown out of the vehicle before it landed upside-down, bounced and skidded 65ft, narrowly missing a pedestrian. 

Father-of-one Brad Aldridge, 19, died and his cousin Declan Aldridge suffered serious injuries in the crash on Harrogate Road, in Bradford, on February 3, 2019.

Lancaster-Baxter from Fagley in West Yorkshire admitted to causing death by dangerous driving, and causing serious injuries. 

Lejan Lancaster-Baxter (pictured), 35, was 'showing off' when his Volkswagen GOLF GTI reached speeds of up to 80mph in a 30 zone before ploughing into two cars and barrel rolling along the road

Lejan Lancaster-Baxter, 35, was’showing it off’ when his Volkswagen GOLF GTI reached speeds up to 80 mph in a 30 zone. He then crashed into two cars and began barrel rolling along the road.

Yesterday, he was sentenced for 32 months in prison and disqualified to drive for more than 9 years. 

Jonathan Sharp, the Bradford Crown Court Prosecutor, stated that no one was wearing a seatbelt in the car. 

Those who witnessed the Golf before it crashed described Lancaster-Baxter’s driving as’madness’ and ‘aggressive’.

Father-of-one Brad Aldridge, 19, died

Father-of-one Brad Aldridge, 19, died

One woman stated that the car was travelling at around 80mph along the 30mph highway. She was so upset she tried to take down its registration number to report it the police.

The cyclist that the car was overtaking said it was evident someone was going hurt. A witness said: “He seemed like he was accelerating up the road and getting faster. I was half expecting the police to chase down the car.

According to the court, Lancaster-Baxter was driving his Golf in the direction Bradford when he collided with a Hyundai. He tried to overtake.

The Golf then crashed into a Nissan Juke. With the force of impact, the Golf flew into the air and did a full barrel roll. 

In court, footage of the horrific smash was shown by CCTV. Also, pictures showing the devastating damage to the Golf as well as the Nissan were shown.

David Barlow (the Nissan driver) said that his four year-old son was left screaming and covered in broken glass. He said, “I can’t help but think about how close my child came to being killed.”

Although Lancaster-Baxter was conscious and able walk, Brad sustained multiple injuries and was declared dead on the spot. 

Declan, who was stuck in the vehicle, was taken by ambulance to hospital with fractures to his wrist and femur. He also needed surgery on his leg.

Lancaster-Baxter tried’minimise his blame’, the court heard. Brad’s family read out a victim impact statement as part of the defense case to save Lancaster-Baxter’s life from prosecution.

Connor Quinn for Lancaster-Baxter stated that the defendant had been more like a brother than a nephew or uncle and that the family had’suffered sufficient’.

Lancaster-Baxter (pictured) was thrown from the vehicle before it landed upside down, bounced and skidded 65 feet, narrowly missing a pedestrian

Lancaster-Baxter (pictured), was thrown from vehicle before it landed upside-down, bounced, and skidded 65ft, narrowly missing pedestrian

Shona McNulty is Brad’s girlfriend. She is also the mother of his son.

She told Yorkshire Live: ‘It was not anyone’s fault – it was not on purpose. He (Lejan) was so close to Brad. They would do anything together. They were more or less brothers. He (Lejan), is suffering 100 percent.  

Quinn stated that Lancaster-Baxter was a father of five and suffered from PTSD. He also said that he had no prior convictions. There was a low chance of him reoffending.

Quinn stated that he would never again trouble these courts.

Judge Andrew Hatton stated that he accepted the ‘considerable mitigation’ and remorse but added: ‘My task is to objectively assess and sentence properly and fairly for the public.

Brad's girlfriend and the mother of his son, Shona McNulty (pictured together), said his 'loved his uncle so much' and 'being angry is not going to be worth it'

Shona McNulty is Brad’s girlfriend. She is also the mother of his child.

Lancaster-Baxter was told by him: “You drove in a manner that was palpably hazardous.”

He said, “Those who choose to drive dangerously and take risks must be aware that there is a cost to doing so. The public has the right to know that they are protected under the law.

He said that the families of the deceased and the accused are often at odds in such cases, and that they were not here. However, he stated that the sentence must reflect all aspects. 

After the incident, Detective Sergeant Paul Lightowler from the Major Collision Enquiry Team stated that this case is a tragic example the terrible consequences of driving dangerously.

“Bradley was only 19 when he died. He had his entire life ahead of him. He also had a young child, who will not have a father. I hope that this sends a clear signal that speeding on our roads is a killer and that we won’t tolerate people who break the law.

His family issued a statement after his death saying: ‘Our precious boy, son, brother and father, partner, grandson and nephew. Our hearts are broken. It feels like a bad nightmare, like we’re going home soon.

“How could my precious blue eyed boy be gone, all those who knew him have spoken such beautiful words about him, it means so very much to us. Your daddy and mammy were so proud of your beautiful blue-eyed son that you became. You are our universe.

“You are our universe. You are my beginning and your daddy’s. You will always be our everything and everything. Until we see each other again.