Bridie Pearson-Jones tries Heinz's Terry's Chocolate Orange Mayo

Bridie Pearson-Jones tries Heinz’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayo

 While I don’t really have any sweet tooth, I love a good spread of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate nuts. 

It was worth the effort. Mayo is my favorite, chocolate orange my favourite, so surely they would go well together.

After opening the jar, I was more skeptical. It did not look appealing. 

It had a texture similar to a thin mayonnaise, and it looked oily. I checked the ingredients and realized that 68% of the oil was rapeseed.

However, I didn’t stop and continued to spread thin layers of butter on a toasty bagel. 

The jar is pictured

The texture looked like a very thin mayonnaise and looked overly oily (after checking the ingredients, I realised it was 68% rapeseed oil).

The texture was very similar to a thin mayonnaise, and it looked too oily. I checked the ingredients and realized that 68% of the oil contained rapeseed oil.

'The flavour is just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange, but the texture is more like butter than mayo - I honestly think if I'd melted down a chocolate orange an added a bit of butter I'd have made a similar concoction' Bridie said

Bridie stated that the flavour tastes just like Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, however the texture feels more like butter than mayo.

It tastes exactly like Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, but it has a texture that is closer to butter or margarine than mayo. I think I would have created a similar mixture if I had melted some chocolate oranges and added a little butter.

It had a solubility in texture, it even glowed when spread on my bagel.

It was delicious and will be loved by chocolate orange lovers. However, it was very rich. I could not finish the whole bagel, and couldn’t picture myself reaching for the spoon to eat it like Nutella.

Bridie explained the spread was so oily in texture it actually glistened when spread across her bagel (pictured)

Bridie said that the spread had a soggy texture and glistened on her bagel. (pictured).

 Perhaps, unless you’re a hardcore chocolate orange fan, it would be better used as an ingredient rather than a toast topper.

You could use it in a chocolate canonnaise cake. (I love to add a little citrus zest to chocolate recipes so that there is a bit of sharpness.

I can’t see it replacing my beloved Bonne Maman Hazelnut Chocolate Spread anytime soon –     but it still gets a very solid 3 stars – I’d give it 3.5 if i could.