Doctor Anthony Fauci is the country’s leading expert in infectious diseases and warns that Omicron may not end the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, told the Davos Agenda virtual event Monday that ‘natural vaccination’ – or immunity via previous infection – might not be as effective as some believe.

As with Omicron’s emergence, there are potential future variants that could bypass natural immunity due to infection by the new strain. 

Omicron, says he. It has made a large increase in the number of cases across the globe but it’s not as fatal or serious as other strains. However, it could become an epidemic.

This warning is contrary to some positive forecasts made by officials in the UK that it could cause a “flu-like” relationship between people and the virus.

Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured), warned that the Omicron variant may not be the virus's final strain, as there is potential for another strain that can evade immunity from Omicron to emerge in the future

Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured) warned that Omicron may not be the final variant of the virus, because there are potential other strains that could evade immunity to Omicron.

‘I wish that this is the case. Fauci explained that it would only happen if the other variant doesn’t evade the immune response to the first variant. 

Fauci had previously predicted dire consequences for new Covid variations, and even made accurate predictions regarding the possibility of a Omicron variant emerging.

Fauci, in August when the Delta variant of Covid was rising to the surface in the U.S.A, warned that it was possible that an anti-vaccine variant would emerge.

It was months later that the Omicron variant emerged. In late November of this year, South African health officials found it.

He worries that Omicron may allow another variation to emerge.

Omicron’s emergence as an endemic cause of covid has been a popular theory in health and government officials. It has also served as hope to the people who have suffered from the surge.

The SAGE modeler for the UK predicts that there will be a “flu-type” relationship between the UK and Covid by the close of the year

According to one of today’s Government scientific advisors, Britain could be in a flu-type relationship with Covid as early as 2022.

Dr Mike Tildesley, who sits on an influential modelling sub-group of SAGE, warned the country ‘was not there yet’ because hospitalization levels from the virus are still ‘relatively high’ — despite being just a fraction of those seen in previous waves.

He predicted that Omicron and milder forms would be developed over the next year. This will strengthen the UK’s immunity system and create a greater gap between hospitalizations, deaths and infection rates. 

Warwick University modeler Dr Tildesley said that the data indicated the pandemic was “turning around” following the Omicron wave. This means ministers can begin to discuss how ‘living with Covid’ would look like.

MailOnline analysis suggests that infectivity is in freefall in the United States. This means that outbreaks in 96% of England’s 7,000 communities are shrinking. The trend in hospitalizations is also downward. 

Nadhim Zhawi, former vaccin tsar and Education Secretary today called the numbers ‘promising’ and said that they were a signal that the ‘Plan B” restrictions on the country could be removed before the end this month as the country looks set to improve in the coming weeks. 

The positive comments were made by a World Health Organization expert who said today that there was “light at the end” for Britain despite falling hospital rates and declining case numbers.  

Omicron is infected with so many people that the daily Covid records are almost all over the globe.

Other strains of the virus have been prevented from getting into people by this variant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that Omicron makes up 98 percent in active cases across the U.S. and is almost completely replacing the more serious Delta variant. 

Covid booster shot have also been shown to be effective in fighting the variant, and there is a short supply of the variant-infected people.

It will eventually die out. However, the infection rate should remain low due to its mildness and the regular availability of vaccines within the developed world.

Fauci stated that reaching this level would allow Covid to become an endemic rather than a pandemic.

He said, “Control is having it present and it not disrupting society.” 

“That is my definition of endemicity.” 

Then, everything would be normal. Even though the virus remains in circulation, there would be no need for lockdowns or masking.

“It is unlikely that this disease will be eradicated completely. Fauci stated that the disease will not be eradicated completely, but it should remain at a level where it does not disrupt normal interactions between people, such as economic, social and cultural.

“To me that is the new norm.” 

Covid could be compared to the flu. Modern society is able to deal with this common and sometimes fatal illness.

Experts in the UK are hopeful that this virus will eventually become another form of the common influenza.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has modeled a potential future where people live with Covid the same way that they do the flu.

SAGE modeler Dr Mike Tildesley predicted that the virus, while still a threat, would soon be endemic in England. This is due to its mild nature, and the rapid decline of cases in England.