Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stirred anger Wednesday by accusing a Jewish MP of criticizing his handling the trucker protests. He said that he was’standing beside people who wave waistikas’. 

Melissa Lantsman is a Conservative MP representing Thornhill and aged 37. He confronted him about the draconian Emergency Law, which he used Monday as a way to end the 19 days chaos.

Trudeau mocked her complaint, saying, “Conservative Party members are able to stand alongside people who wave swastikas. They can also stand with those who raise the confederate flag.” 

“We will stand for Canadians that deserve the opportunity to return to work, and their families. They must stop these illegal protests.

The Speaker of the House was astonished by Trudeau’s comments, prompting him to correct Trudeau.

Trudeau, after being reproached, refused to accept an apology and reiterated that the blockades had been illegal and that repression was necessary. 

Lantsman posted later: “I think the Prime Minster should think long and deeply about his own past before picking out a Jewish Member to Parliament and falsely accusing that I stood with a Swastika.”

“What an inexcusable statement, unbecoming of any public official – he owes him an apology.”   

Melissa Lantsman was seen asking Justin Trudeau questions in parliament on Wednesday

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, is seen in parliament on Wednesday, when he accused members of the Conservative Party - including a Jewish MP - of 'standing with people who wave swastikas'

Justin Trudeau (the Canadian prime minister) is seen in parliament Wednesday. On Wednesday, he accused members the Conservative Party including a Jewish Member of being’standing alongside people who wave wastikas’

Lantsman has previously quoted Trudeau’s victory speech from October 2015, which he gave when he was elected prime minster.

Lantsman stated that a positive, optimistic and hopeful vision for public life is not a wishful dream. It can lead to powerful change.

She stated that Canadians must trust their government if they are to have confidence in it.

Lantsman said: “Those were the words of Prime Minister in 2015!”

“These people, very often misogynistic and racist, women hater, science deniers. The fringe” is the same prime Minister six years later as he intensifies the national emergency.

So, Mr. Speaker when was the prime minister able to lose his way? It happened when? 

Trudeau stated that Trudeau’s government would abide by the Emergency Act to its letter.

Dane Lloyd from Alberta was an MP for Sturgeon River and accused Trudeau’s’shameful’ comments.

He continued, “For the prime Minister to accuse any fellow member of this house with standing with the Swastika is shameful.”

Lloyd asked Trudeau for an ‘unreservedly sorry’, but Trudeau declined.

He countered: ‘Canadians deserve their freedoms back.

‘These illegal blockades that continue to interfere with people’s daily lives.’

The speaker intervened amid the chaos and asked everyone to be calm.

Trudeau said, “The measures put forward are proportionate and responsible. They will be fully integrated into the charter of freedoms.” These steps are proportionate.’

Lloyd responded that the “lack of an apology speaks volumes” and asked Trudeau to apologize again.

Trudeau said: ‘These members continue to stand with illegal blockades. Canadians are watching carefully and … we will stand will stand on the side of Canadians who want their livelihoods back.’

Lloyd demanded, for the third time, that Mr Prime Minister apologize.

And Trudeau said: ‘These illegal blockades have been going on in Ottawa for 20 days now.

“People feel afraid, are forced to miss work shifts, and these are unacceptable things.

‘That’s why we are moving forward with measures. “We will defend freedoms of expression and protest as long as these are peaceful.

Truckers are seen blocking downtown Ottawa on Wednesday, on the 20th day of protests in the Canadian capital

Truckers can be seen blocking the streets of Ottawa, Wednesday 20th Day of Protests in Canadian Capital

Protesters are seen in Ottawa on Wednesday, as Canadian politicians in parliament debate the handling of the protests

As Canadian parliamentarians debate how the protestors should be handled, they are visible in Ottawa.

A person holds a sign in front of trucks blocking a downtown street as truckers and their supporters continue to protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Ottawa on Wednesday

As truckers and supporters protest the COVID-19 mandates in Ottawa, a person displays a sign against trucks that block a downtown street.

Protesters are seen in Ottawa on Wednesday - the 20th day of protests in the Canadian capital

On Wednesday, protesters were seen in Ottawa – this is the 20th day in a row of demonstrations in Canada’s capital

Candice Bergen (the opposition leader) told Trudeau the threshold to invoke the Emergency Act was not met. She pointed out that three bridges leading into the United States had been opened.

Trudeau responded, “It’s something that’s not done lightly.”

“It was imperative to allow local law enforcement to remove these illegal blockades in order to guarantee law and safety as well as to make sure Canadians have the ability to return to their normal lives.”

Bergen accuse Trudeau overreaching.

“Why is the prime minster using this hammer to attack Canadians?” She asked.

‘Isn’t it true that he’s using it just to save his own political skin?’

Trudeau insists that the threshold has been reached, and adds: ‘Now all across the country the police have the necessary tools to keep people safe.

Bergen claimed Trudeau was ‘admiring dictatorships.

“He’s putting gasoline on the fire.” True? He is only doing this to save his political career.

Trudeau hit back: ‘Conservatives can’t have it both ways.

They spent weeks complaining and claiming that the government should act. But when we moved forward to implement the Emergency Act in responsible manner, it was criticized by them.

He stated that they were the ones who play politics.

Bergen declared that all mandates must be lifted, and that continuing lockdowns are detrimental to the country’s mental well-being.

Trudeau insisted that his government was following the science, adding: ‘The 90 percent vaccination rate shows that Canadians have never been more united.

‘There have been people harassing frontline workers, and illegal blockades, but the majority have been supporting each other.’

He added, “We all want it to be over.” You can get it through science and keeping your friends safe. The way through pandemic is not by supporting illegal blockades.’

Trudeau is seen on Wednesday during the contentious Question Time in Canada's parliament

Trudeau appears Wednesday in Canada’s Parliament during contentious Question Time

Trudeau is intensifying his persecution of Freedom Convoy protestors. Police now visit the homes of those who support the protests via Facebook. One woman was forced from her government job because she donated to the demonstrations. 

Nadine Ellis-Maffei said the police visit was like the 'thought police and Big Brother' knocking at her door

Nadine Ellis-Maffei said the police visit was like the ‘thought police and Big Brother’ knocking at her door

Trudeau, Wednesday’s Canadian Minister of Emergencies Act, was considering making use of his exceptional powers to set up ‘no-go zones’ in Ottawa to quell remaining protests.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ottawa police distributed pamphlets to protesters, warning them that they could face fines, arrests or vehicle seizes. 

The peaceful end of the Manitoba and Alberta blockades brought attention to the Ottawa protest, which is now in its third week. Protesters were paralyzing streets demanding that vaccine mandates be repealed.  

Sources told Reuters that Trudeau sought emergency powers this week because of frustration at Canadian police’s inability to remove blockades near the border and the capital. There were also scenes of protestors lounging in hot tubs close to Parliament. 

Critics have blasted Trudeau for imposing “martial law” to suppress protests against vaccine mandates, and other restrictions on pandemics.

After weeks of protests and pressure, Doug Ford, Ontario’s Premier, announced this week that COVID restrictions would be lifted. He seemed to follow the lead of protesters against pandemic mandates. Let’s move on, the world is done.  

But in a crackdown on the protests, an Ontario Provincial Police officer knocked on the door of Nadine Ellis-Maffei’s farmhouse last week to hand her a card and a pamphlet after seeing her post her post to the Freedom Convoy’s Facebook group, video of the incident shows.

Ellis-Maffei stated in the posting that she had considered attending the Ottawa protest. She claimed that she hadn’t been a part of any demonstrations up to now.  

We have been following the protests across the entire province. So there’s a protest coming up, I’m simply providing information about a peaceful protest,’ the officer said in the video taken last Thursday by Ellis-Maffei.

The mother of three who runs a farm in Ontario’s Peterborough County said, “I was flabbergasted.”

She told the Toronto Sun: ‘I still can’t believe it.’

Ellis-Maffei compared the incident to the ‘thought police and Big Brother’ from the dystopian novel 1984. 

An Ontario Provincial Police officer knocked on the very door of Nadine Ellis-Maffei's farmhouse last week to hand her a card and a pamphlet after seeing her post to a Facebook group about the Freedom Convoy

An Ontario Provincial Police officer knocked on the very door of Nadine Ellis-Maffei's farmhouse last week to hand her a card and a pamphlet after seeing her post to a Facebook group about the Freedom Convoy

Nadine Elis-Maffei received a handwritten card from an Ontario Provincial Police Officer when she posted to the Facebook group “Freedom Convoy”.

Following hacker revelations that she gave $100 to Freedom Convoy earlier in the month, a provincial worker from Ontario has been fired.

According to the Toronto Star, Marion Isabeau Ringuette was the director of communications for Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. She lost her job 10 day after she made the donation. 

After the donor list to a GiveSendGo campaign supporting the protests was stolen and leaked by hackers this week, Isabeau-Ringuette’s identity was apparently deciphered and reported to her employer, although she only used her initials when making the donation. 

‘Ms. Isabeau–Ringuette is no longer employed by the Ontario government,” Ivana Yelich (Ford’s executive director for media relations), told the Star.

“We don’t comment further, this is a staffing issue.”’s Tuesday inquiry to Isabeau-Ringuette was not answered immediately  

GiveSendGo founder Slams Trudeau’s Government as “a group of terrorists who inspire terror” for stigmatizing Freedom Convoy protesters

GiveSendGo is a Christian crowdfunding platform that has raised $8.7million for Freedom Convoy. The site slammed Canada’s Trudeau administration and called for an FBI investigation to find out who shut it down on Sunday.

Jacob Wells, the founder of the company, said to Fox News that his firm supports freedom and democracy by supporting Freedom Convoy. This is where Canadians are led by truckers protesting COVID-19 mandates.

This is their opportunity to stand up and not become intimidated. He said, “Yes, I support peaceful demonstrations 100%.” 

“It is the foundation of democracy. It’s also the opposition to this side. They are terrorists. They instill terror. This is their aim. 

He stated that Sunday’s attack on the donation site was an ‘orderly’ political doxing effort by the Freedom Convoy to damage their cause. 

Wells declared, “This is illegal. These people should be sent to jail.” It’s quite surprising to us that no investigative service has reached out to the FBI. To see if there is any investigation, we will reach out to the FBI. It is totally unacceptable.  

The attack on GiveSendGo on Sunday night redirected visitors to a taunting video from the Disney film Frozen, and a message slamming the Freedom Convoy as an ‘insurrection’ led by ‘known extremists.’ 

Canadians have already suffered from the hack. Marion Isabeau–Ringuette (a top political aide of Ontario Premier Doug Ford), was fired after QP Briefing reported that she had made $100 donations to QP Briefing. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is Canada’s national broadcaster. They have scanned the donor list and reached out to them publicly.

Following GoFundMe’s decision to close its donation page and freeze the $10 million it raised, GiveSendGo became the best way for Freedom Convoy supporters. This was after the organization claimed that the Freedom Convoy had become violent, based on Ottawa Police reports.  

Wells stated that the Freedom Convoy’s donation page was its largest ever. Although the organization had prepared for a cyberattack before Sunday, the company still was caught unaware. 

Fox reported that Wells said that he found it unacceptable that such an incident occurred and that he was working to bring in the best. Wells spoke about the plan of the company to hire ethical hackers to check the site’s vulnerabilities. 

“We do not want to see it happen and we are horrified that it did,” he stated. The target on our backs is huge because many people do not like freedom. They will come after us hard, as they need to improve on our abilities. We are bringing people into that process. 

The local news outlet QP Briefing said that it had ‘brought the information to the attention of Isabeau-Ringuette and Premier Doug Ford’s office late Tuesday afternoon’ as Canadian journalists scour the hacked list for donor names and out them to employers. Canadian Broadcasting Company has scanned the donor list and made public out the names of donors.  

It was revealed that Ches Crosbie (the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party) made a $800 donation. 

He did not apologize when confronted CBC reporters, declaring: ‘Indefinite States of Emergency, such as those we are currently under in Canada, are a danger, a very risky thing. I support the right of peaceful protest and I see the Freedom Convoy as a peaceful protest.’

The CBC identified a well-known London businessman as the one who gave the Freedom Convoy the most significant single gift. 

Holden Rhodes donated $25,000 to Killarney Mountain Lodge. 

After being caught out by the CBC he spoke with journalists in the same uncompromising manner, saying: ‘The overreach of the past two years was amazing, but the last week in Canada has been absolutely alarming to anyone who believes in a peaceful, free society.’ 

“Government at every level must realize that they were elected to represent Canada’s people, not lock people up or threaten them with arrest for peacefully protesting.

Tammy Giuliani (owner of Stella Luna Gelato Cafe, Ottawa) was another donor that was exposed in the leak. She was threatened with being fired for her $250 donation. 

While it’s unclear if her identity was revealed by the journalists who scanned the data, the name of her has been posted online after she made a post to a GiveSendGo messaging board.  

Giuliani said that the Ottawa Citizen received a call saying that the team was calling and that they were receiving phone calls. 

“I asked, “What’s the matter?” And they replied, “They are threatening to blow bricks through our windows.” They threaten to take us hostage. 

“We told you to lock the doors and let us find out.”

Noa Medelsohn Aviv is the executive director for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. She stated that Trudeau’s “emergency” order had dangerously bypassed democratic processes.

Difficult situations and challenging situations occur all the time. Aviv spoke with Fox News in an interview. Aviv said that the government has the power to address them. 

Jacob Wells is the founder of GiveSendGo and has asked the FBI to investigate this illegal hacking attempt as well as to track down hackers who shared personal information with the public online.  

“This appears well planned. Fox News reported that the motivations for this were strong. 

Wells also condemned Trudeau’s government’s ‘instilling terror’ over peaceful protesters. 

On Wednesday, Freedom Convoy organizers made a call for more Canadians who want to protest at Ottawa in a press conference. 

“We demand the restoration of our fundamental rights to peaceful demonstration. He stated that all Canadians ought to be shocked, regardless of their political views, at the extreme actions taken by the federal government, such as the Emergency Act, and the desire to use force against peaceful protest.

“We appeal to fellow Canadians that they come to Ottawa and exercise their right to peacefully protest and assemble.” It will be difficult for the government get police officers to comply with their illegal orders if more Canadians come to Ottawa. 

The four men facing the serious charge of plotting the murder of police officers are being held in relation to a cache of guns seized from the Freedom Convoy border barge in Coutts in Alberta. However, the mayor says they all come from outside and were not involved in the wider protest against the vaccine mandates. 

Marion Isabeau-Ringuette is out of a job after hackers revealed that she donated $100 to the Freedom Convoy protests earlier this month

Marion Isabeau-Ringuette, who was Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones's director of communications, lost her job after donating to the Freedom Convoy

Marion Isabeau–Ringuette lost her position as an Ontario staffer after hackers exposed that she had donated $100 earlier in the month to Freedom Convoy protests.

Protesters show placards at the demonstration in Ottawa on Wednesday, including one opposing the state broadcaster CBC. Canadian news outlets have been hunting down donors to the Freedom Convoy and getting them fired

At Wednesday’s demonstration in Ottawa, protesters displayed placards. One of them was against the state broadcaster CBC. Canadian media outlets are currently trying to find Freedom Convoy donors and firing them.

Police had out information sheets and speak to demonstrators as truckers and supporters continue to protest coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine mandates, in Ottawa, Ontario on Wednesday

On Wednesday, truckers, supporters and police continued their protest against vaccine mandates and coronavirus (COVID-19), in Ottawa, Ontario.

Chris Carbert, 44; Christopher Lysak, 48; Anthony Olienick, 39; and Jerry Morin, 40, were arrested on Monday and charged with possession of weapons for a dangerous purpose, mischief, and conspiracy to commit murder.

The allegations are in connection with the trove of weapons seized in a police raid on raid on two camper trailers and a mobile home on 1st Avenue North in Coutts – a property near the border crossing but not part of the actual blockade. received confirmation from the mayor of Coutts, that they weren’t part of Freedom Convoy. However, the Freedom Convoy was initially connected to anti-vaccine protests. 

Mayor Jim Willett stated that the people involved in the actual arrests weren’t part of the blockade team. They were “outsiders.” 

Mayor described them as being outside agitators, who had arrived in the city after protests began.

He stated, “As time progressed, the protest began attracting people from the outside,” 

They were beginning to attract undesirable elements. The blockade group did not include the people involved in the arrests. They were considered outsiders.

According to police, the suspects were part of a small organized group in the bigger Coutts Protest and an individual with a militant mindset. 

Lysak was one of the four accused of plotting to murder Mounties in Alberta. Lysak has links to Diagolon (right-wing Canadian group) and is facing an additional charge.

Mounties in Alberta seized this cache of weapons on Monday morning, but the mayor of the village where they were discovered claims the weapons weren't part of the Freedom Convoy protest

This cache of weapons in Alberta was taken by Mounties on Monday morning. But the mayor who discovered them claims they weren’t part the Freedom Convoy protest.

Chris Carbert, 44, is one of four facing the serious charge of conspiring to murder a police officer

Chris Carbert (44), is facing the grave charge of conspiring for murder of a police officer

Symbols of the 'Diagolon' movement were found on the body armor seized in Coutts on Monday. The movement's founder claims the police might have planted his flag on the seized material to incriminate his cause

On Monday, Coutts was seized body armor bearing symbols from the Diagolon movement. According to the founder of the movement, the police may have placed his flag on the material seized in Coutts Monday in an attempt to incriminate him. 

Anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrators leave in a truck convoy after blocking the highway at the busy U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta on Tuesday

After blocking Highway 301 at Coutts’ busy U.S border crossing, protestors against the COVID-19 vaccine requirement departed in a convoy of trucks

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network dubs Diagolon ‘a network of far-right accelerationist survivalists’ and says that Lysak was once called the ‘head of security for Diagolon’. 

Diagolon founder Jeremy MacKenzie, who podcasts under the moniker ‘Raging Dissident’, issued a video statement in response to images showing the symbol of his movement on body armor seized in the Coutts raid, in which 13 long guns and multiple handguns were recovered by Mounties.

“I don’t know where they came from or who they belong to. Who brought them there?” MacKenzie spoke out about the Diagolon symbol. This is a horizontal white band that runs across a black field. 

MacKenzie claimed that his movement was an idea he had while smoking edible marijuana. He claims that it is a joke and that its symbol and name are a diagonal drawn from Alaska to Florida. This represents the US and Canada of the US states and Canadian provinces opposed to mandates.

Facing lesser charges in connection with the Coutts raid are Luke Berk, 62; Joanne Person, 62; Johnson Law, 39; Jaclyne Martin, 39; Evan Colenutt, 23; Ursula Allred, 22; Justin Martin, 22; Eastin Stewart Oler, 22; and Janx Zaremba, 18. 

According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they are being charged with unlawful weapons and mischief in connection to the blockade. 

‘Monday’s weapons seizure and subsequent arrests speak to the serious criminal activities taking place during this protest and illegal blockade,’ said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablock in a statement.

He added that “the dangerous, criminal activity taking place away from the television cameras and social media posts were real and organised, and could have been fatal for citizens, protesters, and officers.” 

Johnson Law, 39

Johnson Law, 39

Johnson Law, 39, was among those arrested on lesser charges of mischief and unlawful weapons offences in relation to the blockade in Coutts, Alberta

Police vehicles look out over a an empty highway after anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrators left following their blockade of the highway at the busy U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, Tuesday

Following Tuesday’s blockade at Coutts U.S. Border crossing, demonstrators for the anti-COVID-19 vaccine had left, officers from the police department look over an empty highway.

Anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrators leave in a truck convoy after blocking the highway at the busy U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, Tuesday

Anti-COVID-19 vaccination mandate demonstrators make their way to the U.S. border crossing at Coutts in Alberta in a large truck convoy.

Trudeau’s government, which has resigned as Ottawa’s chief police officer, is now considering the imposition of ‘no go’ areas in Ottawa using the Emergencies Act’s special powers. 

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said at a news conference that the action could include declaring ‘certain zones that are adjacent to critical infrastructure like borders, like our national symbols including legislatures, like war monuments … as a no-go zone,’

Freedom Convoy is a trucker-led organization calling on the government for vaccinating mandates to be lifted. Parts of Ottawa have been taken over by protestors since January.

The convoy also blocked US border crossings, including a key trade route into Detroit that was cleared by police last weekend. 

Controversy surrounding how police have managed the protests on Ottawa prompted the abrupt resignation of Police Chief Peter Sloly on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Police Chief Peter Sloly abruptly resigned due to disagreements surrounding the way that police managed protests in Ottawa.

A demonstrator holds a Canadian national flag during a protest by truck drivers over pandemic health rules and the Trudeau government, outside the parliament of Canada in Ottawa on Tuesday

Unidentified protestor holds the Canadian flag while protesting truck drivers’ pandemic rules and Trudeau government. This was outside of the Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, on Tuesday

Vehicles block a road during a protest by truck drivers over pandemic health rules and the Trudeau government, outside the parliament of Canada in Ottawa on Tuesday

When truck drivers are protesting the Trudeau government and Pandemic Health Rules, trucks block the road in an attempt to block it. This was outside of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Peter Sloly abruptly resigned due to disagreements over how the police managed protests in Ottawa. 

He  stepped down after being criticized for not doing enough to stop the unruly protests, which prompted Trudeau to invoke emergency powers on Monday.

Ottawa police didn’t respond to my request for comment. Trudeau’s minister of public safety said that the government was not involved in Trudeau’s decision to resign.

Trudeau used Monday’s little-known Emergencies Act as a signal to the federal government that it was taking charge of an issue local and provincial police had struggled to solve, while protests against restrictions on pandemics dragged along.

Two sources familiar with the talks told Reuters that discussions on the invocation of rare powers began Thursday when the Ambassador Bridge blockade, a crucial U.S.-Canada trade artery linking Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor (Ontario), entered its third day.

One source said that the Windsor police “kind of allowed it to happen.” Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, all requested anonymity. Windsor police demanded more resources from the province.

After six days of blockade, police were finally able to clear the bridge. Trudeau was also concerned by the call made by Joe Biden.

The protesters, who have been paralyzing Ottawa for the past 28 days, were becoming more established and it was growing worry about the presence of nefarious’ elements among the demonstrators. A group associated with a border demonstration was later arrested by police in Alberta.

“The prime minister was very mad,” a source in government said. This refers to the Thursday meeting of federal Incident Response Group. It is Trudeau’s highest advisers. 

“He told us to be in front.”

According to a third source, Trudeau said that he was asking for solutions at the meeting.

A third source stated that the government had realized last week that enforcement was not happening after originally waiting to see how local police and provincial authorities responded.

The source stated that the source needed to be fully aware of whether or not it had been given enough time to make it work. 

“He was not going to rush ahead of what was happening.

A police officer stands guard near trucks participating in a blockade of downtown streets near the parliament building in Ottawa as a demonstration led by truck drivers protesting vaccine mandates continues on Wednesday

As truck drivers continue to protest the mandated vaccines, a police officer is standing guard at the intersection of trucks and streets.

Signs of support are attached to a fence that surrounds the parliament building in Ottawa on Wednesday

A fence surrounding Ottawa’s Parliament Building on Wednesday has signs of support

A police officer speaks with a trucker parked in downtown Ottawa, Wednesday

On Wednesday, a police officer talks to a trucker who was parked downtown Ottawa.

Ottawa police said that they were initially trying to reduce tensions. They later asked the federal and provincial governments for additional resources.

According to two sources, the chaotic scene in Ottawa, which included hundreds of people blocking another convoy joining the protesters’ march, was enough.

As protesters soaked in hot tubs and party into the early hours, police stood beside them.

According to a source, “This weekend in Ottawa drove people over the edge. The hot tub, stage and…the impotence police to take action about it.”

After being criticized for his performance, Peter Sloly was resigned as chief police officer.

The Ottawa protest includes approximately 360 trucks and other vehicles, many hundred protesters and substantial amounts of funding from Canadian donors.

“If you were to ask for one factor it would be Ottawa… The Ottawa situation is totally out of control.” The second source said that we just had our third weekend without enforcement.

The sources stated that there were concerns that protesters could re-occupy the border crossings, disrupting vital trade flows with America and affecting public safety.

A second factor was violence, when eleven people were detained by the police of Alberta Monday and their guns and ammunition seized.

According to the second source, “There are organised nefarious entities that are involved in these things,” citing the Alberta gun seizure.

The third source stated that there is an element in the situation which is “… trying to subvert normal democratic processes, which must be protected, no matter who’s the Government.”

“That’s the main difference between this protest and others that we’ve witnessed.”

After virtual hearings held at Lethbridge’s provincial court, seven of the eleven people who were arrested were freed Tuesday. The four others facing serious charges remain in custody pending their bail hearings Friday.

Yoav NIV, defense attorney representing many of those accused in the case, stated, “The people who weren’t charged for conspiracy to commit Murder got released on consent.”

The details of the case were not discussed by him, but he did say that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

Calgary resident Johnson Chichow Law, who was one of those arrested on lesser charges, looks after his two young daughters full-time and is a hard worker, a friend told on Tuesday.

His friend said, “I am honestly shocked by the news,” due to the contentious nature of the protests. 

The Freedom Convoy, a trucker-led movement calling on the government to lift vaccine mandates, is largely based in Ottawa. A protestor is seen lifting a flag in the nation's capital on February 15, 2022

Ottawa is the home of The Freedom Convoy. This trucker-led organization calls for the removal of vaccine mandates. On February 15, 2022, a protestor raises a flag at Ottawa.

Pictured: Protest supporters pull fuel cans in wagons in front of Parliament Hill on February 15, 2022

Pictured: On February 15, 2022, protest supporters pulled fuel cans into wagons and pushed them in front Parliament Hill.

A trucker is pictured lifting weights in between instances of protesting against Covid-19 mandates on February 15, 2022

Pictured is a trucker lifting weights between protests against Covid-19 mandates of February 15, 2022

Joanne Person was also detained on lesser charges. She posted her story on a group Facebook for Coutts protesters.

She wrote: “Go Help Us,” leaving out the letter “God”

“The whole tactical is present at my house and they are telling us (sic), to leave and that they will enter. My god. We need your help.

“They threaten (sic), me. She said, “I am afraid for our lives.”