Project Veritas claimed that it captured an FDA executive saying Covid boosters were going to be required annually and that there are financial incentives available for the Biden administration.

A report by far-right activists was released Wednesday. It includes video clips from two conversations that were secretly recorded in January and February between Christopher Cole (FDA’s executive officer) for the medical countermeasures initiative.

According to Veritas footage, Cole stated that Biden wanted to inoculate everyone possible during a conversation inside a restaurant on February 3. I think it will happen slowly. It will be required by schools.

“The flu vaccine is a weakening agent that reduces your resistance to it. The three boosters will help strengthen your immune system, and there’ll be an annual shot just like the flu shot.  

FDA rejected the report. They stated that Cole is not involved in vaccine-related topics and that Cole’s views do not reflect the FDA. 

Cole made the comments public because some experts, including Stephane Bancel chief executive of Moderna, believe that the pandemic is over and vaccines will no longer be required.

Project Veritas claims that Cole said the remarks to a female undercover reporter during dinner dates. Cole denied that the reporting was a ‘hack job’. 

Christopher Cole, the FDA's executive officer for its medical countermeasures initiative, was captured on camera discussing Covid vaccines, and his belief that the government would continue relying on them as a recurring source of income

Christopher Cole was the FDA’s medical countermeasures officer. He spoke on camera about Covid vaccines and how he believed that they would be a reliable source of income for the government.

Project Veritas said he made the comments to a a female 'undercover reporter' during what appeared to be a series of dinner dates. Cole later dismissed the coverage as a 'hack job'

Project Veritas claimed that Cole made these comments to a female “undercover reporter” during what seemed to have been a series dinner dates. Cole later called the report a hack job.

FDA executive Christopher Cole

Christopher Cole is an FDA Executive

Cole said in late January that he would have to take an annual shot. They don’t want everyone to be uproarious so it hasn’t yet been officially announced.

Cole spoke out about the financial reasons for Covid vaccinations promotion in a dinner conversation he had with Project Veritas workers earlier in this month.

He said that the drug and food companies as well as the vaccine corporations pay hundreds of millions to us each year to keep our reviewers approved for their products. 

If they are able to get all the people required [for]An annual vaccination, which is a regular return on money. 

Project Veritas claimed that he said the remarks to a female “undercover reporter” during what seemed to have been a series dinner dates. asked the FDA for comments but they did not reply.

President Joe Biden and his administration have been outspoken advocates for getting vaccinated against a virus that has killed more than 925,000 Americans

His administration and President Joe Biden have been vocal advocates to get vaccinated for a disease that has claimed the lives of more than 925,000 Americans.

Project Veritas was founded by James O'Keefe, who grilled Cole in a follow-up interview about the comments he made during the secretly-recorded dinner dates

James O’Keefe was the founder of Project Veritas. Cole interviewed him in an interview to discuss the remarks he made on the secretly-recorded dinner date.

Cole stated that his office wasn’t involved in vaccine approvals during a follow up interview with James O’Keefe (Project Veritas founder).

He called the outlet’s reporting a hack job.

‘You  videotaped me talking with someone on a date – didn’t tell me anything, didn’t say it was being videotaped,’ he said. 

“You took a lot out of context.

Project Veritas is not the only one to be accused of secret recordings and deceptive techniques in their coverage.

In order to go undercover, Hope Higgins reported for the organization under the disguise of Anna Khait (a former Survivor contestant). 

Khait claims that Khait targeted Michael Kolenc (Democratic campaign worker), who introduced himself to Khait as Higgins. He said this in Daily Beast.

Kolenc stated that Khait brought him in as a romance prospect, and then he recorded a video with him criticizing his ex-boss, Oregon Governor Kate Brown. The video was released by Project Veritas.

Joe Biden’s Administration has aggressively promoted the Covid vaccine to stop infection or severe illness by the virus which has already killed over 925,000 Americans.

On February 14th, approximately 65 percent of Americans were fully vaccinated. Another 77 percent had received at least one dose.  According to CDC data, 28 percent of Americans received booster shots.

Moderna’s chief executive Bancel told CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia this week that he is confident the next strain of the virus after Omicron will not less virulent, and that the way the current variant is running out of steam is a promising sign. 

“There is a 80% chance Omicron will evolve or [Covid]”Virus evolves. We are going to see fewer and fewer virulent viruses,” he stated.

“I feel we had a lucky world in that Omicron didn’t seem very dangerous, yet we still see many people being killed every day because of Omicron.”

Moderna is America’s second-most popular vaccine, with 206,000,000 doses since its inception in December 2020.