Fearless “airline stewardess” who became famous after she climbed the highest building in the world for an Emirates Airlines advertisement, has now repeated the feat with higher stakes.

Nicole Smith-Ludvik, a skydiver and social media superstar, donned her Emirates Uniform once more and scaled the Burj Khalifa’s 2,722ft height in Dubai. 

Nicole laughed, holding a collection of Love Actually-inspired placards.After uttering the words, “finally here comes my friends,” Nicole jokingly held a series of Love Actually-inspired placards. 

A huge Emirates A380 Airbus, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, flew past the smiling stuntwoman just metres from the summit of the Tower.

Emirates Airlines’ recent promotion, which featured an A380 flying past a stranded pilotess at extremely low speed, encouraged viewers to fly their iconic Emirates A380, to Dubai Expo 2020.

A second YouTube video was released by the airline shortly after their first advert had been published. It explains exactly how they pulled off this daring feat.  

Skydiver and social media star Nicole Smith-Ludvik once again donned her Fly Emirates uniform and clambered to the top of the 2,722ft tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai tower last week

Nicole Smith, social media star and skydiver Nicole Smith Ludvik donned her Fly Emirates Uniform and reached the summit of Burj Khalifa’s Dubai Tower at 2,722ft.

Holding a series of Love Actually-inspired placards, Nicole joked: 'I'm still here!', before displaying the words 'finally, here come my friends'. She then held a placard inviting viewers to visit 'the world's greatest show' - Dubai Expo 2020, as an A380 Airbus screamed past behind her

Nicole laughed, holding a collection of Love Actually-inspired placards.After displaying the phrase ‘finally here come my buddies’ she was able to hold a series of Love Actually-inspired placards. After that, she carried a placard in her hand inviting the viewers to go see Dubai Expo 2020. The A380 Airbus left behind.

The advert, in which the A380 plane glided past the stranded stewardess at incredibly low speed, was Emirates airlines latest promotion encouraging viewers to 'fly the iconic Emirates A380 to the world's greatest show' in reference to the Dubai Expo 2020

In the advertisement, the A380 glided by the stranded pilotess at an incredibly slow speed. This was Emirates’ latest promotional campaign encouraging people to fly the Emirates A380 to Dubai Expo 2020.

Pilots could be seen waving from the cockpit of the plane as it breezed pass around half a mile away from the tower

As the plane flew by half a mile from the tower, pilots were seen wavering from the cockpit.

The stunt was in aid of the Dubai Expo 2020 – a world Expo running from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 – in which 192 countries are displaying a host of cultural offerings along with their most innovative technologies.  

A colourful banner promoting the Emirates expo was placed on the Emirates Airbus. Nicole encouraged viewers to attend the event as well as to fly Emirates. 

Many speculated about how an airline could coordinate such a stunt that was clearly high-risk for the stuntwoman and pilots.

A video explaining the situation was posted by the airline. The plane flew about half a miles from the tower. However, it looked very close to Nicole due to the clever camera work. 

The risk was there, however, and the plane had to perform a flyby 11 times. It did this while traveling at just 145 knots (166 MPH). 

It is a very slow speed for such an enormous plane. It can cruise at 600 mph, and reach 634 mph when fully throttled.

The pilots also had to keep the largest passenger aircraft at a paltry speed (166mph) while flying at an altitude below 3,000 feet in the skies above Dubai. This scenario could quickly lead to chaos, which would have had huge consequences if anything went wrong.

Nicole had to stand on precarious feet atop Burj Khalifa for several hours as the commercial was being shot. However, she seemed happy to complete the second stunt.

We’ve done this again! But bigger! On social media she posted, “I’m back on top and this is the second time that I have #a380.” 

Nicole became famous for the appearance she made in the original stunt. It was published in August 2021 by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as part of a relaxed Covid travel restriction. 

She previously held up various placards on top of the world's tallest building in Dubai to celebrate the UK moving the UAE to its Amber list

In celebration of the UK moving Dubai to its Amber List, she held various placards up on top Dubai’s tallest structure. 

The 'stewardess' was revealed to be stuntwoman Nicole Smith-Ludvik

It was Nicole Smith-Ludvik who was the’stewardess’.

Nicole was previously the holder of a series placards saying: “Moving UAE towards the UK Amber List…has made it feel…on top… Fly Emirates…Fly better.

Dubai vacations for Britons have been indefinitely on hold since January 1, but there was a sudden surge of bookings after the Foreign Office removed the UAE from the Red List and placed it onto the Amber.

This meant that fully-vaccinated travelers could return to the Emirates from their home countries without having to be quarantined.

Updates caused an increase in holiday search results. Hays Travel UK was the largest independent agency reporting a 193 percentage surge in bookings in August between Friday 5th and Friday 6th.  

Skyscanner reports that searches for Dubai holidays were up 213%, which makes it second most popular on comparison websites after Spain.

Nicole previously held a series of placards which said: 'Moving the UAE to the UK Amber List... has made us feel... on top of the world... Fly Emirates ...Fly better.'

Nicole held previously a number of placards that said, ‘Moving UAE to the UK Amber List…has made us feel…on top of the world… Fly Emirates…Fly better. 

The daredevil 'stewardess' stood atop a tiny platform on the spire of the 2,722ft Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai

A tiny platform was placed on top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower, 2,722ft tall.

Emirates Airlines is the flag carrier for the UAE. Today, they shared this video. The UK is now easier to travel from August 8th. 

Ms Smith Ludvik, a daredevil-influencer said that it was ‘without a doubt’ one of the most exciting and thrilling stunts she’s ever performed.

Thank you Emirates Airlines for the creative marketing ideas! It was great to work with the Emirates Airlines team. 

Gulf Today was told by an Emirates Airlines spokesperson that the filming of the Tower of Fire was true and possible thanks to a host of local agencies.

According to the spokesperson, a number of safety measures had been put into place in order for this impressive promo shoot.