A father who lost four sons in a house fire in south London has written a sad note to his children, saying that they were his pride and joy. There are still many tributes for them. 

After the Sutton fire, Dalton Hoath (28), wrote his twin boys Kyson, Bryston and Logan individual messages. 

Outside the burned-out terrace house, a shrine made of balloons, flowers, toys, and football scarves continues to be constructed, with locals contributing their daily tributes. 

The devastated father said the presents the four little boys will never get to unwrap will remain untouched under a tree until after Christmas.  

Police are still investigating the causes of the fire. They said that they had taken into custody a woman aged 27 on suspicion of neglecting children. She was released from police custody in mid-January.

The devastated father of the two sets of twins, Dalton Hoath, with his boys over the summer

Dalton Hoath was the father of two sets of devastated twins. He was pictured with his children over the summer

One note, addressed to his three-year-old Leyton, described the toddler as 'the most perfect little boy'

Leyton was described as the perfect toddler in a note addressed to him by his father.

According to Mr Hoath’s previous statements, his family was ‘devastated by this tragedy’. He wrote messages specifically for the children. 

Leyton was described as the perfect toddler in a note to him, written by his father. 

A note was left beside a pair of shoes and a baby’s diaper. It read, “My baby Leyton. Daddy loves You.” 

“I wish there was more Bogies screaming!” You were the perfect boy, the best brother, and you are the greatest son. Love Daddy. 

Another one read, “My baby Logan.” I was your twin, my second, my heart, and soul. You are missed by your brothers. Your brother was an amazing son, and you were a wonderful boy. I love you, Daddy.

Bryson also received another message. He called him “my prince”, and added, “you make me proud”.

Mr Hoath said he can still hear them telling him, ‘Daddy, I love you’, adding that he does not think the news will sink in for him and has chosen to call Christmas Day just ‘December 25′ following his boys’ deaths. 

Kyson and Bryson Hoath, four, and Leyton and Logan, three, died in a house fire in Sutton on Thursdau

Kyson, Bryson, and Logan Hoath (four years old), were killed in a fire at home in Sutton, Thursdau.

ITV News was told by the father that his sons had been loving, caring, and kind to him. It wasn’t fair for them to have been involved in an accident like this one.

“They will always be my biggest love and support me through these difficult times.

He was called “Bryson” because he was one of the first born. His cute little birthmark was a sign of his intelligence. Kyson was such a sweet soul. His shyness was balanced by his outgoing personality, which made him so charming. Leyton is my youngest twin.

“The older two were more energetic and they would fight each other. They also liked Nerf guns and sword fights. But they loved superheroes. That’s what they had in common. It was beautiful. 

Brothers Kyson and Bryson, four, and Leyton and Logan, three, pictured, perished after a blaze ripped through their home in Sutton, South London, on Thursday

On Thursday, fire ravaged their South London home, killing four-year-old brothers Kyson and Bryson as well as three year old Leyton and Logan.

He said that the presents, which included trainers and clothes, as well as superhero figures, were kept by Mr Hoath under his Christmas tree. But he plans to donate them once Christmas Day is over.

He stated that he felt they should be donated to charity or a hospital so at least some kids can use them.

“It would be more fun if they were given to someone who is able to enjoy them.”

Inferno swept through the first floor and filled the home with dense smoke, overwhelming four young boys. 

Although firefighters pulled the children out of the fire, they could not save their lives and were later pronounced dead in hospital.

It took more than 60 firefighters and eight engines 90 minutes to control the fire.

Deveca Rose, their mother, expressed her sadness at the loss of her sons. 

Rose told The Times that Kyson and Logan were her children. She said they were my sons, they were part of my family, were my friends, were my life and my world.

“They were my heart and soul. They were everything. Everything seems so unbelievable. It’s impossible to function.

Deveca Rose revealed her anguish at having to live without her two sets of twin sons for the rest of her life

Deveca Rose shared her pain at the thought of having to be without her twin sets of sons for her entire life

Rose stated that Rose’s four boys loved dancing in the park, school and going to dance class.

She added: ‘I can’t get over it, I’ll never get over it.

“They were a light in the world, and it will be a regret that they left so quickly. They planned so many things and are gone. As I awaken, I glance at the Christmas tree of my parents and at their clothing. [football]Kit, their Cocomelon gowns and their drawings.

In a previous statement, Mr Hoath said that they were “bright, caring, loving boys, but most importantly sons. Brothers, grandsons. great-grandsons. nephews. and cousins.”

In a statement, he said: “We want to thank all emergency services for trying to save our boys and the local community that came together in this time of need.”

I would like my family to be allowed time to grieve.

“They will remain forever in my mind and heart. I love you Dad.”    

He added that the heartbroken grandfather to the twin sets of brothers who died in the Sutton house-fire explosion said: “It is all the more heartbreaking, because all their presents had been piled under a tree waiting for them.” 

An informal shrine of flowers and balloons as well as toys and football scarves have been set up at the site of the tragic deaths of both sets of twins. 

A makeshift shrine of flowers, balloons, toys and football scarves has since piled up outside the burnt-out terrace house where the two sets of twins died

Since then, outside of the terrace house that was destroyed by fire, there has been a makeshift shrine with flowers, balloons and toys.

Flowers, tributes and teddies left outside the burnt-out terrace house in Sutton after the four children died

Following the death of four children in Sutton, there were flowers, tributes and teddies outside the destroyed terrace house.

One of the tributes is from Sutton’s mayor Councillor Trish Fivey, who wrote: ‘Sending our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Bryson, Kyson, Leyton and Logan who so tragically lost their lives.’

Sainsbury’s staff also said another that they would miss the boys. 

One line read: “Santa will deliver all your presents to Heaven for you.” Stay holding hands forever.’

Police are still investigating the incident. Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer stated that the Metropolitan Police is thinking of all the families and friends who lost loved ones in the tragic accident.

“Local detectives are continuing to investigate the incident and will work with London Fire Brigade colleagues to find out what was the cause and investigate other pertinent matters.”