Get out of here! Feisty duck pursues water-loving golden retrievers out of its pond

  • Lorrie Brown, Branson, Missouri, filmed footage of a dog swimming.
  • Protective ducks chase the water-loving golden retriever out of water
  • As duck begins to nib at his ears, dog starts swimming faster. 
  • Pond is located on Ms Brown’s land. There are nearly 10 miles of hiking trails. 

It was at this moment that a territorial dragon proved more than just a match to a golden retriever, who dare to swim in the pond. 

Lorrie Brown filmed Kai in Branson, Missouri in duck ponds near a trail.

The drake doesn’t like it when the doggy paddles with three ducks.

Kai is chased by the drake through the water. He continues to peck at Kai’s neck with his beak, repeatedly chasing him. 

Footage filmed by Lorrie Brown in Branson, Missouri, shows her dog Kai swimming in a duck pond near a hiking trail

Lorrie Brown filmed Kai in Branson Missouri in duck ponds near a trail.

The drake proceeds to chase Kai through the water, repeatedly pecking at the dog's neck and ear with his beak

Kai is chased by the drake through the water. He continues to peck at Kai’s neck with his beak, chasing him around.

Surprisingly, for a retriever the dog doesn’t try to catch the duck. Instead it simply swims faster in an attempt to avoid him. 

Kai, with the drake on his tail and Junie his companion dog, swims towards shore. 

The duck is looking at him and he quickly gets out of the water. He then runs towards Mrs Brown. 

It appears that the drake is protecting two female ducks against the furry intruder. 

The rest of the ducks stay back while the dog is confronted by the protective one

All the other ducks are left behind while the protective dog approaches.

This viral video was posted to TikTok’s November 7th, with over 202.1k hits and more than 10k Likes.

Commenter: “That duck is so mean!” “I wonder if the duck will behave like this in the swimming pool next summer LOL!”

One wrote, “That duck’s playing with fire”, and others noted how their golden retrievers could have grabbed it.

Mrs Brown said, “My oldest Golden would also have.” This was the little one when the ducks were first born. 

After the COVID-19 closure of their dog park and nearby walking trail, the family began to build trails around their home. 

Since then, Mrs Brown has built 10 miles of trails with her family including a campground, pond, and cabin. 

Trails have been a great source of exercise, entertainment and refreshment for Mrs Brown with her three dogs.

She claimed that her cats are now joining in the hikes, and she’s made new friends with deer.   

The dogs of her love to swim in rivers.

They share their experiences on social media as they hike 10 miles with their family.

Eventually, it shakes the duck off and pitches up on the water's edge, looking at its owner and back at the duck

It eventually shakes off the duck and stands up at the water’s edge looking back at the duck and its owner.