Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski apologizes in the Commons. He admits that he “undermined” an earlier apology for bullying staff and almost instantly retracted it. As he is facing a one day ban

  • Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski made today’s apology at the House of Commons
  • He apologized for having “undermined” an earlier apology for bullying employees
  • The MPs are due to vote on tonight’s motion suspending the MP from Commons for a day

Today’s Tory MP, David Cameron, apologized profusely in the House of Commons. He admitted that he had virtually immediately retracted an earlier apology for bullying members of Parliament. 

Daniel Kawczynski stated that he was sorry for his behavior and admitted to having made mistakes.He has sabotaged the sincerity and apology he originally made in June 2021.

Mr Kawczynski said he was ‘sorry’ for his behaviour as he conceded it ‘It may have had an additional negative impact on the complainants as well as a decrease in public confidence.

He indicated that he would be writing an apology letter to the Parliamentary Commissary for Standards as well to the original complaintant.

MPs are expected to approve a one-day suspension from the Commons for Mr Kawczynski on Wednesday evening.         

Daniel Kawczynski said he 'sincerely' apologised for his conduct and acknowledged that he had ' undermined the sincerity' of his original apology in June 2021

Daniel Kawczynski acknowledged that he has sincerely apologized for his behavior and had admitted to having ‘underminated the sincerity of his original apology’ in June 2021

After he had apologized for a previous breach, the Commons Standards Committee recommended that he be punished.

After Kathryn Stone, Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone convicted him of bullying, Mr Kawczynski received an order to apologize.

After he was unable to join a virtual meeting, he libelously criticized the staffers of Parliament.

On the same day, he admitted that he didn’t mean to apologize and was just trying to get around being suspended from Commons. 

The MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham told the Commons this afternoon: ‘Last week the Committee on Standards published a report on my conduct following a complaint from Sir Stephen Irwin, the chair of the Independent Expert Panel, that I had not abided by a determination of the IEP that I apologise unequivocally to the House for my behaviour in bullying members of House of Commons staff.

“I deeply apologise to the House for my actions that led to this investigation. I regret that the House received a false apology for my conduct in talking to radio and journalists.

“I regret that my conduct has had an additional harmful effect on complainants. It may also have decreased public confidence in this process.

“I will send a letter of apology to the parliamentary commissary for standards, chairperson of the Independent Expert Panel and original complainants. 

Mr Kawczynski said he was ‘conscious that my conduct may have merited’ a longer suspension and he appreciated ‘the committee’s consideration of the difficulties that I was experiencing in my personal life at the time and the mental health issues I explained to them’.

He stated, “I admit that I spoke out like I did to media and it had a detrimental impact on the House’s conduct by undermining its integrity in the complaints process. I regret this deeply.”

“I commit to learning from my mistakes, and working on my personal development in order to communicate with others better in each interaction I have.” 

Mr Kawczynski made his original apology in June last year after he was found to have breached rules on bullying and harassment following a complaint by Commons staff.

He said the following to an interviewer at BBC Radio Shropshire that he had no other choice but to apologize. If I do not, then I run the risk of being further sanctioned.