FBI agents raided Spencer Meads, Project Veritas operative and Westchester office of the conservative outlet after it stole Ashley’s diary. This was just a week before 2020 elections. 

Project Veritas did not publish the diary, as founder James O’Keefe said  in a video released Friday that the group could not confirm the authenticity of the diary, its belonging to Ashley Biden or that the contents of the diary were truthful. 

According to The New York Times, both federal investigators (DOJ) and federal prosecutors in Manhattan carried out the investigation.  

The FBI searched two locations in New York linked to Project Veritas as part of an investigation into how Ashley Biden's diary was stolen and published online. She is pictured center at her father's 2021 inauguration

In an FBI investigation, the FBI conducted a search of two New York locations linked to Project Veritas in connection with an investigation regarding Ashley Biden’s journal theft and publication online. Photo of her center during the 2021 inauguration ceremony for her father. 

Ashley Biden, 40, is the only daughter of Joe and Jill Biden

Ashley Biden is 40 years old and the sole daughter of Joe Biden. 

O’Keefe said Project Veritas had been offered the diary by tipsters who said that the then-Democratic candidate’s daughter left it in a room where she stayed and the  tipsters stayed after she departed. O’Keefe stated that tipsters claimed they were selling it to other places to find money. 

O’Keefe claimed then that they had gotten a hold of the journal and tried to give it back to Ashley’s attorney. After the attorney failed to authenticate O’Keefe’s diary, he claimed they returned it to law enforcement. 

Another conservative news website published the entire 112-page diary on October 28, 2020. This was one week prior to the election. Media and conservative news websites were skeptical about its authenticity, so it was mostly ignored. However, the involvement of the Department of Justice increases the chances that these writings were genuinely the work of the first child. 

According to the website, the diary was obtained from a whistleblower working for a media company that declined to publish it. 

Ashley is much more discreet than Hunter, her half-brother. At the time of publication, Hunter was focused on former President Trump’s business dealings. 

In an investigation of Hunter Biden’s taxes, last year the DOJ began. 

Meads is a trusted confidant and long-time Project Veritas operator. He lived in an apartment on 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan since 2019, which was raided by the FBI.

One of the raids was conducted on the Project Veritas office in Mamaroneck, N.Y., north of New York City.

One raid was made on Project Veritas’ office in Mamaroneck (N.Y.), north of New York City.

O’Keefe stated in video that Project Veritas received a grand jur subpoena from the DOJ and had requested, but not required, them to not disclose its existence. O’Keefe claimed that he didn’t know the identity of the person who leaked the raid information to the New York Times.  

“In what universe is the alleged theft a diary under investigation by the president’s FBI & his DOJ?” A diary. O’Keefe claimed that the fed investigation was’smacks political’. 

After a Biden family member reported the theft to the authorities, the DOJ of President Trump opened an investigation. According to The Times, a representative from the Biden family claimed that Ashley Biden had had several belongings stolen. 

Meads was a Project Veritas veteran and trusted confidant. He lived in an apartment on 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan since 2019, which the FBI has raided. 

Ashley is 40 years old and the only child of Joe (78) and First Lady Jill (70). Howard Krein is the Philadelphia-based surgeon she married. 

Ashley, 40, is the sole daughter of Joe, 78, and First Lady Jill, 70. She is married to Philadelphia-based surgeon Dr. Howard Krein

Ashley, 40 is the sole child of Joe, 78 and First Lady Jill 70. Howard Krein, a Philadelphia surgeon is her husband.

Project Veritas has conducted secret recordings and undercover investigations against Democrats and Planned Parenthood. 

Richard Seddon, a former British spy was once recruited to help train Project Veritas operatives. 

Seddon has a branch six consulting international company. The address is in Sheridan. Flyover Media, which owns the website publishing the diary is also registered at that address. 

Project Veritas’ founder used to be president of an earlier company, which was registered under the exact same address. 

Project Veritas sued the New York Times today for libel regarding a video that they published, which contained claims of voter fraud. The Times called it ‘deceptive and filled with misinformation.