China will be the next challenge for the U.S. as they try to recover an F-35 stealth plane that crashed into the South China Sea after what Navy described as a ‘landing accident’ on the USS Carl Vinson.

Pilot was required to exit and 7 military personnel received injuries.

According to the US 7th Fleet, the warplane cost $100 million and was designed for naval operations. It fell overboard. 

“An F-35C Lightning II, assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW2) 2, impacted the flightdeck and then crashed into the water during routine operation,” it stated in a statement sent to US Naval Institute News.

“Impact on the flight deck was minimal and all equipment is functional for flight operations.”

The carrier was able to return to normal flying operations within a short time.

The Navy is left with an extremely difficult salvage operation, should it fail to save its most complex warplanes, which are stuffed with futuristic technology and fall into Chinese hands. 

To follow up questions on whether or not it launched a rescue operation, the US Navy didn’t respond.  

The USS Carl Vinson is seen with the USS Essex behind in a January 2022 picture

A January 20,22 photo shows the USS Carl Vinson with the USS Essex in front.

Sailors taxi an F-35C Lightning II, assigned to the 'Argonauts' of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147, on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson on January 22

An F-35C Lightning II was taken by Sailors to be towed onboard the USS Carl Vinson’s flight deck on January 22nd.

The US Navy South China Sea accident was the EIGHTH occasion that $100m jets had malfunctioned over the past eight years

June 23, 2014: USAF F-35A was struck by an engine fire after it suffered from a broken rotor. The aircraft took off in Florida and quickly became ablaze.

October 27, 2016, A US Marine Corp F-35B set alight mid-flight due to a fire in its weapons bay before the pilot landed safely in Beaufort, South Carolina.

October 28, 2018, 8:28 p.m. All F-35s on the ground were grounded during an investigation into why the fuel tube burst after a horrible crash at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (South Carolina).

April 9, 2019 A portion of the tail from a Japanese F-35 was found around 85 miles east Misawa in the ocean during a training mission.

April 19. 2020: Fatigued and distracted pilots caused the F-35’s crash upon landing.

September 20th, 2020 A F-35 stealth fighter jet fell out of the sky and exploded on the ground after hitting a KC-130J tanker in a mid-air collision near the Salton Sea in Imperial County, California.

September 20, 2020: A F-35 stealth fighter jet fell out of the sky and exploded on the ground after hitting a KC-130J tanker in a mid-air collision near the Salton Sea in Imperial County, California

September 20, 2020: F-35 stealth fighter aircraft fell from the skies and exploded onto the ground following a collision with a KC-130J cargo plane in mid-air. This occurred near Salton Sea in Imperial County.

November 17th, 2021A RAF F-35B fell into the Mediterranean Sea following a pilot’s attempt to stop take-off from HMS Queen Elizabeth. Initial reports indicated that the engine was sucked into an inlet cover.

Only long-range stealth fighter that can be operated from an aircraft carrier is the F35C.

The hook serves as an anchor for the aircraft carrier. To help with landing, it also has an arrestor hook.

It is not only radar-proof, but also has sensors that send updates to pilot’s helmets. 

Britain made an appeal to the USA last year to find an F-35B Lightning II. It was lost from HMS Queen Elizabeth and fell into the Mediterranean after a failure to take off. 

London requested help in the face of Russia trying to save the aircraft and duplicate the technology. 

It was found during an operation secret. 

After China invaded Taiwan’s airspace, the US Navy plane was deployed to strengthen American presence.  

According to a Navy statement, the incident occurred during routine flight operations in the South China Sea. 

It stated that the pilot was safely removed from the plane and had been recovered by a U.S. military helicopter. 

“The pilot is stable.” The total number of sailors who were hurt was seven.

Three of the personnel had to be evacuated to Manila for treatment. The remaining four received care on board and were released. 

The evacuation of all personnel was deemed safe.

The Navy stated that the Navy was investigating the reason for the accident on the nuclear-powered carrier. 

The War Zone was informed by Brenda Way, a spokeswoman for U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Lockheed Martin made the F-35 fighter jet. The USS Carl Vinson deployed in August from San Diego, California with F-35C Lightning II fighter planes and Navy CMV-22B Osprey. 

F-35C the Joint Strike Fighter’s carrier version is available in three variants for Air Force, Marines, and Navy. 

Navy Version can fly at 600 miles per hour and can reach speeds of sound 1.6 times.

Captain. Tommy Locke was the commander of Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW2) in August. 

An F-35C Lightning II test aircraft approaches for a landing aboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower of the coast of Norfolk, Virginia, in 2015

A F-35C Lightning II testing aircraft is seen approaching the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, to make a landing on the vessel. This was in 2015.

The aircraft carriers were in the Philippine Sea, which lays east (to the right) of Taiwan and west of the US territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

These aircraft carriers were located in the Philippine Sea. It lies east of Taiwan (to the left) and west of US territory Guam and Northern Mariana Islands.

Captain P. Scott Miller, commander of the USS Carl Vinson

Captain P. Scott Miller, commander of the USS Carl Vinson

According to Pentagon, two U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Groups (led by USS Abraham Lincoln and Carl Vinson) started operations on Sunday in South China Sea. 

They entered the dispute sea as they were training after Taiwan reported that a Chinese air force had invaded the watersway.

More than 5,000 people support the Carl Vinson and it carries 65 fixed- and rotary-wing planes.  

It is the second serious mishap that an F-35, of any type, has caused from an aircraft carrier. 

After a failed attempt to take off from HMS Queen Elizabeth Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier, the British F-35B Joint Strike Fighter crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Pilot successfully ejected from the aircraft in this incident.

US beefs up military  presence near Taiwan after Chinese buzzes air space

Taiwan claimed that thirteen Chinese planes entered its airspace and reported the presence of 39 Chinese fighter planes.

Tensions between China and the United States are a result of tension in Taiwan and South China Sea. US Navy operations began Saturday with an increase in presence at the South China Sea.

Carl Vinson strikes group:

Aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson 

Carrier Air Wing 2

Cruiser USS Lake Champlain 

Destroy USS Stockdale 

Destroyer USS Chafee 

Replenishment ship USNS Yukon 

USNS Washington Chambers – Dry cargo and ammunition  

Abraham Lincoln strike group

Aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln

Carrier Air Wing 9

Cruiser USS Mobile Bay 

Destroyer USS Fitzgerald

Gridley destroyed 

Tonga: The destroyer USS Sampson is currently on its way to Tonga, to aid in the relief effort following an underwater volcano eruption.

Spruance, the USS destroyer  

Two amphibious US assault ships